I know that you’re not supposed to point your finger at people, or laugh at other people’s misfortunes. As it´s neither mature or polite to do so. But i´m going to be brutally honest about  Kotaku and Polygon´s articles about Playtonic Games Kickstarter game Yooka-Laylee (a game which is made by the creators behind Banjo-Kazooie and DKC).

As both Patrick Klepek (Kotaku) and Katie Chironis (Polygon) made Yooka Laylee look really bad in their articles. How? By claiming that Playtonic Games has been lying about (or hiding) their game budget costs. That´s a really bold claim of course. But it´s nothing more than a pure lie and ragebait/clickbait tactics on their behalf (which they are notorious for).

kotaku yooka laylee

It´s true. The “Yooka Laylee” F.A.Q. does clarify the economic aspects of the project.

As the Yooka-Laylee F.A.Q states very clear what the Kickstarter project will cost and what the money will be used for (just visit the Kickstarter page and see for yourselves). What about Polygon then? Well, they messed up just like Kotaku did. But Polygon did it with their own Yooka-Laylee  article (it´s called”‘Big indie’ Kickstarters are killing actual indies”).

In which Polygon pretty much claimed (stated) the same thing that Kotaku did. That Yooka-Laylee (and Playtonic Games) has misled the backers and supporters on Kickstarter with false budget costs for the game.

“Right now, passionate, optimistic backers who want to see their favorite old franchises return to life are being misled right and left about the “real” costs behind a game” “Campaigns like Yooka-Laylee” “The amount asked for initially has nothing to do with the real cost of making the game.” –  Katie Chironis, Polygon

polygon yooka laylee

Yep, Polygon made the same mistake as Kotaku did.

I may not know all that much about lawsuits. But both Polygon and Kotaku has dragged Yooka-Laylee´s name in the dirt with their articles. So they have hurt the trustworthiness of the Kickstarter campaign. And i´m quite sure that you could get sued for that. So what did Polygon and Kotaku do in order to repair the damage which they have caused? Simple, they just removed their articles and pretended like it was raining.

patrick klepek kotaku

This is no Photoshop job. It´s the real deal…

But as most of you boys and girls know by now. Nothing EVER gets deleted once something has been uploaded on internet. It´s there forever (pretty much). I don´t think that nothing of this will affect the big success story of Yooka-Laylee though. As the game has already collected over 1,7 million pounds (the original goal was to collect £175,000) so far, and there´s still 22 days left on Kickstarter as well.

patrick klepek trolling

Well, that would indeed be more accurate to be honest.

But there´s more to this. As i i stumbled upon Playtonic Games forum just now. And the Yooka-Laylee fans are really upset over Polygon and Kotaku´s misleading/clickbait articles (and rightfully so). Just take this comment by Johnathan Taylor for example:

johnathan taylor

Taylor sure nailed Kotaku to the wall with his FB comment.

So i think it´s safe to say that Polygon and Kotaku has hit an all-time low with their Yooka-Laylee articles…





Yooka-Laylee – From the creators of Banjo-Kazooie and DKC

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43 Comments ON " Kotaku and Polygon messed up big time with their Y... "
  • Flossy

    Oh man this is so cut and dry. Playtonic could easily sue for libel and defamation. I doubt they will but i hope they do

    • I think they can. But i don´t know if Playtonic will do that. As Yooka-Laylee is doing great on Kickstarter. But once the Kickstarter campaign is over, who knows?

  • Why is Polygon so upset now over the idea of spiritual successor kickstarters having any kind of success?

    I don’t remember them questioning anything about Mighty No. 9; a game that did have issues with their funding and ended up doing a second fundraiser, making speculations about expanding the franchise to a cartoon before the game was even finished, and having various design decisions that some of their backers found questionable, like spending extra on voice acting and using an engine that made the game look nothing like the original proposal.
    I hope it doesn’t have anything to do with a certain ex-worker at Comcept that happens to be involved in certain social and industry circles :^)

    • handsomejack47

      The writer of that Polygon piece had her own KS campaign going. Her campaign was at $24k when the article was posted, and with a few days left. Chironis was basically being salty that campaigns like Yooka-Laylee were getting a lot more money than any of hers will ever be able to get.

      • BlackBetty1970

        Oh really? Did she disclose this fact to her readers?

      • Holy shit…No wonder why her article was salty to the max. Pure jelousy in other words?

  • Thanks a lot for the article and pointing out the debacle.

    • Didn’t expect to see you in the comments here! How is the Gam-Art HQ project going?

      • Game-Art-HQ can be best described with two words: Neverending Work” 🙂

        But I bet you don’t know that I build up something else and some dtoiders are on board actually


        • Nice! I bookmarked it so I can check it out again later. I saw a few Dtoiders in the comments as well. Are you the only person posting articles?

          • I was until today the only one posting News articles at least but Riobux just joined, you might know him from c-blogs on dtoid.
            Check out the “we are gamers” menu, there are almost 10 people writing blogs and reviews already. Its all a lot smaller than dtoid of course but we are coming forward to create a pretty cool place.

