All I can say is wow, just wow…You see, for the last 24-hours, I’ve spoken on and off with Jeremy Hambly (MTG player, Gamer, Youtuber) from UnsleevedMedia about what’s been going down in the Magic: The Gathering community as of lately. Well, guess what? There have been tons of stuff going down, and sadly enough, quite a lot of it has been of the negative kind. So during our interview with Jeremy we talked about everything from the Magic: The Gathering pedophile scandal, today’s SJW madness, #GamerGate to his thoughts on censorship and thought policing.

With that said, I hope that you guys and girls will enjoy our interview with Jeremy

jeremy hambly unsleevedmedia

Jeremy Hambly has been playing “Magic The Gathering” for +20 years time, and his very active with MTG, Warhammer, Gaming and other topics via his UnsleevedMedia Youtube channel.

Robin TGG
I’m going to start off this interview by throwing you a soft ball. So, would you be so kind and introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Jeremy Hambly. I am a Youtuber on varying topics both gaming the space where gaming and politics intersect. I run two channels, UnSleevedMedia & TheQuartering. I have played magic for more than 20 years and in my spare time, I like to make videos about it.

magic the gathering

Wizards of the Coast’s trading card game “Magic: The Gathering” has been around since 1993. Even so, I didn’t get into Magic before 2000-2001 sometime. It’s also worth mentioning that it’s a huge difference between MTG then Vs now (like the fact that the SJW cancer has spread all over the place…).

Robin TGG
How, when, where and why did you get involved in Magic the gathering? And what would you say is the biggest difference between then and now when it comes to the MTG community and everything around the game?

I was introduced to the game by my cousin when I was maybe 12-13 years old. The community hasn’t changed that much. It’s always been full of awesome people; it’s those in “personality” positions and the company itself which makes the game that has changed, mixing political statements with the game and that’s the part that is the most disgusting to me.

magic the gathering is infiltrated by sjws this needs to stop

I think it’s safe to say that the world of “Magic: The Gathering” has become a whole lot worse since Phil wrote his “Magic: The Gathering is infiltrated by SJWs, this needs to stop” post (Phil’s OP was published on the 19th of September back in 2016).

Robin TGG
Do you remember any date when MTG started to go down hills in terms of SJW madness, censorship and such? Because I don’t recall anything of that when I played MTG back in 2001-2002.

Ian Miles Cheong
UnsleevedMedia (part 1)
UnsleevedMedia (part 2)
UnsleevedMedia (part 3)
Tom Alan Frost‏
Tim Pool

To be honest, it really increased during this most recent election cycle, likely peaking in 2016.

jeremy hambly vs sjws

Phil sure was on to something with his Magic post from September of 2016, because the SJW cancer is even worse in MTG nowadays.

Robin TGG
Here’s a follow-up question on the same topic then. Do you have any idea why that’s the case? From my point of view, it seems like most of the old-school MTG players have left the game many years ago. So I take it that quite a few SJWs have filled out their shoes?

I think wizards has always been left leaning as a company and that’s fine. It just became socially acceptable to thrust that on customers recently.

Robin TGG
Is it correct that you got suspended indefinitely from the DCI by Wizards of the Coast? (the suspension is said to be have been done on the 7th of December 2017) If so, why? And what’s the story behind that suspension?

Kotaku Australia (“Wizards Of The Coast Bans Bullies”)
Hipsters of the coast (“Jeremy Hambly, aka MTGHeadquarters, Suspended Indefinitely from the DCI”)
Suspended DCI memberships (Magic: The Gathering’s homepage)
Polygon (“Magic: The Gathering cosplayer quits over harassment, forcing Wizards to speak up”)
A First Step (Magic: The Gathering, Laine Chase)
Reddit (“Wizards Takes Action for Violations of Code of Conduct”)
Jeremy Hambly (via Twitter)
Cernovich (“Pedophile Banned From Popular Kids’s Card Game Magic After Cernovich News Report”) (“Wizards Of The Coast Must Reinstate Travis Woo & Jeremy Hambly”)
Wizards of the Coast’s Code of Conduct

I was suspended for being mean on the Internet, the literal evidence they provided was pepe memes, and mean memes I have posted over a period of five years. I was falsely accused and widely & easily debunked of “Harassing” a cosplayer she tweeted out that due to prolonged our years of harassment by me; she was leaving magic cosplay. She then told her many patrons that she was, in fact, leaving to go to nursing school.

She had many powerful friends in the community who used that as a rallying cry, even though it was debunked to create an outrage mob to ban me.

jeremy hambly vs polygon

Jeremy got accused of harassing Christine Sprankle (a cosplayer and Magic player) so much so that she had to quit her cosplaying for good (Jeremy claims that to be false).

