I never thought in my wildest fantasy that I would ever get to play a game that´s like a mix of “Lethal Weapon”, “Police Quest“, “Miami Vice” and “Mad Bull 34”. Well, I´m glad that Pixel Crow proved me wrong with their adventure/cop simulator game “Beat Cop, because the game is all of that and more. So please allow me to explain to you why “Beat Cop” is such an awesome game. Well, for starter, the retro graphics are very  inviting and beautiful (the animations are really smooth as well).

beat cop ticket

Handing out tickets is just one of the many tasks that you must coop with as a N.Y cop in “Beat Cop”.

Furthermore, you get hooked in right away as “Beat Cop” has a really brutal “right in your face” kind of intro (think “Miami Vice” goes “Hotline Miami”, and your spot on). So I got all pumped up before the game even kicked-off, and once I realized that the demo takes place in Brooklyn, New York (the year is 1986). I couldn´t help myself  from experiencing some pretty heavy retro flashbacks from the days when I used to play “Pizza Tycoon” on my school´s computers (this was back in the mid 90s). You see. I usually started off in New York when I played “Pizza Tycoon”, and why is that you might ask? Well, It´s because I was a huge fan of TMNT and Beastie Boys (and I still am to this very day). Any ways, let´s get back on track again shall we? So, as I was saying. You play as a N.Y cop called Jack Kelly (a former detective), and you have been framed for murder (I can´t say anything more than that, or else I would spoil the demo for everyone).

beat cop murder scene

Another day, another corpse.

That´s just the half of it though, as your boss hates you (and pretty much everyone around you as well), your wife wants your cash and the local gangs, and the Mafia wants to beat the living hell out of you (well, at least if you piss them off that is). Simply put, Kelly is knee-deep in shit, and it´s your job to help him out of this mess. That´s of course easier said than done, because Kelly (the player) keeps on stacking up on new enemies, problems and bad karma when he patrols on the streets of Brooklyn as a cop. Especially since Kelly is the new cop in the neighborhood as well, because that means that you have to earn the respect of the people around you. So that means that you have to work yourself up from the ground to a well-respected police man among the Brooklyn locals.

beat-cop towing

Someone is just about to have a very bad day, because it´s towing time baby!

That might sound rather easy I bet. Keep this in mind though, everything you do will affect what people think about you. So if you decide to be a bad cop, then the locals will start to hate you, and if you start to give the Mafia and the street gangs a hard time…Well, let´s just say that you better sleep with one eye open and have a gun on you at all times. I went for the latter though, as I like the thought of doing good and taking care of criminals (to protect and to serve). Even so, I have to admit that things got rather tough by the end of the demo (you get validated by the end of each stage, and for each failed mission you get minus points and less money on your salary check. So don´t mess around!).

beat cop italian mafia

You can become a friend or a foe of the Italian mafia. The choice is yours.

I mean, it was rather easy to hand out tickets for parking violations and bad car tires. However, it´s a total different story to find some big Russian police guy who doesn´t want to be found, or to find the right van that contains a package of cocaine. Not to mention the fact that “Beat Cop” is the kind of game that has one of those in-game watches, so you have to keep a close eye on the clock at all times. As everything you do will affect time in one way or another. For example, you have to eat to regain stamina and energy, but while you´re eating the time won´t stop (don´t we all wish that we could stop time while we´re having lunch?). So let´s say that you have to be at a particular place at a certain time. Well, you might mess up that mission simply because 15 minutes passed you by while you were eating.

So you really don´t have any time to mess around, and speaking of which. You have to learn how to memorize the neighborhood that Kelly patrols in, or else you won´t have a chance in hell to solve crimes on time (criminals might get away if can´t figure out where they have committed their crimes). Nevertheless, all in all, I really enjoyed the beta-alpha demo of “Beat Cop”. In the matter of fact, there are very few flaws that I could point out in the game. However, I would love to see some more action scenes in the full version of “Beat Cop” (the game is set for a Q4 release this year).

+ Funny dialogs and characters
+ Very nice retro graphics
+ Awesome music
+ Tons of places to explore
+ Miami Vice vibes
+ Beat Cop feels and looks like an interactive cop show

– Bugs and glitches
– It´s rather boring to check errors on cars
– Everyone hates you (more or less)
– The watch (read “time”) is your worst enemy!

tgg author avatar robin ek
Robin “V-Act” Ek
The Gaming Ground
Twitter: @TheGamingGround

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4 Comments ON " Beat Cop PC preview – A very entertaining an... "
  • Thanks for the preview, Robin! 🙂

    • You are most welcome =) I have one question, where could one buy the Beat Cop soundtrack from?

      • The best solution would be to get it at Games Republic: https://beatcop.gamesrepublic.com – it’s a Special Edition with soundtrack & cool wallpapers. Aaand you get DRM-free + Steam versions, so it’s a win-win situation.


        • Ah, thanks =) I´ll check that one out 😉

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