I’m quite sure that most of you are already more than aware of this, but for those who doesn’t, just recently Running with scissors announced “Postal 4 to the whole world (“Postal 4” is out right now via Steam Early Access).

Well, since I had a blast interviewing RWS in the past (and the fact that “Postal 4” is now a reality). I just thought for myself that it would be a good idea to do a new interview with RWS.

running with scissors interview

It’s been many years since I did my previous interview with Running with scissors. So it was about time that I did a new interview with RWS. Well, that time is now.

Long story short, we reached out to RWS for a brand-new interview, and they agreed to do a new interview with us (yay!).

So I sat down with Vince Desi (the founder and CEO of Running with scissors), and we ended up talking about everything from “Postal 4”, censorship, cancel culture, SJW madness to the future of Running with scissors and much more!

And with that said, please enjoy our interview with Vince Desi 😉

running with scissors vince desi

Say hello to Vince Desi, the founder and CEO of Running with scissors.

Robin TGG
You know what they say about time going faster when you’re having fun? Well, I don’t know if you still remember it, but back in 2016, we did an interview with you guys and girls.

Well, a lot of things have happened since then. So let’s jump straight into the now shall we? And with that said, please go ahead and introduce yourself to our readers.

Vince RWS
Hi, my name is Vince Desi, I lead a team of creative and sensitive developers known as Running With Scissors.

postal redux

“Postal Redux” is with no doubt (in my opinion) one of the very best “Postal” games to date.

Robin TGG
I don’t know if it was just me, but “Postal 4” sure came out of nowhere. I mean, I got hooked up on “Postal Redux” when it was released back in 2016
(the game is freaking awesome!).

However, I haven’t heard all that much about the “Postal” series since then (I do recall a “Postal the movie” game, but I haven’t check that one out yet). So, have you been working on “Postal 4” in a top-secret lab somewhere or something?

Vince RWS
Yeah, in today’s atmosphere where nothing is private anymore we somehow managed to keep POSTAL 4 under wraps until we decided to announce.

postal 4 the postal dude and his dog

Running with Scissors announcement of “Postal 4” sure came out of nowhere. However, since it was a very pleasant surprise, I shouldn’t really complain.

Robin TGG
Is there any special reason behind why you decided to release “Postal 4” right now?

Or did you just feel like the world was ready for “Postal 4” now? Because if I remember it correctly, “Postal III” was released back in 2011. So that’s quite a long time ago.

Vince RWS
Early Release on Steam presents a unique opportunity. We wanted to give our fans something real, more meaningful than just a pre-release announcement. I don’t know if the World is ever ready for a new POSTAL game.

The amazing thing is that after all these years we have constantly received requests from our fans to please give them more POSTAL. So it’s truly an honor and happy to work for our fans.

postal 4 head no more

Well, it ain’t a real “Postal” game without a lot of violence, and “Postal 4” sure has a lot to offer on that front.

Robin TGG
What has the development process of “Postal 4” been like for you? (have you experienced any problems or such?)

And what would you say has been the biggest difference between “Postal III” and “Postal 4” in terms of the development aspects?

Vince RWS
You must be fucking kidding – Problems in development? I’ve been doing this a long time and I learned its best to view things in life (and business) as issues that need attention to resolve, and not as problems that only cause headaches and bitches complaining.

Most important we are in TOTAL CONTROL. After that sad experience, it became critical for us to be in charge of our own destiny. Everything about POSTAL 4 is being done in-house.

postal 4 playing around with fire

Postal 4’s weapons arsenal are just as crazy as the game itself, lovely!

Robin TGG
How did even “Postal 4” came to be? I mean, was it something that you have wanted to do for a long time? Or was it just an impulsive project on your behalf? (or perhaps the time was just right for it?)

Vince RWS
Actually when you have a living breathing thing like the POSTAL franchise you’re always letting go and evolving to see what comes next.

