Codeglue and Fig partnering on Antegods crowdfunding campaign.

Press release:
ROTTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS – March 7, 2017 – Development studio Codeglue launched its crowdfunding campaign on Fig today for Antegods, the ‘stonepunk’ action arena game in which the remnants of the Mayan civilization have taken to space. Climbing inside their customizable stonepunk mechs, the pilots of each team need to hunt for energy and fight off opponents in a procedurally generated and highly destructible map. The ultimate goal is to activate enormous ‘titan’ statues that will bring explosive mayhem down upon the enemy team.

For more information about Antegods, watch the trailer: and check out the Fig campaign:

Codeglue is honored to be picked by the Fig platform to speed up the development of Antegods. With an additional $75,000 in funding, a Spring 2018 release is made possible, by bringing on extra resources such as another programmer. As a community-powered publisher specialized in games, Fig is the perfect partner for this campaign offering both rewards and investment-based crowdfunding.

Fig CEO Justin Bailey says; ‘’With Codeglue’s extensive history of producing great games, it’s clear that this is a project with huge potential, and we’re excited to be on board!”

The campaign offers an exclusive reward when pledging $35 or more: a comic book set in the stonepunk world of Antegods. This unique setting makes this game a surprising successor to Codeglue’s previous title, the award-winning fast-paced action game Rocket Riot. Antegods expands on its predecessor with team-based tactical gameplay and highly customizable stonepunk mechs. The game has already won a range of awards such as the GDC ‘European Showcase 2017’, Insomnia58 ‘Indie Zone Selection 2016’ and the Nordic Game ‘Indie Day Selection 2016’.

Read more about our Antegods’ crowdfunding campaign on Fig:

About Antegods
Antegods is a novel blend of ancient Mayan culture and science fiction, which the developers have dubbed ‘stonepunk’. Each player climbs inside a large stonepunk mech and teams up with three others, to battle in an intergalactic tournament on an incredible scale. Each team needs to hunt for silk, the energy spread randomly across procedurally generated environments, and feed it to their massive ‘titan’ statue. If enough energy is sacrificed to this dormant behemoth, it will awaken and bring total destruction down upon the enemy team.

Antegods key features include:
– Stonepunk universe – A novel blend of ancient Mayan culture with science fiction brought to life in-game and in a comic
– Action-packed 4×4 arena battles – Team up with friends online or split-screen, and wreck your opponents in highly destructible procedurally generated maps.
– Battle with massive titans – Teams hunt for silk, the energy spread across the map, to activate their dormant ‘titan’ and cooperatively control it to annihilate the enemy team.
– Modify your stonepunk mech – Customizable mechs to match your unique play style; pick your own body, weapon and jetpack wings.
– Strategize with your team – Deep tactical gameplay with a focus on team collaboration. Fortify your team’s position on the map and outsmart the enemy team.
– Competitive online play – Our online matchmaking sets up exciting matches to climb an intergalactic ladder, making Antegods ready for eSports tournaments.

For the latest news follow our blog, talk to us on Discord, like us on, or follow us on!

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Fig page:

About Codeglue: 
Codeglue is an independent Dutch game studio creating fresh takes on classic genres with easy to grasp gameplay for PC, smartphones, VR and the latest generation of consoles. The studio was founded in 2000 by Maurice Sibrandi and Peter de Jong.

Games worked on:
– A fast-paced arena action game in which ancient civilizations have taken to space. Inspired by Rocket Riot and to be released in 2018.
– Fire up Rocket Riot and blow your way up! Rocket Riot is an action-packed, side-scrolling shooter with over 200 levels in amazing-looking pixel art world.
– A two-player cooperative game set in a puzzle-filled world where gravity goes both up and down. You can only succeed by working closely together. Ibb & obb is a co-production with Sparpweed.
– Make the world your own in this sandbox adventure. Build, produce, dig, earn, use, gather and create everything you need in Terraria. Published by 505 games and ported by Codeglue to mobile phone and Nintendo 3DS.
About Fig As the only funding and publishing platform created by gamers for gamers that offers rewards- and investment-based funding, empowers developers and passionate fans alike to bring well-known franchises and undiscovered indie titles to market. was established with help from a coalition of independent game developers, including Brian Fargo, Feargus Urquhart and Tim Schafer. Fig Publishing, Inc. is an affiliate of the company and was founded to give investors a way to support the development and publishing of great new games by Fig. Fig hosted four of the top ten largest crowdfunded video game projects in 2016, as well as the top crowdfunded video game project in 2017 to date. For more information, visit and follow us on and

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