In a recent article titled, “The New Star Wars Game Stars a Woman and Whiny Pissboys Got Triggered”, Tristan Cooper of Dorkly spends his time making fun of certain individuals over their reaction to the reveal that Star Wars: Battlefront II has a female protagonist (I’m going to let you decide if it’s worse or better than Bleeding Cool’s SWBFII article…).

Now, I’ll start this by saying, I don’t care about Star Wars, the games, or anything of the sort. Honestly, I do agree that some of the reactions to the reveal are absolutely silly, as there’s nothing wrong with a female protagonist in a game, so long as they are well-developed, well-written, and as long as it makes sense in the context of the world. Tristan Cooper has also stated that the vast majority of people do NOT have a problem with a female protagonist.

What I want to talk about, however, is how although the reactions of a few do not represent the whole of the community, as Cooper stated in his article, but what kind of political environment had to have been made in order for something of this caliber to come about.

There’s no mistaking that in recent times, a number of media outlets have done whatever it is that they could to appeal to a wider audience. In some instances, they appeal to whatever political opinion is popular at the time and ride on it. This is usually never accepted by either side. Such as Pepsi’s attempt to appease the protest culture by showing a sign of peace being made fun of by one side, and upsetting the side they were trying to appeal to.

As such, a lot of people have become worried about the influences these people may have on the video game industry. Most people want their games to not have blatant propaganda in their games and it’s put them on edge. Every time a political propaganda symbol is shoehorned in to an otherwise decent game, it’s distracting and takes away from the overall experience, especially if the shoehorning is particularly bad. One such example of bad shoehorning can be found in Mass Effect: Andromeda where one character on board the ship Deadnames herself in the first line or so of her dialogue. There’s nothing wrong with a transsexual character, but anyone who has actually met a trans-person in real life can tell you they aren’t going to Deadname themselves in the first meeting.

Of course, EA and Bioware aren’t the only ones trying their hardest to appeal to particular audiences and it isn’t just in video games. Marvel Comics has had a rough couple years due to their blatant propaganda usage in their comics and it’s had a major backlash. So it’s no wonder that people are on edge about it. Now are people overly paranoid about it? Maybe. In fact a lot of people probably are. But even if you don’t agree with their position, you have to understand the political environment that would breed that paranoia and caution. People are fed up with propaganda because it’s rampant in every modern industry to date. People are afraid of bad press and so people will do what it takes to avoid the bad press. This, in turn, makes people see propaganda everywhere.

the new star wars game star a woman and whiny pissboys got triggered hate

I don’t think the comments were being serious. Something about the way they are written doesn’t feel right. Even then, there’s nothing more annoying than the Anime Avatar Argument.

I do not personally believe that the new game is specifically trying to appease any particular political group, but I don’t know enough about the game or the series to make that judgement. I don’t believe that all of the comments Cooper showed were serious, since (let’s be real) trolls can be fairly convincing. But I don’t think that his approach of picking on these people is necessarily the way he should have done it. It comes off as immature, even going as far as to pull the “Anime Avatar” bit to try and make his point.

There’s an interesting conversation to be had here, I just wish Cooper had taken that approach instead of this immature attempt at “comedy”.

The New Star Wars Game Stars a Woman and Whiny Pissboys Got Triggered (Tristan Cooper by dorkly)

This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers’ (nor The Gaming Ground´s) opinions.

I do not know much about Star Wars, its movies nor its games. I do not have any particular opinion about its upcoming game and I have nothing in particular against Cooper or any of the writers at Dorkly.

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4 Comments ON " A response to Dorkly’s Star Wars Battlefront... "
  • I couldn’t care less about the Star Wars franchise (never really been that much of a fan of it), but I take it that there’s no official option to play as a male protagonist instead in this game? If that’s the case, then I think having that option would be the solution to this gender “problem” that SJWs have invented.

    But of course, we all know that the forced female protagonists are now a blatant political agenda, because it is the result of a combination of fear-mongering from the mainstream games media and the social media SJW brigade, and also developers/publishers who want to virtue signal for company PR points.

    Also, it’s funny how they call others “whiny pissboys”, when SJWs/feminists are always the first to become whiny crybaby femcunts as soon as they see a lack of a female protagonist, or some female character showing a bit of skin, or a female character who isn’t an unattractive and obnoxious Mary Sue.

    • I like Star Wars, but I’m more a fan of the old movies and video games. Right you are…And if I had made SWBFII, then I would have made it so that people could pick the gender of their character (the storyline would be adapted based on their choice).

  • Bigfatdane

    So, we have two options here.

    The developers went with a female character because that fits the story in the game and the game press is using this to whip up yet another shitty tale of progressive BS to insult and degrade male gamerz and Star Wars fans who just wants to have a fun experience in a Galaxy far away.

    Option two is that the developers took a multi million dollar budget and used it to promote girl power and feminism plus one with the game press deciding to join in by pressing the “No male gamerz allowed!” narrative once more.

    Either option is leading to the same thing, a poisoned well of opinions regarding the game and a really lousy reputation that will damage the developers for years to come.

    Either way, this game is connected to EA and for that reason alone I reject it.

    • That would be the part that got people concerned and angry, but Dorkly didn’t take it like that. So they just made it sound like those who are angry are “pissboys” and whatnot.

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