Normally, I don´t cover politics all that much on our homepage. However, I made an exception in the case with Giant Spacekat´s CEO Miss Brianna Wu. As she wrote an #GamerGate hit piece called “I’m Thrilled Hillary Clinton Is Taking On The Alt-Right & You Should Be, Too” via Bustle just recently (the post was originally published on the 1st of September). And right off the bat, Miss Wu spent quite a lot of words and time on putting the “Alt-Right”, #GamerGate, American nationalists and patriots in a negative light in her post.

In the matter of fact, most of Wu´s post consist mainly of pro-liberalism, anti-Trump, anti-GamerGate, anti-Breitbart and pro-Hillary Clinton statements. And based on what Wu presented in her post, she´s trying really hard to sell in the “#GamerGate are evil” and “the Internet ruined my life” narrative again:

“The former editor-in-chief of Breitbart, Bannon oversaw the publication best known colloquially as the voice of the “Alt-Right”— an offshoot of the Republican party frequently associated with Gamergate and white supremacist politics.”

“I’ve found the Alt-Right to be a mutation of the conservative movement that’s turned on its creator and taken control. This isn’t your father’s conservative party. I should know — as a prominent feminist in the game industry, I’ve spent much of the last two years getting threats from them so severe that the FBI was involved.”

“For the public, the most recognizable shock troops of the Alt-Right has come in the form of Gamergate, the hate group still targeting women that advocate for inclusion in the tech industry. Throughout 2014 and 2015, Gamergate became infamous for sending women death threats, rape threats, and extreme intimidation. I was one of these women, being driven from my home after receiving death threats that stated, “Your dead, mutilated corpse would be on the front page of Jezebel.” These threats were so severe, they used them in a Law and Order episode based on Gamergate.” Brianna Wu, via Bustle

hillary for america endorsed brianna wu

Our world just got a couple of notches crazier.

That´s just the half of it though, as Hillary Clinton´s official Twitter account (Hillary For America) endorsed and promoted Miss Wu´s Bustle publication on Twitter (as seen in the second picture above). And even though I´m not an American (I can´t vote in the States). I´m rather concerned that an US presidential candidate is endorsing someone like Miss Wu (in this case, Hillary´s Twitter team). As Miss Wu has a history of being anything but honest with her readers and viewers (the same could also be said about Hillary, and let´s not forget about the rigged US primary scandal shall we?). So one might ask him or herself why Hillary For America promoted Wu´s Bustle post? My guess would be that they have found a common enemy in #GamerGate and the alt-right movement.

mark kern vs hillary for america

I think it´s safe that Miss Wu and Hillary for America is trying to turn #GamerGate into a Bogeyman.

Nevertheless, Miss Wu´s was never relevant to #GamerGate. However, she been the person who has keept trying to insert herself into the topic over and over again for years. And since the iOS release of “Revolution 60” (which took place back in July, 2014) Wu has been busy with drama, media and just about anything but video game development. As she´s been trying to gain relevancy into the harassment narrative instead.  And ever since #GamerGate became a thing, Wu has been using it to fuel her harassment narrative to gain relevancy, fame and increase her earning on Patreon since 2014.

brianna wu vs hatred

Brianna Wu appears to have been lying about being targeted in Destructive Creations´s isometric shoot ’em up game “Hatred”.

brianna wu is a troll

Wu has been dropping troll memes and tweets like this one for years (she did so in-order to get heated responds from Gamers, and she used that to boost her victim hood).

Even so, I´m still rather curious to find out what Miss Wu will do next? As she loves to jump into hot topics in-order to get media attention (for example, she claimed that Samus Aran was a transgender woman, or when she stated that Panzermadels was “anti-feminist filth”), and as you might remember. Miss Wu has stated for a very long time that it´s particularly females who get abused online (sexist remarks and so on). Well, that´s far from the truth.

gamergate vs liars-and scam artists on patreon

#GamerGate has informed the public about liars, con-artists and corruption since 2014. And that have now resulted in a money purge on Patreon for people of that kind (so it seems).

mark kern vs zoe quinn

The battle for the victimization bucks on Patreon continues…

You see. As it all turns out, men actually receive more abuse online than women do. So the more time you spend reaching the statements and claims that Miss Wu has made in the past, the more you start to realize that there is very little (to no) truth to what she says. And that her narrative would break-down very quickly if the public actually looked into her statements as well (the truth is out there). And in my opinion, thats´s all there is to it.

hillary clinton never hillary

Hillary Clinton is the last person on the planet that´s suitable for the job as the president of the United States of America.

