***Update 1 – 2016-08-30 – 17:15 CEST***

As promised, I have now tried to contact Giant Spacekat via both Twitter and e-mail (as seen in the pictures down below) about the matter of Revolution 60´s 1.5 iOS update (if Giant Spacekat will release the update free or not). However, I did forget to mention one important thing about Rev 60 (thank you for the heads-up Clayton!). And that would be the fact that the Steam version of Rev 60 is still stuck in a vaporware territory as the game is yet to be release on Steam (Rev 60 got greenlit on Steam back in February last year).

tgg contacts giant spacekat on twitter

I am yet to receive an answer on my question on Twitter by Giant Spacekat.

tgg contacts giant spacekat via e-mail

Yes, I did also reach out to Giant Spacekat via their contact page.

And as far as I know, either Miss Wu nor Giant Spacekat has said anything about any future Steam updates or a potential PC-release of REV 60…Oh well, I guess that I just have to wait and see if Giant Spacekat will answer the questions that I´ve sent them today. Time will tell.

Clayton Weaver

Giant Spacekat via Twitter
I´m not even going to pretend that I wasn´t grinding my teeth while I was writing up this OP piece, because if there is something that makes me really angry. Then it´s when so-called “developers” tries to rip people off. And this time the developer in question just happens to be no one less than Brianna Wu and her studio Giant Spacekat. So what appears to be the problem then? Well, Miss Wu apparently thought that it would be a brilliant idea to charge people for the 1.5 iOS update of “Revolution 60”

And when Wu´s statement on this matter became publicly known among the Gaming community on Twitter, people started to call Miss Wu out on her craziness (and rightfully so):

brianna wu revolution 60 ios update

I have you know that it´s very rare that mobile game developers charge people for updates (the same could be said for all game updates, no matter the format).

brianna wu rips people off

If you have already paid for the game once, then you sure as hell shouldn´t have to pay for it one more time.

And yes, you read it right the first time. In other words, if you bought any previous iOS version of “Revolution 60” then you have to buy the game yet again in-order to get access to the 1.5 update. And not only is that beyond crazy as hell, it´s also a very greedy and cheap move by Miss Wu. Furthermore, it appears as if Miss Wu has lied about “Revolution 60” in the past. As she stated back in February 2015 that no future updates of REV60 will ever cost any money (as seen in the pictures down below).

brianna wu revolution 60 ios update will cost money

I wonder what Gigiantspace cat intends to charge for the iOS update?

brianna wu revolution 60 ios update lie

The moment when you realize that “free” doesn´t really mean “free” when the statement comes from Miss Wu.

Well, you know what? That seems to have been nothing more than a fat lie. As Miss Wu intends to charge people for the 1.5 iOS update of “Revolution 60”. And while we´re on the subject of REV 60 and “price tags”, in case you didn´t know it. Giant Spacekat charges you 5,99 USD for REV 60 via the App Store:

revolution-60-on-the apps tore

I don´t know about you, but I find that price to be rather spicy considering the fact that you could pick up much better games for the same amount or less.

And just to give you some perspective on the price tag for “Revolution 60”, the current price is set at 5,99 USD.  Well, you could pick up the following iOS games for 5 USD (or less):
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (epic game is epic)
Year Walk  (topnotch game this)
Limbo (pure Gaming love)
Botanicula (fun O´ plenty)
Love You To Bits (love is love)
Walking Dead: The Game (free!)
The Silent Age (free! And I LOVE this game)

And please keep in mind that 392 backers pledged 12,728 USD to Revolution 60´s Kickstarter campaign back in August, 2013 (on the 30th of August to be exact). So, yeah, the greed is very much alive at Giant Spacekat. And to make matters even worse, it´s suspected that the REV 60 Kickstarter campaign is, in fact, nothing more than a big scam. (feel free to read GethN7´sBrianna Wu Is Coming Off More And More A Blatant Fraud, Especially to Those who Paid Wu Good Money” post for more information on the matter).

So there you have it. And with that said, what´s your take on this matter? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!

Lyle Yiannopoulos

Brianna Wu part 1
Brianna Wu part 2

This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The Gaming Ground´s) opinions.

I´m not a fan of Miss Brianna Wu.

tgg author avatar robin ek
Robin “V-Act” Ek
The Gaming Ground
Twitter: @TheGamingGround

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22 Comments ON " Giant Spacekat will charge people for the 1.5 iOS ... "
  • Nanya

    “I did a thing, pay me money.”

    • She´s being cashing in on this “thing” for over two years time now.

      • Nanya

        “Pay me money.”

        • Well, she did ask people to pay for the game´s cutscenes + the iOS update xD

  • Clayton Weaver

    You forgot to mention that the Steam release is still in vaporware territory as she claimed in was in Steam’s court months ago with no updates that I know of.

    • I updated the post 😉 (my bad!).

  • Sevuz

    Wu is the worst kind of “dev” you can think of. He is lying and pointing fingers at others all the freaking time to feel better about himself.

    Did anyone really in their right mind really buy this mess?

    • Ajt

      I’m going to guess that the entirety of R60’s buyers are either pity purchasers from inside the bubble, or hate purchasers from outside looking for something to mock. I don’t think anybody legitimately bought this obviously steaming turd for the gameplay and stunning (gag!) art.

      • I think you´re right. As most of them have to be SJW´s. I mean, who else would actually buy and play that “game”?

    • Well, 5K people bought the iOS version: https://sensortower.com/ios/us/chessboard-holdings-llc/app/revolution-60/742869081/#

      As for the rest, it´s for everyone to look up and see for themselves on the Internet (the truth is out there).

  • d0x360

    Gotta love we are pulling it soon so buy it NOW. She knew full well this “update” was never going to be free. I see no reason to charge for this considering the Kickstarter and patreon funding plus the fact that the work was done for the mythical pc port so it was being done anyways.

    What scum. I can’t imagine anyone buying this game once let alone twice.

    • I sent Giant Spacekat a tweet and an e-mail about it. However, I highly doubt that they will answer that very question.

  • popehentai

    “miss” wu?

    But seriously, is this turd ever actually coming out?

    • Journalistic professionalism 😉 The iOS version is out, but the PC/MAC edition is nowhere to be found.

  • John Smith.

    “Wasting police time is a costly affair.”
    I’m not pointing fingers or saying anything evil here, but if all those claims about Wu filing that many false claims of harassment and threats are true, she must have pile dup quite the large pile of fines and tickets to pay off.

    • Imo, it leans more towards her being a liar about having to leave her home than anything else. Oh yes, tickets O´l plenty.

  • Is it me or are some of the female character designs in Retardation 60 quite sexualized with “unrealistic body ideals”?

    Wow Brianna, way to body shame your own audience.

  • Deceptitech

    She like her friends Sarkeesian and Quinn are con artists as well as snowball artists. Anyone who points out their lies is called “sexist” and pull out their handy dandy victim card. Should ship all these SJWs to an island, and see if they can do something for themselves.

    • Can´t we turn that one into a reality TV-show? I would watch that one xD (I remember an Australian show where they sent some feminazis to an island in the middle of nowhere. Everyone just started to cry and whined about everything and nothing, so they had to fly them out in just a couple of days).

      • Deceptitech

        That would mean these two would get money. and to that I have a resounding NO for.

        • Well, actually, those people didn´t get paid (at least not to my knowledge). As it was a “last man standing” kind of thing, kind of like “Expedition Robinson”.

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