Being in regular communication with our fans is naturally inspiring and so the motivation is deep and sincere.  I’m a big believer in living in the moment and planning for the future but never looking back. I have no Regerts!

postal 4 doing crazy stuff

The story in “Postal 4” is just as crazy as the previous “Postal” games. As a matter of fact, Postal 4’s story might just be the craziest “Postal” story so far in the series.

Robin TGG
What could you tell us about the story of “Postal 4”? And how did you come up with the storyline? (it’s a rather crazy and funny story imo)

Vince RWS
The life of the Postal Dude has always been somewhat of a representation of everyday life in the real world. Let’s be brutally honest here-most people have to deal with a lot of shit on a daily basis, it’s not all Hollywood all the time.

Having a great companion like Champ makes the journey of life a lot richer and easier to deal with, just like having a pet in real life.

The basic theme of the POSTAL series is survival and kinda like just leave me the fuck alone, but just like in real life shit happens all the time.  Of course in POSTAL we take things to an extreme, which is what I think most people actually feel just they don’t get to act out in real life this way.

jon st john duke nukem

Yes, Jon St. John (the voice of Duke Nukem) is now voicing the Postal Dude in “Postal 4”.

Robin TGG
Is it really correct that the voice of Duke Nukem (Jon St. John) is now voicing the Postal Dude? If so, what happened to the old voice actor of the Postal Dude?

Vince RWS
Yes, JSJ is doing the voice of the Postal Dude in POSTAL 4. He’s a great guy and total professional. There have been two voice actors for the Postal Dude in the past, and sometimes people just aren’t around when you want them, again sounds like real life.

Robin TGG
What’s it been like working with the Unreal engine? And how comes that you ended up picking the Unreal Engine for “Postal 4”?

Vince RWS
Unreal 4 is simply the best and most powerful engine for game dev today.  However, even it isn’t exactly designed to build open-world games like GTA and POSTAL, and so we are doing a lot of work internally to maximize it.  The early release version has optimization issues that we are working hard to fix.

postal 4 a crazy pose by the postal dude

“Postal 4” is off to a good start since the game has received a lot of positive feedback and response from gamers via Steam.

Robin TGG
I have seen a lot of positive feedback and reviews for “Postal 4” via Steam so far. So, did you expect to get such a positive wave of response from gamers? And will you reflect upon the feedback given by the players to improve the final release of “Postal 4”?

Vince RWS
ABSOLUTELY. One of the cool benefits about going Early Access on Steam is that we are now communicating daily with our fans about design and development issues.

I was always optimistic about releasing POSTAL 4 mainly because I’ve been talking with our fans for years, we know what they want, and now we’re in a better position to hear from them and we can follow up as well.

postal 4 just fooling around

Nope, EA has nothing do with “Postal 4” whatsoever (someone obviously thought that it was a fun joke though), and good thing that.

Robin TGG
I’m not quite sure
if this is true or not (I have my doubts…), so it’s better to go to the source for an answer…Is it really true that EA is involved in “Postal 4” as the game’s publisher? If so, how is that going to affect the nature and content of the game?

Because the “Postal” series has always been very out there with its violent and “in your face” content. Simply put, will you have to tone anything down in “Postal 4” in-order to keep the suits over at EA happy and sound?

Vince RWS
L O-FUCKING-L, Today is Halloween, not April Fools Day. EA stands for early access, and I’ve never heard anything about Electronic Arts publishing POSTAL.

I think the smart move for any big or small publisher would be to give gamers what they want, we know our fans better than anyone, so modifying content to satisfy some Ivy league dildo would be a HUGE mistake for all parties.

I’ve been in the games biz a long time and I’m always wishing everyone, especially new folks, great success with all their projects.  Just don’t screw the fans!

postal 4 lets set some stuff on fire

Just like in the previous installments of “Postal”, you can once again set people (including yourself if you’re clumsy), animals and stuff on fire as you please.

Robin TGG
What can players expect to get out of “Postal 4”? And how many hours of gameplay do you think that the full game will offer on the release day? (roughly calculated)

Vince RWS
One thing I’ve been hearing a lot of from fans recently is how thankful they are to have a new POSTAL game to release their frustrations and emotional shit.

