Rogue like games are two a penny these days, there’s a vast plethora of games out there of this type, and it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. Well, “Death Road to Canada” from developer RocketCat games might be one of the few to stand out. It had its success on PC releasing back in 2016. Well, “Death Road to Canada” has now made its way to console (including the Switch, yay!).

death road to canada start the darn car

START THE CAR, START THE DAMN CAR! (“Death Road to Canada” is full of The Walking Dead-like situations such as this one).

The mission is simple, get to Canada! Because, the zombie apocalypse is here, the dead is walking, and you must escape with your life. Even so, you don’t have to escape alone, along your journey you will meet a variety of plucky characters. Each time you play, everything is randomized: locations, events, survivor appearances and personalities.

You can even customize your experience to your liking by creating your own characters which you can meet along the way, you can recreate anyone, characters from Shaun of the Dead (to be honest. It’s an absolute must), your family or whatever each with their own personality traits. Along the journey, situations will arise, and you’ll need to decide what you need to do.

death road to canada the last stand

There are moments where a last stand seems inevitable. So it’s a good thing that you got quite a lot of different weapons and items that you can use in-order to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Sound and visuals are adequate, the visuals sport the retro pixel graphics look. The music is also okay, with a catchy tune, but it does get pretty repetitive after a while. Controls are easy to learn to, and the game has a pick up and play vibe. In other words, the game is very accessible to anyone. You can also play Co-op with a friend.

The game is easy enough. You start off with very little but must gather resources like food, fuel and weapons, along the way you will meet other characters that may aid or hinder your adventure.

death road to canada dogs ftw

Dogs make for great companions, and they know how to swing a shotgun (and other weapons) like a boss as well (you can even teach them how to drive a car!).

This is where item management comes into play. As you either keep your gang small but risk being mobbed, or have a larger ensemble, but risk running out of food. You could also be a man of the Doggos and just have a gang of dogs follow you around which can wield weapons quite comically.

Nevertheless, If you thought that this would be an easy journey, you’d be wrong, death can come quick and some situations can arise that can be just damn right unfair. At one point, I found myself armed with plenty of food, fuel and weapons. In other worrds, I felt like I got everything nailed down (home safe, and all that).

Even so, I managed to end up in a zombie attack situation where I was simply overwhelmed with no way of escape, it felt cheap. Of course, this all comes down to the fact everything is randomly generated, things might go better the next time you play.

death road to canada chainsaws vs zombies

Since up to 500 zombies can hunt you down at a time, you better be quick on your feet, and even quicker on your trigger.

You can also find power points, which you can use to increase your abilities to make the adventure easier. Furthermore, once you beat the main mode, there are several other difficulties to play. There’s a lot on offer here, and I have to say even with its frustrations, once it gets its hooks into you, it’s hard to stop playing.

death road to canada zombie overkill

“Death road to Canada” is with no doubt one of the most fun and crazy randomly generated road-trip action-RPGs that I have ever played. Hell, you can even add yourself into the game as well (you do that via the game’s character creator tool).

All in all, “Death Road to Canada” is a pretty darn good game. However, it’s not without some frustrating moments, but the overall experience is a good one. Best thing to do is spend some time creating some characters and then seeing how the adventure goes. My personal experiences usually ended up in misfortune and death, but that one time you make it; it feels pretty good.

death road to canada zombies vs survivors

If your character is strong enough, then the said character can use furniture as a weapon (you can toss chairs, sofas and whatnot at the zombies).

That’s also the reason why I still would recommend fans of roguelike and action-RPG games to give “Death Road to Canada” a try, as the game gives you a lot of value for your money.

+ Addictive like caffeine.
+ Lots of trophies
+ pick up and play

– Feels unfair at times
– that music track gets repetitive
– It takes a while to you get to Canada

Gameplay: 4/5
Replay value: 

tgg grade 4 out of 5

Verdict: 4/5
Death road to Canada is a solid rogue-like game, it’s surprisingly addictive and has plenty on offer for the price of £11.99. So it’s most definitely worthy of your time and money if you’re into rogue-like games.

Title: Death Road to Canada
Developer: Rocketcat Games
  PS4, Xbox, PC, Switch (format played, Switch)
Rogue like
Release date:
Easy to hard
Spent time: +
5 hours
Average grade internationally TBA
PEGI age rating:

Robin Ek – Editor

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