Robin TGG
Is it true that you’ve been stalked by both Hasbro reps and an angry horde of white knights just because of your Internet fight with a female cosplayer? (Christine Sprankle). Furthermore, how did that fight even start? And how did it end?


Polygon (“Magic: The Gathering cosplayer quits over harassment, forcing Wizards to speak up”)
Kotaku Australia (“Magic Cosplayer Quit Due To Alleged Harassment”)
Kotaku Australia (“Wizards Of The Coast Bans Bullies”)
Resetera (“Harassment campaign against MtG cosplayer forces her to leave community”)
Comicbook (“Magic: The Gathering Cosplayer Quits Following Months Of Harassment”)
Reddit (“Whats going on with the magic: The gathering?”)
Magic: The Gathering‏ (via Twitter)
Dangerous (“Destroyed Life. Is ‘Magic: The Gathering’ the Next Gamergate?”)
MTG Salvation (“Christine Sprankle and Harassment in the MTG Community”)
Christine Sprankle (“Christine Sprankle names MtGHeadquarters as source of harassment. “[He] has made my life hell”)

Yes. One Employee AE Marling published a guide on how to false flag my videos and Patreon yes, they even flagged the gofundme page I put together to pay for the background checks. I made fun of her in a video, six months ago for playing the victim because an anon comment about her sexy cosplay giving some kid a boner. Nothing happened, she then cited this six months later as the reason she quit, which was a lie.

Robin TGG
I don’t know about everyone else, but the vibes that I’ve gotten from MTG as of lately has been the following:
“if you don’t support our politics, you aren’t welcome in Magic anymore”

So what’s up with that attitude? I mean, I didn’t even bring politics to the table when I used to play MTG (Tim Pool even pointed out just recently that he just want to play MTG without being exposed to political stuff). However, nowadays, it seems like people are trying to find out your political views, and if you don’t hold the right set of thoughts and opinions. Then you’re not welcome to MTG events and whatnot anymore.

The Gaming Ground (“Magic: The Gathering is infiltrated by SJWs”)
KotakuInAction (“They called Chris Kluwe to represent the brand at PAX. CHRIS KLUWE!”)
Gamefaqs (“MTGS has gotten disgustingly PC/SJW lately.”)
Breitbart (“The Ugly Story of How Social Justice Warriors Ruined an Innocent Collectible Card Game”)
Alpha Investments (“Magic The Gathering COLLAPSES 40% in 3 YEARS Loses 8,000,000 Players”)
Purpandorange (“The SJW Infestation In Magic The Gathering”)
TheQuartering (“Why Are There So Many SJW’s In Magic The Gathering?”)

Yes, this is correct. I was exiled LONG before I ever was banned for this very reason. That’s my issue, nobody that plays does, it’s the company forcing it on us. I have been playing for more than 20 years, and we never talked about this stuff, ever.

Robin TGG
So, would you like to go through the story about the magic-pedophile-conspiracy with us? Because it’s one hell of a story. As it’s even said that Wizards of the Coast are not doing any background checks at all for their judges…Thus the stories about them covering up for pedophiles.

Magic Judge (“Program Coordinator Statement”)
Nichegamer (“Magic pedophile conspiracy”)
Nichegamer (“Magic manic hypocrisy”)

It’s not a conspiracy. I have provided factual evidence. I have provided proof of sex offenders in and around the game. I have shown people like Jason Long, was hired by Passtime Games, and Judged events and his BOSS KNEW he was a sex offender. Here is a whole deck of confirmed sex offenders around the game (link).

It would be insanely dangerous to assume that these are the only ones. They are in our game right now. Luke Flora, a convicted violent sex offender won an event just a few Fridays ago. Ross Prajzer convicted worked after the fact as a judge I have the receipts. They are trying to paint me as a crackpot. I have everything. These are just the ones my small team has found think of 1, all the ones we’ve missed and 2, all the ones not yet convicted.

Robin TGG
Do you have any idea how long these pedophile activities has been going on in MTG? And has the police been informed about this? Perhaps it’s even a good idea to inform the FBI about the matter.

I have unconfirmed leads as far back as 1993. Two different people shared similar stories about a former wotc employee who showed up at a party with a 14-year-old kid. As for the police part, most of these people have already been convicted. Well, all of them have, but it’s likely worth them checking out others around the game.

Robin TGG
Back in December I noticed that you got into a lot of heat with a Twitter user called “Rocinate of Magic” (@DarthMalber, real name Michael Alber). In the matter of fact, the guy even went after you, your business and your wife. I do recall that you got the police involved. However, I don’t remember how the story ended, or why the guy got so angry at you?. I would also like to ask if “Rocinate of Magic” has something to do with the recent uncovering of the pedophile scandals within MTG?


I have no idea why he attacked me…And I’ve never spoken to him before someone alerted me to him posting my home online and my wife. The police visited him, and the FBI was VERY interested in his Antifa sympathies. He deleted his review of my business and his twitter. He has been hiding ever since, so I win.

