February 27th is the start of the Pokemon 20th Anniversary, and they aren’t just giving us the Pokemon Virtual Consoles to celebrate. The Official Pokemon Channel has posted a video of what is to come not only the following month but for the entire year, and there is something for every type of fan of the franchise.

For the 3DS announcement, February marks the beginning of monthly Mythical Pokemon Distributions. Between then to December you can get illusive Pokemon such as Mew, Manaphy, and Genesect. This is actually great for those who have missed out on acquiring some of these Pokemon from previous events or games while getting that hard to get Mew, which happens to be the first Mythical Pokemon starting off the distributions in February. On the 27th, a New Nintendo 3DS bundle will be released featuring special cover plates based on the box art from Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue. These brand-new 3DS units will also have both Red and Blue Versions pre-installed on the systems to celebrate the original release.

pokemon 3ds console

I think that it is pretty cool that you can get a Pokémon styled 3DS console.

On the Trading Card Game side, the special Generations expansion will be available in stores this year. This expansion will feature new Pokemon-EX cards and Mega Evolution Pokemon along with the next Radiant Collection, a series of cards with interesting art and foil treatments. Booster packs for the Pokemon TCG Generations will be sold in a variety of products, including the monthly series of Mythical Pokemon (much like the 3DS Mythical Distribution.) and collection sets starring popular Pokemon such as Charizard and Pikachu.

pokemon generations

There are literally tons of Pokémon trading cards on the market. There is also a fan made game called “Pokémon Generations”.

The 20th anniversary will also be celebrating the anime by releasing digitally remastered Pokemon movies on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Instant Video. You can purchase and watch your favorite Pokemon movies from Pokemon: The First Movie up to the latest film feature Pokémon the Movie: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages. I have not seen the movies since Pokemon 2000. And I’m not sure if the Mewtwo Origins short will be included, but I heard some such as Pokemon 3: The Movie were good so be sure to check out your preferred mobile/tablet devices’ app service.

pokemon the first movie

I actually watched the first Pokémon movie at the cinemas back in the year 2000 (Robin). Well, the movie was “okay” (nothing more, nothing less).

A franchise as big as Pokemon wouldn’t be complete without merchandise. So there will of course be a new figure available, as a Pokemon Center website exclusive the Pokemon Trainer Red: Champion Version nendoroid will be on sale. This nendoroid set will have the player character Red along with all three fully evolved Kanto starters Charizard, Blastoise, and Venusaur. Along with this set, there will also be more Pokemon 20th Anniversary Products on sale on PokemonCenter.com as the year goes on.

pokemon trainer red champion version

It´s time to turn your Pokémon´s into champions!

And of course the promotion video closes up with a quick mention of the upcoming Pokémon games for 2016. However, while these are reminders for Pokemon GO (which I will be checking out when it is released) and Pokken Tournament (which I have no Wii U to check out, sorry.) Nintendo at least made it worth mentioning. Especially when we are waiting to go out in the real world, and find some Pokemon with our smart phones (just watch out for traffic and don’t walk into militarized zones).

pokemon go bracelet

I wonder how much the Pokémon GO bracelet will cost?

While you can hear your wallet screaming as you watch the video it’s great that they’re going out this year in full force. I will not expect a new main series Pokemon title announcement this year because honestly I think we’re good with Generation Six at the moment, and with this being the Year of Pokemon (similar to the Year of Luigi) I think we can enjoy and celebrate one of the best Japanese RPGs the Nintendo handhelds have to offer. Nevertheless, if (and this is quite a large IF. As we’re talking as big as Galactus here.), Nintendo does decide to announce the next Pokemon game/Generation, shut up and take my Pokedollars. Until then, I say let’s party like it was 1996, play some Pokemon, and hashtag #Pokemon20

So how about you? How do you think this year will with Pokemon? Share your thoughts and maybe your personal experience with the franchise in the comments below.

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