***Update 1 – 2015-12-23 16:50 CET***

As there have been a lot of buzz about “Project Dream” and the Dreamcast 2 as of lately (I think I set the sea in motion with my article on the matter). I felt like it´s time for me to give you guys and girls some clarification about DC2 and “Project Dream”.

Before I do that though, I would like to point out that some of consoles even offers access to online gambling, and there is huge choice of Netent games to be found via baccarat. So who knows, perhaps the next SEGA console will allow one to do that?

And with that said. First of all, I´m sorry that I wasn´t 100% clear from the very start what “Project Dream” was all about (It was a misunderstanding between me and Patrick Lawsen, something of which I cleared out this morning).

Anyhow, I spoke to Patrick Lawsen (his a part of the “Project Dream” team) earlier today (around 2:00 in the morning, Swedish time) about DC2 and “Project Dream”. Long story short, Lawsen clarified everything  about Project Dream for me:

“I just got finished chatting with a Kotaku editor, he’s going to publish an article in 100% proper context on our campaign. To prevent confusion that its DC2.”

“Yes. That is not DC2. This is a campaign for SEGA to return to hardware and eventually MAKE a Dreamcast 2.”

In other words. “Project Dream” is not Dreamcast 2, but a campaign to get SEGA into the game console market again. And “if” everything goes according to plan (that enough people show their support for Project Dream). Then the next step would be to convince SEGA to make the REAL Dreamcast 2.

So I´m sorry for the confusion that I caused with my “The Sega Dreamcast 2 project are very much alive, say hello to “Project Dream” article (I hope that you can forgive me for that mistake).

And I was also given the update on Ben Plato´s “Sega Dreamcast Limited Edition Console” petition page, in which Ben clarified Project Dream even further:

“23 dic 2015 — Dear all, there has been a few misconceptions following some misleading information regarding the campaign.

Let me make this clear:

1. We are petitioning Sega and want as many signatures as possible.

2. When we hit a satisfied number of signatures, we will put forth a detailed proposal to Sega (Japan) along with plans, desings etc.

3. We have a developer on board willing to build the console providing Sega give the green light.

4. The console is intended to be a Hybrid PC Dreamcast system with updated specs and the ability to redraw games in High Definition.

5. If Sega don’t like our proposal, we are planning to push forth and create a machine capable of doing so, however that will require crowd funding.

6. There are other interested parties and we are in ongoing discussion with them and exploring many avenues.

7. The console is yet be named and is not planned to be called “Ring Edge or Ring Zero”

From the team at Project Dream, we thank you for understanding and urge you to please be patient. We are happy to hear your ideas for a new and improved machine.” – Ben Plato, head of the Project Dream campaign and the author of the “To design and release a Sega Dreamcast Limited Edition Console” petition page

So I´m sorry for any confusion that I may have caused you.

***Update 1 – 2015-12-21 11:31 CET***

When I woke up this morning, I got blown away by the fact that our Dreamcast 2 article had become a huge hit (it was the first thing that I saw when I checked my phone), and the SEGA community seems to be really excited and thrilled  about “Project Dream” (and so am I).

And it´s just about to get even better, because Patrick Lawsen shared quite a lot of information about the “Dream” project with us late last night. So I collected Lawsen´s comments and arranged them in chronological order for you guys down below:

“I’m truly excited about the Crowdfunded prospect for SEGA RingEdge Zero/RingWide Elite. There’s virtually no competition in the PC rig business and most PC gamers are left having to spend heavy budgets on building the perfect rig as Alienware is both expensive and just doesn’t offer Quality for its less expensive rigs. The design and spec build we’ve chosen has Intel Core i5 Haswell, the most popular and strongest quality performing CPU among PC gaming enthusiasts.

“Quality” and “Quality Control” is something missing in-game hardware brands now in days. And is something SEGA had with all of its consoles.

If we can get just a million backers worldwide, our upcoming KS could be funded in record time and with SEGA licensing it could have it out on the market in less than a year!

Genesis Neo/Dreamcast Evolution I’m even MORE hyped for. This is the chance for SEGA to do something really innovative,cutting edge and NEW. This was SEGA back in the day, pioneering and always trying something completely new and original! Ahead of their time!”
“Part of our goal is for SEGA to price either product for an affordable,cheap price. Part of the magic about SEGA is that being primarily and Arcade Amusement company, they have the resources and ability to sell a Home Consumer Product at far better price points than Sony,Nintendo and Microsoft because they never built consoles from scratch and instead use Arcade Machine parts and accessories.