Robin TGG
What would you say is the biggest problem (s) with MTG today? I mean, besides the obvious parts that we have already discussed, and is there any way to fix the problems?

TBH just get the politics and egos and fix the TERRIBLE card stock quality.

Robin TGG
I was actually about to ask you about that. So, what’s up with the terrible MTG card stock quality? And when did that problem start?

Reddit (“Poor Card Quality”)
MTG salvation (“Has card quality decreased over the years?”)
Hipsters of the coast (“Wizards of the Coast Statement on Ixalan Double-Faced Card Stock”)
Magic: The Gathering (“Statement on Ixalan Double-Faced Cards Card Stock”)

I would say that the problems started about 1.5 years back. They made a CLEAR corner cut misprints, miscuts and cards warping in days not years I have cards from 20 years ago that are not warped, but they are already wrapped inside the pack these days.

zoe quinn betrayal at house on the hill expansion

Do you remember the part about MTG and the SJW cancer? Well, in case you didn’t know it, Zoe Quinn worked on the “Betrayal at House on the Hill : Widow’s walk” board game…(source: Polygon)

Robin TGG
Are you aware of any SJW or pedophile incidents when it comes to the MTG computer and video games? Because if I’m not wrong, there are events for those versions of MTG as well.

Not currently. Well, numbers dictate yes. However, there aren’t any IRL magic online events currently.

magic the gathering thought police

Even a simple joke such as this could end up having you banned from MTG as a whole. Yes, the thought policing is strong within the MTG community.

Robin TGG
What’s your take on the thought police kind of agenda that’s going on in MTG? (Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast) And is it true that mass bans have started to roll out on the forum (s) and at events? (DCI).

Gamefaqs (“MTGS has gotten disgustingly PC/SJW lately”)
TheQuartering (“WOTC Thought Police Level 9000 Engage (Creepy Stuff”)

When a game creator gets involved in the players personal social media, then we have an MAJOR problem. There was a single mass ban for memes which I was a part of otherwise, I don’t know.

Robin TGG
I’m curious to know what you think about censorship? Especially when it comes to video games and MTG (I’ve heard that quite a few MTG cards and whatnot have been censored throughout the years).

It’s dumb. You say 13+ on the pack. It’s a fantasy game, if they want kids to play they have Pokémon.

Robin TGG
What’s your take on today’s games journalists and the ongoing problem with corruption in the games industry? (I’m mainly referring to many of the scandals involving games journalists taking bribes, playing badly, sex-related “incidents” and so on)

I don’t trust many of them. They are always pushing some agenda.

Robin TGG
What do you think about the recent Gaming scandals involving lootboxes, gambling mechanics, pay-to-win and the aftermath that followed after EA’s “Star Wars Battlefront II” drama storm?

The Gaming Ground (“Gamers are finally starting to get fed up with gambling mechanics”)
Gamespot (“Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Reddit Post Receives Over 680,000 Downvotes”)
Vice (“Star Wars: Battlefront II’ Gave EA the Most Downvoted Comment in Reddit History”)

It is gambling and predatory it needs to be looked into.

Robin TGG
What’s your thoughts on GamerGate?

I studied it because it’s very similar to what’s going on in Magic. I am for transparency and ultimately believe GG was a good thing because it opened a lot of eyes.

jeremy hambly gofundme page background checks for judges

2018 has started off pretty good for Jeremy. Because not only is his gofundme campaign going rather well, but he has also made sure that Wizards of the Coast has to do background checks for anyone who wants to be a MTG judge.

Robin TGG
What’s your plans, hopes and expectations for 2018?

I hope to get back to enjoying the game, to get my second channel reinstated (theQuartering was mas flagged down, and I am working on getting it back) I look forward to diversifying UnSleevedMedia to cover MANY more games than just MTG I will still cover magic, and I still love the game.

We Did It! The Kids In Our Community Are Safer Today (UnsleevedMedia)
Proof WOTC Lied & More Offenders Out There (UnsleevedMedia)
My Peers Are Disgusting Cowards & Hurting The Community (UnsleevedMedia)
Leaked MTG Judge Conversations I #MagicGate (UnsleevedMedia)
Predators In The Magic Judge Program? @MagicJudges (UnsleevedMedia)
Channel Fireball Steps Up On Background Checks For MTG Judges (UnsleevedMedia)
Magic The Gathering Has A Player Safety Issue (UnsleevedMedia)
Exposing MTG (Andy Warski)
Backround Check For Judges (Jeremy Hambly’s gofundme page)
Making Magic Spaces Safer (A statement about MTG judges and background checks by Wizard Of the coast)

tgg author avatar robin ek
Robin “V-Act” Ek
Editor in chief
The Gaming Ground
Twitter: @TheGamingGround

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