Say what you want about Nintendo, but I find them to have a very strange sense of humor. I mean, the “Metroid” fans have been asking for a new “real” “Metroid” game for years and years now (most of the fanbase were not happy with “Metroid Other M” when the game launched for the Wii console back in 2010). And even so, no such game saw the day of light. And as the years went by, fans decided to create their own “Metroid” game instead. And in this case that game would be “AM2R” (“Another Metroid 2 Remake“, which would be one of THE best “Metroid” titles in the series so far). Well, the developers of “AM2R” release the game on the 6th of August (which would be the very same day that “Metroid” celebrated it´s 30th Anniversary).

project am2r vs nintendo

Let´s be honest shall we, it was just a matter of time…

metroid database vs Nintendo

So let me see if I get this straight. Nintendo hasn´t cared at all about the “Metroid” IP for years, and when a group of fans created the “Metroid” game that the fans have been wanting to play for years. And then Nintendo simply pulls the plug on the game and then brings in their lawyers as well? WTF!?

So far, so good. Well, so I thought at least. However, that was not the case. As Nintendo decided to do a DMCA takedown on Metroid 2 Remake´s homepage just two days after AM2R´s launch day (talk about puting an end to Metroid´s and Samus Aran´s 30th anniversary after party…). And things went from bad to worse from there (I had a feeling that it would end up like this when I did my interview with Metroid Database). As the “AM2R” team had to remove the game from their homepage (“AM2R” was also removed from most of the world’s download services…). And the madness didn´t stop there, as DoctorM64 (Milton “DoctorM64” Guasti – Programming, level design, sound design, music production for “AM2R”) posted the following tweet yesterday:

“I’ve received a DMCA takedown request on my email account. So, AM2R won’t receive any more updates nor releases. Thank you for the support.” – DoctorM64, via Twitter

doctorm64 on am2r

In other words, rest in peace”AM2R”…

Furthermore, the following text is to be found on the official “AM2R” homepage:

“Nintendo of America, Inc. has filed a takedown request under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). I received the request on my personal email, so I’m complying with their requests. There will be no more AM2R updates, and no more releases under any platform. Thank you for the support during all these years.” – The AM2R team 

project am2rs homepage

Yes, it´s now official. “AM2R” is dead and gone for life.

So there you have it folks, “AM2R” is now officially dead and buried in a cement sarcophagus six feet under. And funny enough, all of this took place very closely to the release of “Metroid Prime: Federation Force” (a game which most of the “Metroid” fans never asked for). So on a personal level. I have to say that these actions from Nintendo really felt like a big fu** you to not only the “Metroid” fans, but also fans of Nintendo in general…

nintendo vs the nintendo power internet archive

So much for my plans of reading through all the old Nintendo Power magazines…

nintendo vs gameJolt

I guess that this means that every single game which reminds the slightest about any of Nintendo´s IP´s, will be killed off?

Especially since Nintendo took down the Nintendo Power Online archive not so long ago (“Pokémon Uranium” faced a pretty similar faith…). And just recently Nintendo pulled the plug on +500 projects on Gamejolt via DMCA takedowns. So I think it´s safe to say that Nintendo is on the warpath at the moment, as they target everything and everyone who has anything to do with the IP´s which they currently own. And yes, I´m more than aware of the fact that it´s Nintendo´s IP´s so they have the legal right to do whatever they please. Even so, I still believe that Nintendo could have sorted out the “AM2R”, “Pokemon Uranium” and the Nintendo Power Online archive “situation” in a much classier way then they did.

am2r pc review the metroid game that nintendo wish that they have made

“AM2R” is with no doubt the best “Metroid” game since “Super Metroid”. So Nintendo sure made a great call by killing it off…

Well, let´s just say that I would have dealt with these “matters” very differently from how Nintendo handled them. As I would have signed up both the “AM2R” and “Pokémon Uranium” team at a very early stage, and then sold their games via the Nintendo E-shop (the developers would then have gotten a % cut for each game sold). As for the Nintendo Power Online archive, I would have made it so that the archive would have been available via Nintendo´s official homepage for free (it would have been a nice free treat for Nintendo´s loyal fans, and nice way of saying “Thank you for supporting us over the years“).

However, that´s just wishful thinking on my behalf. As I´m not in a chief position at Nintendo, but that´s at least what I would have done if I was the one in command of matters like that.

And with that said, what´s your take on this matter? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!

Project AM2R
Pokemon Uranium

This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The Gaming Ground´s) opinions.

tgg author avatar robin ek
Robin “V-Act” Ek
The Gaming Ground
Twitter: @TheGamingGround

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27 Comments ON " Nintendo has just sent a DMCA claim to the AM2R de... "
  • Nanya

    WHEE! I was in an article even if indirectly!

    But, seriously, AM2R is the best *2D* Metroid game since Super.

    Prime 1 was just as good, IMO as either of those.

