***WARNING! Potential spoilers awaits you***

If you haven’t seen The Flash Attack on Gorilla City, you’ve missed out on one of the best episodes the series has to offer so far. Unlike its counterpart, Arrow, The Flash isn’t disappointing fans at all so far. Arrow should take a page from The Flash, but that’s a different story for a later date. Gorilla Godd showed the audience why he’s the most intelligent Simian in Gorilla City once more by getting team Flash to come rescue Harrison Wells. However, can we really say we believed he was the victim in that situation? Of course not—he’s Gorilla Grodd. After Luring the team to Gorilla City via help form Cisco’s teleporting, he got Barry to fight Solavar, the King of Gorilla City in a fight to the death. Keith David provided the voice of Solavar(which was awesome, by the way). Knowing Barry wouldn’t kill Solavar, he revealed his ultimate plan:

Gorillas weren’t afraid of humans and didn’t want war, but because of what they saw Barry do—they were convinced by Grodd that they’re a bigger threat than they thought and sided with him in wanting to kill them all to “protect Gorilla City.” Not only did this work, Barry and the team had to think quick in convincing Caitlin to freeze Barry and make him look dead in order to escape the fortress. Honestly, I was wondering why Caitllin didn’t just freeze the bars and each person shattered them by kicking them, then they just teleport out from the cell instead of frolicking in the forest again, but eh.

the flash attack on gorilla city gypsy and grodd

Gypsy and Grodd look like they are ready to drop bombs.

Meanwhile, back on Earth-1. Jesse Quick and Wally tackle crime together, and everyone seems to want to be involved in creating the latest mash-up of CW couple names. Yes, of course you remember them: Snowbarry, Olicity?! Yeah…that. Eventually, they figure it out, since Jesse was sure Wally just loved the idea of being a speedster more than being with her, but I think there was more to it. It was more like. She wanted to have the one up between them in the relationship, so she didn’t feel like the odd ball from another dimension—whereas all he wanted was to be useful to Barry and the team.

I mean come on, he’s still a teenager. So who wouldn’t show off with super powers?

I loved how many movie references there were in this episode. This was another favorite WTF of mine. Normally, you don’t get a lot, but obviously because they were in Gorilla City, you had a lot this time around. Julien looking like Indiana Jones, obviously, Planet of the Apes, and then there was the Jurassic Park reference. The funniest part of the episode was when they two Harrison Wells came face to face. H.R. was happy to meet his Earth-2 counterpart, while Dr. Wells figured out pretty quickly—with enthusiasm from everyone else his doppelganger was a complete fraud.

the flash attack on gorilla city jesse and wally

Love is in the air between Jesse and Wally.

Nevertheless, the biggest WTF moment on this episode came when Grodd revealed at the end he had Gypsy, and had his army ready to invade earth, king of like a 300 version of the Gorillas ready to march on Persia or something. Now obviously, Grodd stated many times in the episode Reverse Flash taught him to think two steps ahead of his enemies—and boy did he. Gypsy clearly has to either be under his control, or he’s blackmailing her. However, with the way she looked so dead in the eyes during his monologue, it’s got to be the latter. She wouldn’t sincerely put Cisco’s life in jeopardy after she confessed her feelings for him.

Attack on Gorilla City is a 2-part event, with the next episode taking place this coming Tuesday for all our Flash Fandom needs. Don’t forget Barry is still trying to change the future to save Iris, and in the last flashback, he saw Dr. Wells using a sniper rifle on the rooftop nearby. Furthermore, we still don’t know what that means, but it could come up as a topic after they save Central City in the next episode.

the flash attack on gorilla city part 1

Soundgarden’s “Rusty Cage” song comes to mind.

And with that said, tell me your thoughts in the comment section on what you liked (or disliked) about this episode. Because I want a lot of theories to be tossed around, since The Flash comic canon has clearly changed a lot due to this episode so far. I’m thinking Solavar isn’t dead, and could come back to help team Flash on Earth-1. Keith David is a very legendary voice, there’s no way they’d just use him for like 5 minutes of voice work and be done with him.

So tune into The Flash Attack on Central City Feb [email protected] on The CW.

Robin Ek – Editor

This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The Gaming Ground´s) opinions.

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4 Comments ON " The Flash “Attack on gorilla city” is ... "
  • andelbam

    Meh, for me. Impressive Graphics. Bet they put a lot of money into those 2 episodes. I just want to see the battle between Zanitar & Wally West. Flash has had his cake far too many, let see Kid Flash get the win.

    • It’s watch worthy, but then again. I’m not a hardcore Flash fan 😛

  • Kid Flash isn’t a main character like Barry is. Wally West was the Justice League Flash and it was all good for he animated series, however since Canon was reset The West family is now Black, Barry got his powers from the particle accelerator, however the lightning that hit him In the comics was him recreating himself sustaining the theory that there must always be a flash.
    As far as Savitar goes, just like with Zoom money is wasted on their CGI changes

    • I’m not a huge fan of CGI myself. I prefer old-fashioned techniques instead.

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