As some of you might still remember. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about Lewdlab’s +18 lewd visual novelDreams of Desire”. Well, less than one hour ago I found out about another really naughty and promising +18 erotic visual novel game. So, which lewd title am I referring to? I’m talking about Vilelab gamesIndecent Desires” (Chapter 1, 2 and 3 is out right now for Windows and MAC, and chapter 1 is 100% free-to-play).

indecent desires a thick and sexy babe

The images and animations in “Indecent Desires” are all done in full HD quality. In other words, you get to see some really high-quality footage of sexy babes and lewd content (thank god for HD!).

indecent desires beach babes

If you like fetishes such as corruption, teen, milf, voyeurism and feet. Then “Indecent Desires” might just be the lewd game for you.

indecent desires sexy beach babes

From what I understand (and based on what I’ve seen so far), there will also be lesbian content in the game (yay!).

So what in the name of the lewd gods is “Indecent Desires” all about then? Well, here’s the official description of the game by Vilelab games themselves (think Playboy meets visual novel, big brother and a +18 uncensored version of “Leisure Suit Larry“):

“Indecent Desires is purely fictional and is in no way based on real life events.  Any similarities to real life scenarios, characters or storylines is pure coincidental. Game characters are aged 18+ and character interaction is consensual.The underlying theme of this story is blackmail mixed with corruption and power. The main content of the story will be highlighted with interested twists that unfold as each character develops. It is a melting pot of suspense, passion and dirty secrets that culminate into a satisfying and intense experience for gamers’ pleasure!”

indecent desires nudity

Yes, you guess it, since this is an erotic +18 game. There will be nudity and sex scenes in the game.

indecent desires a very love hungry woman

I guess that some women are more love hungry than others? (lesbians need love too!).

indecent desires girl on girl action

I don’t know about you, but I think that there needs to be more lewd games on the market that offers lesbian/Yuri content.

As for Vilelab games release plans for “Indecent Desires”. Well, Vilelab has decided to release the game in a chapter form (Chapter 1-3 is out right now for Windows PC via Patreon):

“Indecent Desires game is going to be released in chapters. We aim to release at least one chapter every month for now and depending on how large our staff will grow, even faster. The game is going to be free to play for everyone but our supporters are going to have early access and a lot of other goodies like Storyline Previews, Naughty Previews, Walkthrough Guide, Extra Content, 4K Ultra HD images.”

indecent desires sexy dialogs

I have to say that the dialogs are pretty good in “Indecent desires”, and there’s different dialog options to pick from as well (you get a different outcome depending on which dialog option you pick).

indecent desires more love for me

I have to admit that I had the same exact thought as Max did *cough cough*

indecent desires nude babe

By the looks of it, there will be peeping Tom-like scenes in the game as well.

So what about game features and fetishes then? Well, here are some of the fetishes and features that Indecent Desires has to offer:

High quality images and animations 
All the images and animations are rendered in HD (1920×1080)

Amazing erotic story
The story is written by one of the best erotic text writer. We are sure is going to stimulate you.

Expressive faces
Our designers have amazing skills and the facial expressions of our characters are stunning!

Shocking storyline
This is a story about power, corruption and blackmail with a lot of twists and perverse secrets!

Corruption, teen, milf, voyeurism, feet, gangbang , lesbian, anal, blackmail, perversion with more to come.

Attractive females
Sarah Monroe, Kate, Monique, Aiko, Jessica (more characters will be added to the game later on)

indecent desires a love hungry babe

This is by far my favorite picture from “Indecent Desires” so far (I find it to be very sexy and beautiful. I also got a thing for hot milf babes).

indecent desires sexy time

I hope that “Indecent Desires” will offer a lot of lewd moments such as the one that’s to be found in this picture.

indecent desires a sexy black babe

Yep, you can have sexy time moments with all sorts of babes in “Indecent Desires” (white girls, black girls, asian girls. You name it!).

I would also like to point out that “Indecent Desires” is very much a game in development. I felt like I needed to bring that up since the game might look completely different in the future (improvements, new content, bug fixes and so on). Anyways, I think you get the idea.

So if you like what you have seen from “Indecent Desires” so far (you can watch Johannes89’s gameplay video on Youtube to get a better idea what “Indecent Desires” is all about), then you might want to give the game a go =) (to my knowledge, v2.02 is the latest version of the game, and it was launched back in June this year). As for me, I just added “Indecent Desires” to my “games to play asap” list (I hope review and make a video for the game in the near future).

And with that said, what’s your take on “Indecent Desires”? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!

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Robin “V-Act” Ek
Editor in chief
The Gaming Ground
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