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I honestly didn´t think that the situation with James Rolfe and his “I´m not going to watch or review Ghostbusters” Youtube movie possibly couldn´t get any worse. Well, I was wrong…Because I was just informed (thanks MusouTensei!) that some media journalists took a swing at Rolfe (I missed out on that part when I posted my original article):

the media attacks james rolfe

So much for being a “media professional”.

So, who are these media journalist gentlemen then? Well, for starter you got John Bowman (@johnbowman, CBC News), Jordan Hoffman (@jhoffman, The Guardian) and Daniel Carlson (@danielwcarlson, Slate). All of which took Rolfe´s “Ghostbusters” movie to heart (as in “offended”, “butthurt” and so on), so they started to bash him on Twitter. Eric D. Snider (a freelance writer/film critic) even trash talked Rolfe on a personal level (for which he later apologized) by stating: “I keep fixating on his wedding ring. Someone MARRIED this man-baby”. And then Daniel Carlson (Slate) took a swing at Rolfe´s wife by saying “Probably a gold-digger who just married him for his Star Trek V gumball” (the coward hides behind a protected account on Twitter).

So, what can I say about all of this? Well, since some of these people work for news sites such as CBC news and The Guardian. They should (in my opinion) be ashamed of themselves, because this is no way for a professional journalist to act (or any decent and well-mannered human being for that matter). Nevertheless, I´m very glad to see that Rolfe didn´t cave in for all the drama and rants from the SJWs though. As Rolfe released a new “Ghostbusters” movie yesterday (it´s called “Ghostbusters 3: History of a cancelled sequel“).

And in his new movie, he made a really good summary on the history of the “Ghoustbusters 3” movie. So if you´re a “Ghostbusters” fan, then I would recommend you to watch it. I also think that it would be a wise idea to follow the advice that Rolfe gave at the very end of his movie. And that would be the advice to stop giving people like Michael Bay your money, because then they can´t keep on making really bad movies based on famous IPs (aka “our childhood memories and heroes).

With that said, don´t forget to check out the “Ghostbusters” cartoon TV-seriesThe Real Ghostbusters” (140 episodes, 1986 – 1991) and “Extreme Ghostbusters” (40 episodes, 1997). And while you´re at it, pick up the 2009 “Ghostbusters” game as well (it´s available for PS3, 360, PS2, PC, PSP and Nintendo DS), because both the game (which probably is as close as we´re ever going to get to a “Ghostbusters 3”) and the cartoon series are freaking awesome!

Jak Atak

Jak Atak
John Bowman – CBC News
Jordan Hoffman – The Guardian
Daniel Carlson – Slate


The day that James Rolfe started an Internet fire over Ghostbusters

I think it´s safe to say that Paul Feig´s “Ghostbusters” has caused a whole lot of drama and Internet fights as of lately. Even so, it was James Rolfe´s (AKA AVGN) “Ghostbusters 2016. No Review. I refuse.” video that set the Internet on fire (you can watch Rolfe´s video further down the page). So, what did Rolfe say and do then? Well, he simply stated the following:

“My preemptive thoughts on the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot. Just because it has the Ghostbusters license does not mean I will see it. In fact I plan on NOT seeing it.”James Rolfe/AVGN, Cinemassacre

james rolfe vs ghostbusters 2016

Apparently, James Rolfe isn´t allowed to hold an opinion. Nor is it okay for him to choose not to watch (or review) the upcoming “Ghostbusters” movie, because that would make him a sexist manbaby…

Simply put, Rolfe pointed out that it would just be a waste of his time and money to go and watch a movie which his most likely going to dislike (not to mention the risk of having his childhood memories smashed in the process…). And I think his right, because that´s like having me order a Mayonnaise hamburger even though I HATE mayonnaise. So why would I even bother to do that? Since it´s quite obvious what the outcome would be. And I can also relate to Rolfe´s video and statements, as both of us are HUGE fans of the old Ghostbusters movies (both of us grew up during the golden era of “Ghostbusters“, which would be during the late 80s and early-mid 90s).

alphaomegasin on ghostbusters

I guess that this means that AlphaOmegaSin is a misogynist then?

And let´s be honest. All the SJW rants about dislikes on Youtube, and all of their “racism” and “misogyny” comments throughout the Internet. All of that has zero to NOTHING to do with the fact that the movie stars an all female “Ghostbusters” crew (or that that one of the females just happens to be a black woman). As people (mainly fans of the old-school “Ghostbusters” movies) simply said what they thought about the “Ghostbusters” trailers (that the movie seems to be everything but good). And that had nothing to do with race or gender, but everything to do with the actual movie itself (a mediocre presentation is a mediocre presentation, no matter gender, race or medium). Nevertheless, Rolfe received comments such as these:

sjws vs james rolfe part 1

This made me think about Ice-T´s song “Freedom of speech” (watch what you say…).

amiibear vs james rolfe part 1

In other words, as long as you agree with me then everything is just alright.

amiibear vs james rolfe part 2

To be fair, there are a lot of people out there that don´t like what they´ve seen from “Ghostbusters” so far (all the dislikes and Youtube comments speak for itself).

dane cook vs james rolfe

I bet that Dane Cook (his an American stand-up comedian and film actor) didn´t even watch Rolfe´s whole video.

