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This page is dedicated to those who support TGG (The Gaming Ground) financially.

I (Robin Ek, owner of TGG) think it´s safe to say that we wouldn´t even be here without you (our readers, supporters and fans), because it would be impossible to run TGG without your moral and financial support.

So every donation (no matter the size), post share, view and affiliate sale that you provide us with, truly helps us to stay alive.

Furthermore, your support also makes it possible for us to advance forward to the next level. I´m of course aware that traditional media sites don´t really have any “thank you” pages on their sites. However, we are not a “traditional” media site per say.

As I believe that we have a much better connection with our audience and fans than most “traditional” media sites ever had  (not to mention that we´re not corrupt or biased).

And with that said, I want to thank you all for supporting us! And we will of course do our very best to keep on delivering awesome content in the future as well.

***SubscribeStar supporters***

DynastyStar – 5 USD/month

***Patreon supporters***

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Another option is to support us via Patreon (thanks in advance to those who choose to do so!)

Boxcover – 20 USD/month
Jeff Blair – 5 USD/month

***Paypal supporters***

JeffTechnoLoreMaster – 60 USD
Sandy Mortensen – 5 USD

/The TGG crew

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