***Update 3 – 2015-06-18 – 17:18 CEST***

This is the final say by Kickstarter on the case with  Chris Haines #gamer documentary:

My mail:
“Hi David 🙂

Thank you for getting back to me =) Np! The main objections would be the fact that #gamer is said to be a documentary. Still, the Kickstarter video clearly just shows one side of the story. I mean, let´s say that I would make a documentary about the history of the NBA, and only show Chicago Bulls related events. In short, it´s not a documentary about the history of the NBA. It´s a movie about Chicago Bulls. That´s at least how I (and others) see´s it.

Have a nice day, Robin TGG “

Kickstarters final answer:

“Hi Robin: It’s our policy to not discuss our moderation of individual projects. But broadly speaking, it’s up to backers to decide whether a project, as presented by a creator, is something that they want to help bring to life. There’s more about this on our Trust & Safety page: https://www.kickstarter.com/trust
I hope that helps.” – David, Kickstarter

So it seems like you could create pretty much whatever you want when it comes to documentaries on Kickstarter, “if” there´s enough people that’s willing to back your project (no matter if the documentary is a one sided one, a hit piece, full of lies or whatever). In other words, the #gamer movie has broken none of Kickstarer´s rules (as far as I can tell).

Case closed for now.

***Update 3 – 2015-06-15 – 10:51 CEST***

As I´ve received an answer from Kickstarter this morning regarding Chris Haines #gamer documentary (broken rules Vs none broken rules). I decided to add the full mail conversation to this post:

My mail to Kickstarter:

“Hi, =)
I wrote an article about a documentary called #gamer the other day, and quite a few people have contacted me about it. Since they wanted to point out that the movie has, in fact, broken some of your rules:

“Misrepresenting the project” and “seeking funding.”

Is there any truth to this? Or have they just misunderstood your rules?

Thank you In advance! Robin Ek TGG



Kickstarters answer:

“Hi Robin,

I’m on Kickstarter’s communications team and received your query. Thanks for reaching out and for your interest in Kickstarter. Can you specify what people are objecting to with this project? We don’t have rules against seeking funding — that’s kind of why we’re here!

Thanks, David”

In other words, Kickstarter´s communications team wants specific details on what people are objecting about In the case with the #gamer documentary, and that’s why I´m going to ask you guys/girls for help. As we need to gather a list of things which we´re happy about with the #gamer movie. However, the main focus should be on broken Kickstarter rules, and I bet that some of you might even be lawyer  or law school students.

So this should be no big deal really. That´s why I´m asking for YOUR help with this, so feel free to comment your thoughts and such on this matter. Thank you In advance!


***Update 2 – 2015-06-15 – 15:20 CEST***

Earlier this morning, I was informed that Chris Haines (the creator of the “#gamer” movie) Is far from impartial and neutral In his stand on #GamerGate and Anti-GamerGate), since his following (and being followed by) a handful of Anti-GamerGate supporters (like Ryan of GAAM for example). Not only that, It seems like IGDA Is a part of this mix as well. As Ryan of GAAM (IGDA Florida chapter founder) tweeted Haines #gamer video to the producer/host of WJCT news (Melissa Ross).

chris haines

It seems like Chris Haines is following quite a few Anti-GamerGate personalities on Twitter.

melissa ross

Indeed, why Is IGDA Florida chapter founder tweeting a Anti-GamerGate Kickstarter video to Melissa Ross? (she´s the host/producer of WJCT news)

One can only speculate why Ryan did that, one thing is certain, however. The final production of the #gamer documentary will most likely turn out to be a very one-sided one I´m afraid. Chris Haines are most welcome to prove me wrong though.