Even so, it didn´t take all that long before people started to call out those who ranted about Rolfe´s “Ghostbusters” video:

ghostbusters rants

My thoughts exactly.

ghostbusters sexist manbaby

You don´t like the new “Ghostbusters” movie? Well, then you´re a sexist manboy.

female ghostbusters

Extreme Ghostbusters – Kylie Griffi
Original Ghostbusters – Janine Melnitz

And since the “Ghostbusters” movie got a new trailer today. I couldn´t help to think that the timing of Rolfe´s video and the so-called “Ghostbusters war“, became something of an Internet meme in itself. As everything that´s been said today (the negative parts about the “Ghostbusters movie) once again popped up in the second trailer of “Ghostbusters” (the trailer that got released today). My point would be this, no matter how much make-up you put on a pig. It´s still a pig. So no matter how many flashy new trailers Sony drops for “Ghostbusters”, people will still see through the make-up.

And quite frankly, when I watched the new trailer for “Ghostbusters” earlier today. I felt the same exact way as I did when I watched the previous trailer. So no, I´m not going to waste my time or my money on the new “Ghostbusters” movie (the very same reason why I didn´t watch some of these movies). Nevertheless, that sure didn´t stop “some” people from trashing those who agree with James Rolfe about “Ghostbusters”:

sjws vs james rolfe part 2

You know what? I bet that no one would care one bit if the Ghostbuster´s crew had been 100% males. Because then it would have been alright to criticize the movie.

the new ghostbusters sucks

“Ghostbusters haters”? I´m not a hater, I´m just stating the obvious, for example. I didn´t like “Alien 4” all that much, but that didn´t make me a hater of “Aliens” as a whole.

ghostbusters haters

“Ghostbusters war” What war? So just because people have different opinions about “Ghostbusters”. Then it means that there is now a war?

In the matter of fact, “some” people even started to compare Rolfe´s “AVGN the movie” with Paul Feig´s “Ghostbuster´s” movie. And I found that to be rather laughable. As the AVGN movie had a 325K USD budget, while the “Ghostbusters” movie is said to have a 154 million USD budget. And if you have watched the second “Ghostbusters” trailer, then compare that one to the AVGN movie (154 million USD Vs 325K USD). Then it becomes almost comedy-like. What I´m trying to say is that “AVGN the movie” may not be the best of movies, but I think Rolfe did wonders with the budget that he had at his disposal. So what excuses does Paul Feig have? And let´s be honest. No one asked for the movie that his currently making (which Rolfe also explained in his Youtube video).

Then there is this on-going “Ghostbusters” rant about that “You can´t judge a movie based on a trailer or two“, yes. You sure can. And that´s what I´ve been doing since the 80s (if even the trailer sucks, then why would you waste your time and money on the movie in question?). And “some” people are even calling those who dislike the “Ghostbusters” trailers for “sexists” and “misogynists”. Well, I’m neither a sexist, nor a misogynist (I LOVE women). I just happen to think that the “Ghostbusters” movie doesn´t seem to be very good. And that´s all there is to it, as I have nothing against having females in lead roles in movies (no matter if it´s “Ghostbusters” or some other IP). And I´m quite certain that most of those who dislike the “Ghostbusters” movie, are no sexists or misogynists either. They simply don´t like the movie.

Let´s blame everything on #GamerGate

And as if the situation with the “Ghostbusters war” wasn´t bizarre enough as it already is. “Some” people have now started to blame all the criticism, negativity and hate towards “Ghostbusters” on #GamerGate:

ben ferber blames everything on gamergate

Ben Ferber is just one out of the many SJWs who blames #GamerGate for everything bad that has been said (and happened) to Ghostbusters as of lately.

Well, as far as I know. It´s been mainly the fans who have trashed Paul Feig´s “Ghostbusters” movie, and they have been doing that since the very first trailer dropped over three months ago. Nevertheless, I guess that it´s very easy to pin all of this down on #GamerGate. As “some” people like to use GG as a boogie man of sorts (or the fall guy), any ways, as a “Ghostbusters” fan. I find it to be very hard to feel any excitement at all about the upcoming “Ghostbusters” release in July (July 22nd, to be exact). As the movie seems to be everything but the “Ghostbusters” that I grew up and felt in love with

With that said, feel free to share your thoughts on the matter in the comment section down below.

The Cartoon Loon
Just Call Me Mister

Dane Cook
Ben Ferber
Twitter moments

This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The Gaming Ground´s) opinions.

I´m a long-time fan of AVGN and James Rolfe.

tgg author avatar robin ek
Robin “V-Act” Ek
The Gaming Ground
Twitter: @TheGamingGround

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