All SEGA consoles were/are based off Arcade hardware and all except Dreamcast were sold at profit including Sega Saturn. The reason why DC was sold at a loss was because it was priced $50 too cheap. Its original price was supposed to be $250(because its BOM price was $175) and SEGA did not have enough supply for its NAOMI Arcade counterpart for mass production due to the fact that its SH-4 Katana motherboard was mainly used in Hybrid Cars.

SEGA can also do what not even PlayStation can: They have the technology to sell developers SDKs at cheaper prices and can cut budget and development costs on console games.”

“Miku,Yakuza,Aliens,Hero Bank,Samurai and Dragons,Crazy Taxi,Ecco The Dolphin,Virtua Cop,Virtua Fighter,Border Break,Bayonetta,Shinobi,Total War, Company of Heroes,Phantasy Star,Skies of Arcadia,End of Eternity,Sands of Destruction,Valkyria,Shining Force,Billy Hatcher,Nights,Panzer Dragoon,Fighting Vipers,NY Gunblade,L.A. Machineguns,Operation GHOSTS,Dream Raiders,Let’s Go Island, SEGA Bass,SEGA Rally,Daytona USA,Under Night in Birth,Demon Tribe, Shenmue, Code of Joker. SEGA has far more viable and superior 1st party IPs then Sony that would be able to sell at a more diverse base of consumers: Particularly Casuals,PC games and Veteran gamers. People who don’t own PS4 or care for it.”

“Sega’s current Arcade boards are RINGEDGE 2 and Nu from 2012-2013. SEGA should be unveiling some new Arcade hardware at AOU in February. We have SOJ interns involved. They will present the ideas to SEGA of Japan next Quarter. SEGA will revive its old IPs.”

“Yuji Naka himself just accepted FB request. We have asked Joanne to translate in Japanese for us. If Naka gets involved, it’s going to make headlines and catch SEGA Holdings attention.” – Patrick Lawsen

In other words, it seems like the “Dream Project” is taking off big time, and “if” Yuji Naka (game designer, producer, programmer and the former head of Sonic Team) gets involved in the project. Then this is going to be on the headlines all over the world for sure. Sure, I know that one shouldn´t day dream too much (or get to hyped up). Nevertheless, just the thought of a new SEGA console makes my heart speed like crazy. So I´m going to watch the “Dream Project” like a hungry vulture from now on.

Patrick Lawsen


Way back in July this year, I wrote a post about the SEGA Dreamcast 2 petition page (which over +22,000 people have signed so far). Well, guess what? Late last night we were contacted by Patrick Lawson‎ (Lawson‎ a part of the new SEGA Dreamcast 2 super group, which consists of an indie OEM Silicon designer, the founder of the Shenmue 500K group, the SEGA fan behind the Dreamcast 2 petition and some SEGA of Japan interns), and he shared with us some really great news about the Dreamcast 2 project (the project is called “Project Dream”) and SEGA with us:

“Greetings! I am part of a NEW Coalition formed by the founder of the Shenmue 500K group, an indie OEM silicon designer, the Australian SEGA fan behind the Dreamcast 2/DC HD petition, and SEGA of Japan interns. I just read your July 1st Article and am happy to share with you great news regarding SEGA Holdings,Co,Ltd in Japan.SEGA does have the finances and the resources to release another home consumer product. ($11.6 billion in cash flow). They are also forming a NEW division called SEGA Interactive,Co,Ltd that will handle hardware R&D,Marketing and Sales and are also forming a NEW global Amusement and Theme Park label called SEGA Live Creation,Inc.


But they NEED their fanbase to come back. They need their REAL fans(Not Sonic fans and software only fans) to form circles globally and take action submitting ideas for what they’d like to see. “Project Dream”‘s goal is to gather and rebuild SEGA’s old 90s brand. Ben Plato’s petition has gained significant momentum, and once they reach 25,000 sigs, we shall move forward with TWO NEW proposals for SEGA. One of them we’ll have crowdfuded, because it’ll involve SEGA becoming the first Japanese company to manufacture and license a PC gaming rig for a CHEAPER price than Dell! Spread the word. Get the sigs, get the fans, we’re going to regroup the old Army and get SEGA back in the hardware business!” Patrick Lawson‎, member of the Project Dream team

sega dreamcast 2 project dream

The dream is coming! And in about 10 days from now, we will know more about “Project Dream”.

That´s great news for everyone who´s a fan of SEGA and Dreamcast for sure, and Lawson‎ also shared some really interesting links with me (us) as well (you will find the links down below).

Besides that, I was also told that within 10 days from now something awesome will happen on the Project Dream homepage (there is a count down watch on the front page right now).

So don´t forget to sign up for the newsletter, because then you will be informed about the grand opening of the Project Dream homepage. In other words, keep your eyes and ears open for that very first newsletter!


Project Dream
The SEGA Dreamcast 2 petition
Helping Project Dream

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