    And, like I suggested, DoctorM64 should just start working on a Fusion sequel.

    If Copyright worked like it did originally, Metroid 1 would be Public Domain by now. In 3 years, Metroid 2 would be Public Domain.

    And in 6 years, Super Metroid would have hit Public Domain.

  • David

    As a Nintendo consumer and 3DS fan I find all this disheartening. I’ve reviewed FE: Fates and Federation Force and still have plans to get a copy of Pokemon Moon, but I feel somewhat ashamed.

    As for the situation itself it seems that (not trying to spin a tabloid or anything) after Satoru Iwata’s things have gotten ugly.

    And even when the Metroid games enter the Public Domain (as Nanya mentioned) would DoctorM64 actually consider getting back on the project?

    • It’s not really copyright stuff that’s preventing this, and it really doesn’t mean much either. This is a trademark infringement case and Nintendo is required by law to defend its trademark if it wishes to keep the trademark.

      Most people tend to think Nintendo just sits in their castle(with the princess) and sees projects like this and laughs as they order their lawyers to attack; and this is no where near the case.

      • Nanya

        Actually, it’s not a Trademark case.

        And how do I know that?

        DMCAs can’t be used for Trademarks. DMCA ONLY applies to Copyright Infringement.

        The fact that Nintendo did NOT use a C&D letter tells you that they know it’s not a Trademark issue either.

        That being said, if it was about trademark, all DoctorM64 would have to do is to change the name of the game to something else.

        But it’s not.

        On top of that, Nintendo recently sent out over 500 DMCAs on fan-projects recently.

        • Nintendo did send out a cease and desist letter when the game first launched.

          • Nanya


            DoctorM64 specifically stated that with all the legal options at Nintendo’s disposal, a DMCA that they got was just a slap on the wrist.

            Not to mention that’s what was put up on the blog and other stuff.

            A C&D would have stopped patch 1.1 from coming out.

          • Mmm, I must have mixed this up with something else then, I thought they had sent a C&D letter. In that case, I wonder where that C&D letter I was thinking of went to.

          • Nanya

            No clue. You may have thought about the Chrono Trigger sequel.

      • SinkingSage

        Fan games aren’t copyright infringement as long as they are not making a profit. This isn’t IP protection, this is being an asshole.

        • What? Just no.

          • SinkingSage

            By that logic, you should be sued if you make fan art. Sonic has had a ton of fan games, and Sega never lost the IP or DMCA’d the games. This is just an example of many.

          • This wasn’t just a ‘fan’ game, this was a direct copy of an entire game. It would be akin to, in my mind, me copying the entirety of Lord of the Rings, but using a nicer font.

    • Nanya

      Sadly the earliest Metroid can hit the Public Domain is 2067, as that will be, under current Copyright law, 7 decades after the creator’s death.

      • David

        I have misread your comment. My mistake.

        • Nanya

          Nah, my comment was “if Copyright was how it was originally”.

          But under CURRENT Copyright law, it’ll be 2067…

          Coincidentally, that’s probably when we’ll get a new Metroid game.

  • T1125P

    Tor Tor Tor lol. When will these people learn. In order to remake games like this you need to go under the radar. So using the Tor Network you will not be bothered at all. You can even use a tor email address. I know how to use Tor pretty good and to use the hidden wiki (dark web) ^_^ But alas I cannot code :/ If I did all my work would be up there for all to download, even you guys here 🙂

  • Greg

    When are people going to learn that Nintendo takes almost all fan endeavors as a threat to possible future profits?

    • When will Nintendo learn to make the games which the fans really want? These games happen because Nintendo doesn’t respond upon demand, so demand is met via fan games.

      • Greg

        How many more remakes and pokemon games do people need?

        • Quite a few apparently, since “Pokemon Uranium” had +1.5 million downloads before Nintendo pulled the plug on that game.

  • Hvd

    but yet most of you were ok with sony’s strikes with no mans lie? you are all hypocrites….lmao

    • Short answer, no.

      • Hvd

        most were because it sony.

        • Well, that doesn´t go for us. And I´ll try to sort out an OP post about the matter asap.

  • MusouTensei

    I can understand when they shut down very cheap and shoddy shovelware that uses their IPs, but this is a high quality remake Nintendo should have done long time ago (after Zero Mission), they should have cooperated with the dev to bring this to their systems. This is another very shitty move from Nintendo.

  • Alex-C25

    Hard being a Nintendo fan these days when they slowly started to get draconian like this ever since Iwata’s death. Even Sega, known for antics like this, seems to be getting lax in that regard and if Sonic Mania and the already released remaster/remake of Sonic CD is any indication, they’re seeking cooperation with fans. I love ya Nintendo, but you’re neither caught up with the times nor looking for the most rational conclusion.

    • Yep, and they go after just about everything and everyone nowadays…So it´s a very bad idea to make anything based on their IP´s (no matter if it´s a fan made movie or whatever).

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