***Update 1 – 2015-06-14 – 20:26 CEST***

I have just been informed that Chris Haines “#gamer” movie has started to receive reports from people, because apparently the movie Is violating Kickstarter´s rule on “misrepresenting the project” and “seeking funding.”, and why Is that? Well, there are some questionable parts In the Kickstarter trailer. For example “GG Is over” (#GamerGate Is not over) and the fact that “#gamer” Is said to be an “documentary” (the trailer Is very one-sided, and some would even go as far and call It a “hit piece”).

gamer broken kickstarter rules

Some more Kickstarter rules that the #gamer movie Is said to have broken.

So It remains to be seen how Kickstarter will handle all of this. I will of course update this post when I know more (I have reached out to Kickstarter about this).



I have known for months that Milo Yiannopoulos has been writing a book about #GamerGate (that has been publicly known for quite sometime now). However, I had no idea that there´s actually a documentary film about online harassment (which includes parts about #GamerGate) in the making as we speak, and the movie is called “#gamer” (made by Chris Haines).

A documentary which has been described as the following:
“#gamer is a full-length documentary film about online harassment, ethics, and moving the video game community forward after #GamerGate.”

Well, that sounds pretty interesting. Since there is no “after” #GamerGate, because #GamerGate never left the Gaming scene or video game community. Anyhow, here’s a more detail description of the #gamer documentary :

“#gamer is a documentary about video games and the people who create, play, and talk about them.

It’s about toxicity on the internet. It’s about feminism. It’s about Twitter. It’s about how we communicate with each other. It’s about death threats and using SWAT teams as puppets. It’s about censorship. It’s about #GamerGate. And yes, it’s about ethics in games journalism.

These are all issues that have existed long before they were associated with a hashtag.

There’s a lot of misinformation about #GamerGate on all sides. Part of what we hope to accomplish is to provide a clear understanding of the people and factions involved and the series of events that has so fiercely divided the games community and the internet at large.

But it is important to note that we aren’t just looking to document the history of #GamerGate. There are plenty of YouTube videos and viral images that attempt to do that already. We are much more interested in having the conversation about how to put this past us.

There’s more than two sides to every story and rarely only one right answer. It’s our hope that by highlighting the good with the bad, we can encourage our community to start treating each other like people again, resulting in a friendlier, more positive internet for everybody.

#gamer brianna wu

Yes, Brianna Wu is a part of the #gamer documentary.

Well, I think it´s safe to say that the #gamer movie won´t be made from a neutral stand point. In the matter of fact, Brianna Wu (funder of Giant Spacekat, and a well-known Anti-GamerGate supporter) has a spot in the movie (I don´t If she´s a part of the production of the movie in anykind of way, or If she´s simply tells her side of the story with #GamerGate), and so does Zoé Quinn (the maker of “Depression Quest). So that will make at least her part of the movie pretty one-sided for sure, I also have to add that the Kickstarter trailer felt very one-sided as well.

However, the maker of #gamer (Chris Haines) stated the following on the concerns about #gamer being too one-sided:

“We’ve heard this question a lot so far, and it’s a fair one. The short of it is: yes, absolutely. So far, our team has been working on this project with no budget and only in our spare time. That’s been our biggest hurdle. Our resources are finite so we need to make sure we use them effectively. When we began production, we reached out to a short list of people across the spectrum. Some did not respond. Some respectfully declined. The rest we interviewed. Our trailer does not represent the diversity of viewpoints we hope to achieve in the final film. Now that we’re public about our project, we hope to rectify this issue.” – Chris Haines

That sounds like a fair enough answer I suppose. Still, it´s a matter of trust and honesty really. As I (we) don´t know how much truth there really Is to that statement. In fact, the only thing that I do know Is true about #gamer (at this time), Is that It won´t be a documentary about #GamerGate (It´s stated In the movies Kickstarter FAQ).

So It´s kind of hard to tell what kind of movie #gamer will turn out to be in the end. Then there´s the part that concerns the actual funding of the movie. Because #gamer needs to rise $50,000 on Kickstarter within 28 days from now in-order to make the documentary happen for real. Even so, I´m more than curious to find out what the final production will look like.

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The Gaming Ground
Twitter: @TheGamingGround

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