It feels pretty unreal to me (Robin Ek, TGG) that it’s been more than one year ago since I did my interview with Kay Bear (real name Kay Thomas). Well, time just flies by when you’re having fun right? 😉 Anyways, since I’m a huge fan of the “Final Fantasy” series I couldn’t help to notice that Kay Bear has released some really awesome pictures of her Rikku and Tifa Lockhart cosplay (she published those pictures not so long ago). So I thought for myself that I could share Kay’s cosplay pictures with you boys and girls =) Well, right off the bat, we got Kay’s super sexy and epic Tifa Lockhart cosplay:

kay bear tifa lockhart final fantasy cosplay front

I think Kay Bear just proved that it works perfectly fine to cosplay as Tifa Lockhart no matter what skin color you have.

kay bear tifa lockhart final fantasy cosplay sexy to the max

Sexy to the max :3

kay bear tifa lockhart final fantasy cosplay body pillow

Yes, Kay Bear is having thoughts about making a body pillow based on her Tifa Lockhart cosplay.

kay bear tifa lockhart final fantasy cosplay standing up

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I think Kay would fit really well as Blaze Fielding from “Streets of Rage”.

And last but not least, we got Kay’s sexy and cute Rikku cosplay:

kay bear final fantasy rikku cosplay

Miss Kay Bear as Rikku.

Epic indeed, I did notice something rather sad while writing up this post though. You see, just like in the case with Chaka Cumberbatch, Kay also has to deal with racist comments and racism in general:

kay bear vs racism

Racism is ugly, but Kay Bear just gets fuel from it. In other words, she will continue to cosplay as whatever she wants to.

There is some good news to be said on that front though, because 99% of everyone who loves cosplay have no problem with Kay cosplaying as none black characters. Furthermore, racist comments only make Kay more determine to do even more cosplays in the future. So props to Kay for standing up to racist twats and for doing her thing =) Now that I think about it, perhaps I should do a new review with Kay Bear?

What do you guys and girls think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!

Kay Bear’s social pages:

Kay Bear

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41 Comments ON " Kay Bear just nailed her Tifa Lockhart and Rikku F... "
  • SevTheBear

    Count me a race traitor because she is freaking hot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZ1UdYOrR3E

    • Let’s just say that my parents (especially my dad) would be very proud of me if she was my girlfriend 😉

  • Migi

    Nobody really cares about color, it’s more social attitude that get’s race problems going, And not to forget religion or Jessie jackson who needs black ppl to go mental so he can cash in another paycheck on the race baiting agenda. EDIT: i forgot to mention the other race baiter Al sharpton.

    Wish she’d Cosplay as a Dark elf, Considering i think they are fucking hot!!

    • With no doubt, and it’s sad, because we should be working together instead of against each other. Well, I could always ask her about it 😉

      • Migi

        Getting ppl to be open minded is a hard thing to achieve, especially with all the SJW propoganda and the whole witte guilt bullshit basically kills the notion of a total and true equal society. Cause reality is a bitch when you can’t hang on your notion of entitlements.

        I can tell you that the world would be a better place, if there were more Dark elfs… 🙂

        • It’s sad but true, yes…I bet that they wouldn’t like that a guy like me (I’m white) dated a girl like Kay Bear either. Yep, but they love to be racist bastards themselves so…Hehe, word on that 😉

        • PC Master

          Which is why I understand the intentions & motives of why Villians in shows or movies wants to destroy the world/wipe out humanity.

          If I had the power like Sephiroth I would’ve Supernova this whole damn world.

          • I don’t remember the name right now, but there is a Doomsday cult that wants nothing more than to see the end of humanity, but who could blame them really?

          • Migi

            I know what you mean, The world is more broken then ppl wanna admit.

        • MiamiBeachMedMan

          The reality is I don’t see blacks, hispanics, asians, or any other minority in this country spray painting their version of swastikas, “white power”, or other such nonsense anywhere. If you see it, please point it out. You’re talking about “entitlement”, and the problem is you don’t see the problem for what it is. You seem like a reasonable person, so I hope you respond with your thoughts on what follows.

          The only “entitlement” is certain people thinking there isn’t a problem because it doesn’t really affect them, so they feel this “white guilt” is a problem. “White guilt” isn’t a problem. Show me where “white guilt” has cost you employment opportunities, educational opportunities, equal access to healthcare, led to longer prison sentences for the same criminal offenses, or led to criminal convictions based on nothing more than the word of one white “accuser”, which later turns out to be completely fabricated….show me where “white guilt” put your family in chains, stripped them of their humanity, robbed their very lives. Stop it already with this “white guilt”. You simply don’t like the conversation, probably because it makes you uncomfortable or perhaps you’re merely fed up with discussing the issues. But the problem is, the people actually living with the injustices don’t have the choice to just walk away and say “I’ve had enough”.

          Now by no means does that make you a bad person, or something you should feel guilty about, but it does mean you should probably spend more time listening to the concerns of those impacted by the obvious injustices they have suffered and less time worrying about how their “whining” or “complaining” is adding to your “white guilt”. If you can’t even tolerate this burden of “white guilt” that has been laid upon you, imagine how much more intolerable and insufferable the offenses perpetrated on the actual victims of this country’s racist past and present must feel.