I’m no therapist but I sincerely believe gaming is a great vehicle for people, in general, to relax and take a break from everyday crap. POSTAL 4 is going to be filled with classic RWS insane humor and satire, providing the player with lots of opportunities to piss laughing themselves, simple and innocent fun, that’s the POSTAL way.

As for hours of gameplay, in an open-world sandbox-style game its really dependent on the player’s approach, are they trying to bust a nut through to the end or are they relieving their bladder every chance that they get?

Lots of time to voyeur your way around, socialize and explore, it doesn’t have to be about wasting your ammo load all the time.

the retardera forum vs postal 4

I think it’s safe to say that the RetardEra/PedoEra forum isn’t all that happy about the announcement of “Postal 4″…

Robin TGG
I couldn’t help to notice that the users over at Resetera forum (aka “RetardEra/PedoEra) are very upset, angry and triggered with the Steam Early Access release of “Postal 4”).

For example, some of the users state that you got some very “problematic views”, that RWS = far-right and GamerGate supporters, and that “Postal 4” has been released at a very “inappropriate time”.

Vince RWS
Not to be rude or disrespectful but I don’t really care what the fuck anybody says EXCEPT the POSTAL FANS. I think it’s very important for people to be able to laugh together and still be able to disagree. Hate is a losing theme, Life is too short, so move on and focus on Love and winning.


sjw trash

SJWs, PC and cancel culture has been tormenting the video games industry for quite some time now…And with Internet sites and services like Tumblr, Twitter and the RetardEra forum (not to mention the MSM gaming sites and magazines that push their SJW agenda), things sure don’t look like it’s going to calm down anytime soon…

Robin TGG
What’s your stance on censorship, PC/cancel culture and the SJW madness of today?

Vince RWS

I’m a big believer in the 1St Amendment.  Once you start censoring anyone or anything be prepared to face the 2nd Amendment (Dave Chapelle).

I grew up in the 60’s and I can remember when protesting actually meant giving people a voice, today it’s more like as long as you agree with me we’re cool otherwise you’re to be condemned.

Fuck Political Correctness, Fuck Political Incorrectness, and SJW’s cannot suck my dick (that’s a privilege). What you do in your bedroom is your business, I don’t care who you want to fuck or how you want to dress, or be called. Gaming should be about FUN and not about justifying your opinion over someone else’s.

blizzard vs chung blitzchung ng wai

Blizzard made a huge blunder when they banned the professional Hearthstone player “blitzchung” Ng Wai, because gamers are now hating Blizzard even more than they hate EA…

Robin TGG
I would also love to hear your take on the ongoing drama/scandal with Blizzard Vs Chung “blitzchung” Ng Wai and Hong Kong?

Vince RWS
I immediately supported Ng.

Rod Breslau via Twitter (archive: http://archive.md/lJP9x)
The Verge

postal 4 the postal dude and some bathroom

“Postal 4” has been available via Steam Early Access since October 14th. However, it remains to be seen when the full version will be released. We will also have to wait and see if “Postal 4” will get a console release as well.

Robin TGG
It might be too early to ask this question, but when do you think that we could get a chance to play the full version of “Postal 4”? And will the game be a multi-format release title?

Vince RWS
POSTAL 4 will offer five days of fantasy. We will be making regular updates and big updates early enough to get fan feedback. We’ll provide partial days for testing as fine-tune previous days right up to completion.

My best guess is I don’t know, we are expanding the team now, have lots of good shit we want to add, so it’s always a delicate balance between content and completion.

postal 4 the postal dude

It’s going to be very interesting to see what the final version of “Postal 4” will be like. Especially since RWS got a lot of plans in store for the game in the future.

Robin TGG
Now, for the grand final question. What are your plans, hopes and expectations for the rest of the year? And is there anything else that you would like to say to our readers?

Vince RWS
The holidays are coming, I wish everyone everywhere peace, love and happiness. Thank you for this opportunity to be heard. Vince Desi.

tgg author avatar robin ek
Robin “V-Act” Ek
Editor in chief
The Gaming Ground
Twitter: @TheGamingGround

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