The Worst’s “Ciri Trainer” is an adult 18+ visual novel parody of the “Witcher” series, and the game sure starts off in a rather interesting way.

You see, the game kicks-off with having you (the player, or in this case, Ciri) taking refuge in a seemingly abandoned castle.

However, as it turns out that your temporary abode is the current resident of a witcher and he’s about to get an apprentice. Well, as it all turns out, you have to temporarily take his place.

ciri trainer a pussycat

The visuals, animations and characters are very nice looking throughout the whole game (in this case, chapter 1 and 2).

Right off the bat, whilst most of the game’s lewd stuff is Patreon only content. Nevertheless, you still get a good sense of the direction that the game is taking you.

And why is that? (so you might wonder) Because the story plays it both straight and comedically lewd at times (especially when you get the mind control power).

ciri trainer your main base of operations

This is your main base of operations, and it comes with day/night cycles and plenty of interactivity for you to enjoy.

Besides the lewd sections (of which more becomes available as you progress through the story), there are also management sections to deal with: Aside from maintaining and rebuilding your current abode.

ciri trainer some fine female booty

Discipline is an important part of the learning process of how to become a sorceress.

Furthermore, you also get the chance to invest in “PlayWitch”. Both of which require money (and the latter a bit of blackmail too), which leads to the need to collect money, and building resources.

ciri trainer a very dark story

It’s going to be rather interesting to see how dark the story will go in chapter 3 of “Ciri trainer”. Well, time will tell.

Money collecting can be done in one of two ways: Exploring the basement of your castle (which may randomly produce some other result), or perform tasks for the local populace.

All of these tasks take time, and in addition, a limited amount can only be done during the day.

ciri trainer a very lewd sexy time moment

To be fair, involuntary voyeurism has never hurt anyone. So if that’s your cup of tea, then there’s yet another fetish for you to enjoy in the game.

Aside from resource gathering (and attempting to blackmail sorceress into posing for PlayWitch), your main objective is either to look after or corrupt your apprentice: The rather lovely Ciri.

ciri trainer broken english is broken

I truly hope that TheWorst will be able to sort out some of the dialogs and whatnot before he drops the full version of “Ciri trainer”, because some of the game’s English leaves a lot to desire.

You first meet Ciri in the optional prologue (which is useful for getting an idea of world and characters you live in and meet), and from the first chapter onwards, she is a rather naive young woman who only just managed to get herself out of trouble a short while before you re-appeared.

ciri trainer its time for some practise

“Ciri Trainer” got a lot going for itself. For example, the management sections are easy to use, there are different paths to take, and the game’s music is rather nice.

As the story progresses and you gain more powers, you are able to mold Ciri in your own perverted image. Gaining the ability to mind-control her, you can get her to a few basic things for you, which later on includes voyeurism.

ciri trainer some girl on girl action

If you’re into some erotic girl-on-girl action scenes, then you shouldn’t be disappointed with what “Ciri trainer” got to offer on that front.

Of course, if Ciri does something wrong, you can always punish her yourself, perhaps even for nebulous reasons.

ciri trainer triss merigold goes full lewd mode

The erotic content is very nice and well-done in “Ciri trainer”, and none of the lewd scenes are censored either (just like it should be).

However, aside from that, you also need to make sure her fighting, magic and alchemy abilities improve which requires Ciri to train and practice.

ciri trainer ciri gets some spanking

The game’s story is rather comedic for the most part, but there are some rather dark comedy moments to be found in the game as well (the same could also be said about Ciri trainer’s story).

In addition to all that, someone else is extremely interested in her as well – and possibly not for altruistic reasons either.

ciri trainer ciri needs to train even more

There’s a lot of things that are awesome in “Ciri trainer”. However, there are some downsides to be found in the game as well. For example, more unique contracts would be nice, and some of the game’s English is in need of some fixing.

The training sections are very easy to use and are nicely animated too. So it’s going to be really interesting to see how everything will progress over time.

Especially so since Ciri Trainer’s story is interesting and the addition of extra punishments and mind control abilities later on will add extra lewdness to a fun game.

In other words, if you like the “Witcher” series and lewd visual novel games, then you should give “Ciri Trainer” a try with no doubt.

+ Lovely animation and graphics are great
+ Story is generally comedic, although has hints that there may be something darker
+ Management sections are easy to use
+ Music does its job
+ Different paths to take
+ The lewd content is very nice

– Some of the English is a bit dodgy at times
– Range of jobs is a bit limited
– Some of the backgrounds are a bit iffy
– More unique contracts would be good

Gameplay: 4/5
Graphics: 4/5
Sound and music: 3/5
Controls: 3/5
Replay value: 4/5
Story: 4/5

tgg grade 4 out of 5

Verdict: 4/5
It doesn’t really matter whether or not you’ve played The Witcher game series before, as it’s really all inconsequential in the case with Ciri Trainer.

Furthermore, Ciri Trainer’s story is great fun (although possibly hinting towards something dark), and once you get settled into your new abode, the range of tasks and interactivity you can do is great.

That’s just the half of it though, because the game also offers some really lovely animations, visuals and lewd content. That’s also why I think that Ciri Trainer truly deserves to do well.

Title: Ciri Trainer
Developer: The Worst
Format: PC Download
Genre: Adult parody visual novel
Resolution: Program default
Release date: 2018-12-23
Difficulty: User-defined
Spent time: + 4 hours
Average grade internationally:  N/A
PEGI age rating:
Price: Patreon backed
Patreon URL: Ciri Trainer via Patreon

Robin Ek – Editor

tgg author avatar Nicholas Kingsley
Nicholas Kingsley
The Gaming Ground
Twitter: @sku_te

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