    • MiamiBeachMedMan

      Sorry. Trump is a bigger “race baiter” than anyone you mentioned. I’ve heard of more cases where loser white people start chanting “Trump’s America” or “build that wall”, than any blacks chanting any slogan Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton ever uttered, or using said slogan to attempt to feebly intimidate those of another race, in some weak minded attempt to make themselves feel better about the sorry state of their own lives.

      It’s happened at sporting events (mostly high school, but there was even a recent incident at Fenway park, with multiple players saying they hear racist chants particularly in Boston), and I have yet to see many black power fists tagged on houses or buildings, but you’ll see plenty “white power” or swastikas on homes and buildings. The kkk has even started passing out their bullspit fliers again in certain towns where they had long since ceased with their nonsense. All these whites (with social attitude, as you put it) riding on the wave of “Trump mania”….poor fools.

      You talk about going mental….seems to me you’re pointing to the wrong race.

      • Migi

        You’re wrong, Trump isn’t a race baiter he’s just a business man with a big mouth its, cause people like you who feel triggered by his words and demeanor that it keeps getting overblown.

        Sorry if your delusion of a Idea that illegal immigration is good thing your pretty delusional, cause that means taxes that don’t go into the country but back to the worker home countries, And the reason why insurance company’;s can’t uphold OBama care, Cause a Health care system only works when majority of the countries scitizen works and pay taxes, And not mooch of a economy illegaly pay no taxes and ships it back home.

        Also the wall is not about Race moron its about being sure what comes in and out of the country and every country has a right to shut its border. How about you bitch to the middle easy that is preforming genocide on christians but ppl like you sure love looking away from that. Your nothing but the typical SJW that feels if their rights aren’t uphold everything becomes racist,

        Of ourse you’ll see a lot of Swastika cause a lot of black ppl thenselfshave been painting them during Trumps election. Not to mention the fact white ppl don’t give the KKK any attention unlike beyonce’s Black panter support which is the black version of the KKK. Also there is a reason why you don’t see that many black power fists tagged, its cause blacks are still a minority its when they become a majority when they start to demand things with more violence like the muslims do, cause they’ll feel entitled to do so and bitch about slavery.

        Sorry but you’re delusion of blaming Trump for white power is beyond ridiculous, Only thing that changed with Trump is the fact the ppl that had National pride before anything else are speaking out. But you seem to like to label them all as White supremacist.

        Nice ending trying to throw white guilt! And just making this whole conversation about KKK which only has 5,000 and 8,000 members in a country with 324,700,000 and you think there is a massive amount of white supremcist? your logic must be way of the scale. Your just a angry SJW that feels we shouldn’t adress the concept that black ppl love playing the victim card and that is the reason why the Black community dug themselves a whole which they won’t get out from because of it.

        Another delusional fact about you Wall discrimination, Bill Clinton: Rebuild Detroit with Syrian Refugees: while there is massive unemployment there in the black community and yet nobody bitch about that agenda. neither about the fact that Hilary had ties to a KKK member and suddently that was allowed to be overlooked cause ppl were afraid of the change Trump brought with him.

        Cause if everything goes wrong with a minority’s life its always white oppression or white supremacist around every corner. There is nothing wrong with having national pride for your country. But you ppl always make it about Race in the process

        If you love immigration so much how about you live in Sweden, The capital of liberal bullshit and look away policy when it comes in calling out certain minority’s commiting certain crimes,


        • MiamiBeachMedMan

          No offense, but I got through two and a half paragraphs and between the typos and the incoherent sentence structure, that was about it for me, I couldn’t motivate myself to keep reading to see if you had anything of merit to say.

          • Migi

            Typical response from a person who is avoiding the question at hand and trying to focus on my Grammer instead.

            Have fun playing the victim and the bullshit mentality that at every corner there is a white person oppressing you.

          • MiamiBeachMedMan

            Dude….you can’t write. You can’t express yourself in a way that is coherent in what you were trying to express. That’s not my problem, that’s a you problem. Deal with your issues. What you wrote is a mess. If you can’t admit it’s a problem, well, you’re going to have a lot of problems. You people sure do like making excuses for your shortcomings. Typical.

          • Migi

            Your the one making excuses, Whinning about if there is ever any problem in society or world iits the white man holding you down or it’s white ppl opressing you. You didn’t even write anything fact full other than you own bias thinking.

            Making Trump a racist simply cause he wants to build a wall and keep criminals and illegal aliens out! Booo.. hooo… you can’t take the fact that not everybody lives in that delusional thought bubble you live in. All you are is a close minded SJW that feels if there is something wrong and the problem is too hard for you to comprehend the answer automatically becomes white ppl.

            Consdering you feel so superior i can make it easier on me and go into my original laguage for ya! considering you act like you know it all you shouldn’t have any problems then. dus ga je nog eens wat nutigs leren of blijf je bij het achterlijke slachtoffer mentaliteit so dat je van de maatschappij kan teeren?