            Feel yourself welcome, its a site without ads and bullshit.

          • Awesome! Seems nice, I like the layout a whole lot.

          • Spread the word on destructoid about it, bet a lot more people there would like it if they knew about it. Am still a bit popular there it seems lol


          • Oh, nice! =)

          • I will make sure to tell anybody who is interested about it! And yeah, that conversation was hilarious. Reliving the times of Hoffman!

    • You´re most welcome mate =) Are you the guy behind Gam-Art HQ and We are just gamers? And btw, thank you very much for mentioning me (us) in your article =)

      • Yup, I am that guy. np at all, I really don’t like the most of the big gaming sites currently and what they represent sometimes. Sharing their mistakes and flaws never hurts 😉

  • Jason Mounce

    Wait, so, Jonathan Taylor expected better of Kotaku? LMAO

    • Jonathan Taylor? The voice actor/former child star?

      • Jason Mounce

        The guy in the last facebook image used.

  • Shogun1x

    People are starting to see Kotaku and polygon for what they are. Clickbait trash. I hope they keep fucking up because every time they do, more and more people see that #GamerGate was right.

    • #GamerGate has been right since day 1. And even the doubters has started to realize that as well.

  • I backed this project because 1) it’s a kickstarter for my favorite game genre that has been dead for quite a while now, and 2) they laid out their budget very clearly with recognized goals. The fact that Kotaku condemns this game while praising their buddy Tim Schaefer’s (of whose games I used to enjoy before his multiple cash-grabs) kickstarter shows just how much elbow rubbing has to be done to get reasonable reviews in Silicon Valley. It’s a terrible and corrupt system designed to make a select few into untouchables, and the rest of us into plebeians that have to role with the punches. Hopefully this will push more people to think twice about Gawker Media’s trashy excuse for “professional journalism.”

    • I love DKC and Banjo-Kazooie, so i really wanted Yooka-Laylee to be fully funded on Kickstarter =) I might not be the best writer there is out there. But at least i try my very best to offer professional journalism in everything i do. So i hear you loud and clear mate.

      It´s all about yellow journalism and clickbait tactics for them…

  • saint84_98

    not to get grammar nazi (though I’m gonna get grammar nazi) but, “hitted”?

    • I changed it 😉 But thanks for pointing that out!

  • handsomejack47

    >expecting better from Kotaco

    You must have some very, VERY low standards then.

  • salamagogo .

    just a grammatical note here; In the last sentence “hit” would sound much better than “hitted”, unless its some sort of jab or mockery of something I’m not aware of, in which case just disregard my comment.

    • Correct, so i changed it to “has hit an all-time low”. I´m sorry about that.

      • salamagogo .

        All good, no need to apologize, just figured I’d point it out as I’d want someone to do the same for me.

  • Bruce Gant

    Kotaku has hitted a all-time low, not sure if thats grammatically correct

    • It´s not. But “has hit an all-time low” would be correct 😉

  • Ezra Patrick Stewart

    Not even the first time they have trashed a kickstarter through dishonest yellow journalism. Check the Dyack interviews on Nichegamer.

  • Reggie1000

    Good article, but “Yep, Polygon made the same misstake as Kotaku did.”, isn’t it “mistake”?
    (I’m not english so I might be wrong)

    • Derek Nelson

      Youre correct. I noticed a few missed capitalization efforts and some minor spelling, but overall a great article. Just gotta make it look a bit more professional, otherwise some would try to use that to their own advantage.

  • wielku

    I fucking hate Polygon and Kotatku those are cancers for real game related sites

    • Then you probably don´t wanna miss out on our new video then 😉 I will upload it tonight!

  • William Lane

    Kotaku and Polygon being garbage? Who woulda thunk it?

  • Iron65

    I stopped reading at Kotaku some time ago. It’s true that some of their posts are opinions (some of them really good), but their problem is that they only exposed facts. No matter if it is a fact or an opinion, you have to develop it on the article. And that idea will eventually be simplified on the title, which is not suposed to be clickbait. I can understand that sometimes Its hard to get clics and visits, but risking someone’s idea for that sake,, It’s completely dishonest and unproffessional.

    I remember other Kotaku article stating that The Witcher 3 demo was less than ok . I swear i red that on the title… And yet no reason explained, just facts and random thoughts …

    And one more thing related to the Fund and devs behind this proyect. They are veterans working in higher levels of programming videogames. You’re suposed to earn the respective amount of money. If that would be the oposite, we wouldn’t see no mighty or no blooodstained. Is that hard to understand? Or, is it hard to get they just ask this amount so they can help themselves, does that has something wrong. God damnit Polygon and K……

  • Remembers me the Shenmue case … They tried to ruin whole Kickstarter campaign

    • Exactly. However, I don´t know if Playtonic Games (and Team 17) ever called out Kotaku in public for doing this. Speaking of which, did the Shenmue III team ever call out Kotaku for their bs?

      • From what i know they didn’t call out Kotaku @UbErGam1ngF0rceTGG:disqus .
        Good article TGG

        • Ah, at least I have no memory of it. And thanks 😉

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