As for Hillary Clinton, she´s not a friend of neither Gamers, video games nor game developers. As Hillary used violent video games as a scapegoat prior to the Columbine shooting massacre (which took place on the 20th of April, 1999) when she kicked-off her war against violent games back in 2005 (aka “the war against GTA“, or “GTA Vs Jack Thompson“). So she´s no friend of mine. And quite frankly, I would pretty much see anyone but Hillary Clinton as the president of the US.

I mean, let´s be honest here. She´s struggling to talk, walk, and she can hardly get up and down of stairs (or in and out of cars and air planes for that matter…). Simply put, Hillary looks more dead than alive to me. And just the mere thought of her having access to the US nuclear missile silos codes is very scary thought of it´s own. Especially since the Clinton clan loves to wage wars, and Hillary seems to be very hungry to kick-off WWIII with Russia…And don´t you even get me started about Hillary´s recent and past scandals, because then I would have to write a whole book about it (a good start would be to look into Hillary´s leaked mails, try searching for “nap”…).

And that was everything that I had to say about this matter. So what´s your take on this subject? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!

Lyle Yiannopoulos

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I’m Thrilled Hillary Clinton Is Taking On The Alt-Right & You Should Be, Too
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Brianna Wu and the human cost of Gamergate: ‘every woman I know in the industry is scared’
The Internet Ruined My Life

This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The Gaming Ground´s) opinions.

I´m not a supporter of Hillary Clinton.

tgg author avatar robin ek
Robin “V-Act” Ek
The Gaming Ground
Twitter: @TheGamingGround

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21 Comments ON " Hillary for America just endorsed a #GamerGate hit... "
  • Nanya

    I never liked Bill Clinton in the 90s due to what he did as POTUS…

    Severe Sanctions on Iraq that was starving innocent children (even back when I was a teenager I knew what was going on there), the Whitewater thing, war in the Balkan states, ending glass-steagle (which led to the banking crisis of 2008), signing of NAFTA and DOMA (the latter of which made it illegal for gays and lesbians to get married) and privatizing U.S. prison systems but not making sure that there’s a system in place to help ex-cons to keep from re-offending by making sure that they had like a half-way home or something ready for ex-cons in every state and every big town/city in those same cities.

    • I can´t say that I ever liked the Clinton clan, as I´ve known for a very long time that they are corrupt to the max. Yes, and the list never ends…

      • Nanya

        *Sings Highschool Never Ends, but changes Highschool to Corruption*

  • Clayton Weaver

    History lesson! Wu wants to quack on about alt-right and white supremacy and shows she didn’t pay attention in history class. If she had, she would know that the Godfather of all white supremacy groups, the KKK, was a regularly used tool of the Democratic Party. If it is to be believed, Will Quigg, Grand Dragon of the California KKK donated $20,000 to Clinton’s campaign for her ‘hidden agenda’.

  • Sevuz

    Oh good, the Douchebag Clan teams up with the Loony Squad…

    • It´s a very scary thought isn´t it?

      • Sevuz

        It is

        • To be honest, I hope that she ends up in jail for life before this year is over…

          • Sevuz

            I think as with most cases with people like him, they will just ignore all the madness and will show him the door. I hear wild stories from hospitals all the time and I’m pretty sure the Police stations is no different.

          • Fair enough I suppose…I just hope that Hillary won´t get any power at all.

          • Sevuz

            It depends how Trump acts the next 2 months. If he is careful and thinks a bit more before he opens his mouth, he could win.

            But to be honest, none of the 2 candidates are good :/

          • Well, he hasn´t tried to sucker punch Hillary even though the old hag is more dead than she´s alive…

          • Sevuz


            Well at this point it ain’t a presidential election… it’s a DEATH RACE!

          • When death calls – Black Sabbath…

  • Oh these lovable SJW regressive leftist liberals, lying, slandering, bullying and ruining people’s lives in the name of equality and inclusivity.

    • Yep, and if Hillary isn´t faking her bad health, then my guess would be that she won´t even live long enough to see the end of November…

  • Lets not,forget hillary was a goldwater girl that means she hates black people, but she was,on the breakfast club power.105,i n philly with charlamagne the god with hot sauce in her purse and doing the whio and nae nae. She also said she wanted to stop illegals in 2003, now she says that trumps immigration policy is too harsh…like cnn said is there anything she wont say to get elected???

  • John Smith.

    Why is anyone still paying attention to her?
    The fact that she goes out of her way to generate negative feedback towards herself just to obtain more pity money should be a big clue to gamers to treat her with the cold shoulder of contempt that Kotaku was given.
    Don’t talk about her, don’t write about her, don’t respond to her tweets, if anyone asks about her just respond with a confused “who?”. Basically, act like she’s a damn ghost in the room.

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