          • MiamiBeachMedMan

            Son, you can’t even spell whining, so once again…I stopped reading right there. Go to sleep, and pray to wake up with a better mind. Yikes.

          • Migi

            Like i said how about we change to my native language then? considering you think learning a language from scratch is easy. Stop making excuses and actually anwser something instead of spewing your bullshit propaganda about you feeling like a Victim cause your a loser in life and can’t face facts.

          • MiamiBeachMedMan

            I didn’t realize English was not your native language, so for that I do apologize. If you had led with that, perhaps I would not have misunderstood you. However, nothing you’ve said here makes much sense…..if it makes sense to you, well bully for you. But I hate to break it to you….just because you’re confused and believe a thing to be so, doesn’t make it so. Sorry.

            I’ve provided evidence and examples of the behavior I’m referring to. You provide nothing. Hardly an argument.

          • Migi

            You’ve provided nothing but what yourself wanted to hear and believe but nothing factual as i stated multiple time. ALso if it was so hard to read howcome you seem to have no trouble with what iwrrite right now?

            Like i said your just bullshitting your way around it.

          • MiamiBeachMedMan

            You tell yourself whatever you need to help you get some sleep at night, guy. Seems like you need it.

  • DukeMagus

    How big must her boobs be for the sour grape on the print be satisfied?

  • zero

    Damn, this nigga is hawt!!!! As a white dude who only dates black chicks she’s fine!! Time to FAP!!!

    • Charles Buchanan

      If its true that you date black girls, do yourself a favor and stop saying “Nigga”. Tell your women to stop saying it also. Its not hot.

    • MiamiBeachMedMan

      You must be one lonely s.o.b….. I find it comical how the anonymity of the internet turns cowardly lions into raging bulls. Hilarious. This poor critter probably couldn’t look a man in the eye and say what he just said without wetting himself for fear of being turned into a pretzel, but boy oh boy, little timmy sure feels tough online. Yikes.

  • Mike Jones

    im not sure how its racism its just the same social justice cancer that trashes any white person portraying a non white character coming full circle

    • MiamiBeachMedMan

      You’re confused.

      • Mike Jones

        and youre ignoring reality that can be easily verified with seconds of googling….we all have our problems

        • MiamiBeachMedMan

          You’re conflating two separate issues. But I’m pretty sure you’re not the type to know what conflate means…..conversely you certainly have shown yourself to be the type to play the victim when in reality you have no reason to.

          Oh woe is you….you’re bothered because hollywood is receiving criticism for casting white actors/actresses in roles where history says there should be people of color? What a horror for you….what an injustice. Your suffering is immeasurable, how do get up each day? What strength, what courage you personify. The only problem you have is entitlement. Don’t worry….it’s disappearing rapidly.

          • Mike Jones

            yeah except i never claimed to and certainly dont care abut the issue as a whole….thanks for being a prime example of a person riddled with social justice cancer given thats the immediate conclusion you came to though : )

          • MiamiBeachMedMan

            Let me translate your idiotic mouth diarrhea….
            “Social justice cancer” = a world and a reality that scares me and I can’t cope, so it must be “the others” that are the problem, because I’m not the problem. Typical.
            Good luck with your significant mess.

          • Mike Jones

            keep throwing around your childish insults while not refuting anything i said and claiming youre the enlightened one : )

          • MiamiBeachMedMan

            Whatever helps you sleep at night. Seems like you need it.

          • Mike Jones

            well feel free to share what you refuted then….all i can recall is you falsely claiming i care about this issue and then whined a bit in defense of your cult

          • MiamiBeachMedMan

            LOL at the notion that you think you said something that actually needed to be refuted. You made a statement of opinion, based on your limited knowledge and insufficient experience. Ignorance is not something to “refute” son, because it has no validity. I merely shine a light on it. Good luck with that.

          • Mike Jones

            yes my opinion which you then said was wrong and then immediately set out to insult and offer literally nothing as to why it was wrong…you too are entitled to your opinion but dont expect to be looked at as anything but an idiot for it when you cant provide anything to back it up

          • Migi

            he just keeps avoiding the real questions and then tries to bullshit his way around the facts. He’s the typical SJW full of shit but little of it is based on facts.

            Most likely his tiwtter account full of retarded banter.

          • Mike Jones

            lol nah man surely he is just slow playing me and he is totally going to come back on the 20th response with all kinds of facts and knowledge and not just keep repeating “you stupid… you racist” 100 more times im sure of it ; )

          • Migi

            He’s just one of those simply Victim card players, And most likely just some jobless loser with zero personality trying get his high by playing the SJW hero. He’s really desperate for some attention. Most likely had no Father and blames white men and society for it, cause in this day and age everything is about how high can i get on the minority victim rank.

  • MiamiBeachMedMan

    I love how the tiny penis posters online have nothing better to do with their miserable lives than post negativity. I wonder if they really don’t realize just what colossal losers they paint themselves to be. It really is pretty comical that some people don’t realize they’re the real joke.

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