There have been plenty of Raspberry Pi retro all-in-one consoles in the past, like Lindo and Mini Emu for example. However, ARES Computer´s indieGO console seems to have what it takes to outgun their competitors. As the indieGO sure sticks out from the crowd I have to say. As it´s powered by a spiritual successor to the Commodore Amiga OS (you can choose between indieGO!-OS, AEROS and Android on boot-up) and there is even support for App store downloads as well (you can even use the IndieGO! as a computer if you want too). And there are three different console versions of the indieGO (Raspberry Pi2, Odroid C1 and ODROID XU4), all of which are really great, in my opinion. So indieGO is quite distinct from any other retro game console that I´ve seen so far.

In the matter of fact, this is the actual description of indieGO:
The ultimate all-in-one-Retro console with a built-in DVD-RW drive to run games for Amiga CD32, Sony PlayStation, Sega Saturn*, Sega CD*, TurboGrafx* and more . The (*)-marked Systems will require additional ROM files in order to work. Easy-to-follow installation-instructions are provided in our included user manual. Of course it can also play ROMS for other consoles such as SNES/Super Famicom, Genesis/MegaDrive and more. The indieGO! is silent, power efficient and very unique, when compared with other ARM-based consoles, because of the integrated DVD-Drive.

indiego formats

You can play tons of different games the IndieGO console.

indiego starterpack

YouThe IndieGO! basic pack contains quite a lot of stuff.

And the IndieGO! console has already become a hit on Kickstarter as well. Because originally, AEROS only asked for 7,500 euros to fund the IndieGO!. Well, they´ve already received over 29,000 euros so far (with 35 days left to go on their campaign). So, in other words, IndieGO! has already been fully funded. So it´s going to be really interesting to see how much money the Aeros team will be able to collect in total, before their campaign ends. Speaking of interesting, here´s the current IndieGO! console prices:

IndieGO! Raspberry pi 2 edition (149 Euros)

IndieGO!Odroid XU4 edition (199 Euros)

indiego consoles

There are two different IndieGO! consoles. Raspberry pi 2 edition (£149 ), and Odroid XU4 edition (£199).

However, no matter which version of the console you pick, you will still get a handful of games for free right out of the box (shareware games such as Duke Nukem, Quake and Doom, plus the full version of Jim Power). And you can also connect a keyboard, mouse or a gamepad to the IndieGO console as well. So, what about hardware, OS and release date information then? Well, I´m glad that you asked me that. Because you will find everything you need to know down below:

The Hardware consists of:
– Raspberry Pi2 or Odroid C1 or Odroid XU4
– DVD-RW drive allows to execute CD-Based AmigaCD32, Playstation and PC games
– front SD-Card reader
– attractive mini-itx case
– 3D-Printed I/O-shield and ARM-Cpu board holder
– USB-Joypad
– 2x Front- USB

The OS:
compatible to Linux (ARM and i386 binaries side by side)
compatible to ARM AROS binaries
Wine is included and allows the execution of Windows ARM And i386 Software
boots fast.
KODI (former known as XBMC) is included
Moonlight included to stream games from your personal computer
AmiCloud (cloud without a traffic limit)
EmuLA (emulatorlauncher)
EmulationStation a front-end for several emulations
it is Open! You can modify it and run games from all available sources. The main idea is to run original CD32 and Playstation games but you can run everything! Get games from USB-stick, DVD/CD, Internet, Pi-store, indieGO!-Marketplace and so on

1. Product Prototyping (done) and software finalizing and testing.. your part : p
january-april 2016
2. building and packaging (oh my god my hands will bleed ; )
3. shipping

So, what do you guys and girls think about the IndieGO! console so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!

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The Gaming Ground
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