Some say that time is important while others say it is an illusion (lunchtime doubly so). In “New Tap Order 2” it is the reason for flying a triangular timepiece with rocket fuel to scale a towering clockwork. Let’s jump right into this game and see how far we can take it.

In “New Tap Order 2” scaling the levels of a steampunk clock tower is easy with just a tap on the screen. As your spinning, triangular clock jumps where the yellow dot points you’ll be collecting coins and power ups for points and achievements. First of the two power ups is the flask, which will let you fly up after hitting the ignition button. You can guide your propelled clock by either motion guidance or pressing either side of the screen. Either controls feel tight so you can soar as long as your gassed up. After the tank runs dry (or if you hit something) it’ll take more fuel before you can take flight again. The second power up is a crystal that will activate an electric shield to break down any blocks in your path. Aside from these items there are buff beams, such as low bounce and increased fuel intake, to watch for so you can get as high as you can.

new tap order 2 animations

The animations between the clock and the background are quite well tuned.

As you go up each level, the game will progressively become more difficult, throwing down more obstacles in your path. However, when you need to pause you won’t have to worry about getting screwed when returning. Unpausing will bring you back to your game but in slow-motion so you can get back into the groove. It’s only game over when you hit any spikes, the bane of all mechanical wonders. You can break the spiked blocks with some intense shock therapy but there’s no aggressive negotiations with the rest. Normally, it would be game over if you hit one. However, if you had a very good run, you can watch an ad to get a second wind and start around the level you broke your timepiece. Speaking of ads you could also watch on to get a coin bonus from the beginning (four-hour recharge time) to get a head start on a few achievements.

new tap order 2 new heights

Get to new heights, collect coins and power ups, survive, and have fun.

The presentation for “New Tap Order 2” is inspired by steampunk. Many of the things may not exactly be 19th century steam-powered era but there’s a disclaimer saying it’s only inspired by the genre. So we can cut the rocket fueled, Tesla crystal powered clock a break. You’ll be seeing plenty of gears between the background, menus, and the bits that fall out of your clock as you play. The animations have some nice touches to them as well. Not only do the gears turn as you would expect them to but the background will react to your jumping as you get higher. Using the flask power up will also put the gears into overdrive while the hands on your clock go crazy.

There is only one song in the game, but it’s a nice piano score that won’t put any pressure on you. It kind of reminds me of “Hickory Dickory Dock.” Keeping with the steampunk theme the sound effects, like the clock ticking and level chime, do not sound digital (though the effect for the full tank of rocket fuel can be up for debate). Since your guiding a clock through all this it’ll make a clicking sound as it jumps. The clicking can be a bit annoying, but it does help keep a rhythm to your tapping.

+ Steampunk design with some accurate functionality and detailed animations.
+ A challenging jumping game with achievements.
+ Unpausing gives you time to get back into the game.

– The clicking from jumping can be a bit annoying.

Gameplay:  4/5
Graphics:  4/5
Sound/Music:  3/5
Controls:  4/5
Replay value: 3.5/5

tgg grade 4 out of 5

Verdict: 4/5
If you need a jumper game to have a challenge or kill time, then “New Tap Order 2” will do the trick. With steampunk inspired aesthetics and simple controls you can just pick this app up and go full steam ahead and clock in some game time.

Title: New Tap Order 2
Developer: Aliasing Games
Format: Android
Genre: Casual multi-tap jumper
Resolution: 480 x 854
Release date: 2016-11-10
Difficulty:  Progressive Difficulty
Spent time: 3+ hours
Average grade internationally: N/A
PEGI/ESRB age rating: PEGI 3+/Everyone
Price: Free

Robin Ek – Editor

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