SJWs is the cancer of every medium and community

I have a confession to make. I play card games. Shocking, I know, that a gamer would play card games such as “Yu-Gi-Oh“, Cardfight! “Vanguard” and “Magic the Gathering”. The games are easy to pick up and play, though at higher levels can be difficult to master (as I’ve learned the hard way, while playing all three). Nevertheless, I am here to talk about “Magic the Gathering” and how Social Justice Warriors have infiltrated the community.

To get you up to speed, Magic is a 20+ year game, being one of the first collectible card games ever made, it’s given us some real gem of cards like the mythical Black Lotus, the most powerful card ever printed for any card game. If you are thinking about buying one though, be warned, cheap authentic Black Lotus cards go for more than used cars.

magic the gathering goes sjw

It was just a matter of time really.

My personal experience with Magic is back in 2006, when the Time Spiral Block came out, collecting Sliver cards. I stopped around 2008 until 2013. I’ve had my ups and downs with the game, sometimes getting dejected due to my inexperience and getting curb-stomped at tournaments because I misplayed a move or someone top decked into a win condition.

Well, enough with the whining about my poor track record in tournaments though. The issue that I have with Magic the Gathering is that the people in charge of the company are seemingly drinking the SJW kool-aid full tilt. In fact, Jesse Mason, someone who has Wizard of the Coast’s ear, mind you, has said this about anyone who doesn’t agree with their politics:

“This is not the opening salvo in a long campaign. This is not intended to change the minds of these awful people. This is setting the boundaries of who I want in my game store, in my cube drafts, in my Twitter feed, in my group of friends who play Magic.

It is our duty, as longtime Magic players, to throw out people who don’t belong. If I go to a PTQ and my first round opponent is a known hateful piece of shit, I don’t have to grace them with my presence and treat them like a human being playing a game. I’m standing up and walking out, because they have no business playing a game with me… Fuck you. I might catch more flies with honey, but I’m not trying to catch them. I’m trying to force them out.” – Jesse Mason

This is just… Out and out disgusting. That person is saying to me, because I don’t support third-wave feminism or SJW-ism, that I am not welcome to play or even buy Magic anymore (a good synopsys on the matter can be found in Supernerdland´s “Magic” post). Well, the SJW madness doesn´t end there, as I came across this post just recently:

At first, I didn’t want to believe it, that WoTC (Wizards of the Coast) would do this, that they would attack their audience like this…But then I saw the Reddit thread in question…

“if you don’t support our politics, you aren’t welcome in Magic anymore”

And it became clear that “if you don’t support our politics, you aren’t welcome in Magic anymore” is now the new normal for Wizards of the Coast. But then I was reminded of something that happened last year, where Drew Levin (a blogger and Star City Games contributor) got Zach Jesse banned for life from playing in Magic Tournaments because of something that happened 10+ years ago. Now I will say this, Zach Jesse did, in fact, serve a sentence for sexual assault, and I am not defending his actions. He pled guilty, got a plea deal, and served a minimal sentence.

Since that time, he has cleaned up his act, and it seems like he has not done anything wrong since. In fact, in 2009, he got married and in 2011, he applied to law school. That doesn’t seem like someone who is scum worthy of continual condemnation, does it?

I am a firm believer in giving people an honest second chance, as I know a few ex-cons who just want to live their lives and do honest work, but their criminal records hold them back. As far as I am concerned, if they paid their debt to society and aren’t causing trouble anymore, then they should be allowed to move on with their lives.

wizards of the coast bans a magic-player and sets off a tizzy among gamers

“Members of the Magic: the Gathering community are learning that NFL athletes are not alone in the world of competitive games when it comes to new standards of conduct for players outside of the locker room.”

What makes the situation with Zach Jesse and the current SJW mindset of Wizards so astounding is that in 2012, Patrick Chapin, who was elected to the Magic Hall of Fame, had been sent to prison in 1999 on drug-related charges. And, again, I know ex-cons, and one of them told me this: “A drug dealer is a sex offender/pedophile who wasn’t caught. Every single drug dealer has had some underage kid sucking their dick for pot or crack at one point or another”.

These incidents don’t make the Magic community better, it causes the core audience, which, just from looking around, happens to be male, to lose interest and move on. Any card game can be competitive, and while it might sound sexist, study after study has proven that boys and men prefer more competitive activities. Except Volleyball, everyone loves volleyball.

brazil beach volleyball

I wonder why so many people like volleyball? (male as female) Gee, I have no idea why *sarcasm*

yoshimura volleyball

And then you have cute girls like this (Yoshimura, in this case) who play volleyball and everyone loves them.

The SJW nonsense must be put to an end!

Even around here, I rarely see girls show up at my local card shop to play any sort of card game. Sure, I see them play D&D sometimes, but usually, women and girls only show up when their boyfriends or parents bring them along. In the end, this whole SJW nonsense is just out of hand. Unlike what Jim Sterling said about Anita Sarkeesian, “She’s not going to take ya vidya games away from ya.”, it’s becoming more and more obvious that SJWs *DO* want to take away video games, card games and any sort of space that geeks and males tend to gravitate towards.

I don´t know about you, but I’m sick of it. Comics are a lost cause…Because the SJWs got to them early on, but both video games and card games should be free of this political drama. So it’s time to end this madness once and for all. As our hobbies should not be at the whim of outsiders who don’t understand it and don’t enjoy it. In the matter of fact, just recently Boogie shared his thoughts on the whole SJW infiltration into Magic and why he thinks what Wizards is doing is wrong…And in my oppinion, I think he was spot on with his “MTG Community is dividing 🙁” video.

So I´m just going to end this topic with a couple of comics from Jagodibuja where he takes some pot shots at PC Culture:×284.jpg×479.jpg

And with that said, what´s your take on this comment? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!

Robin Ek – Editor

[KLD] Maulfist Squad / Whirler Virtuoso
In light of recent discussion: a post by Zach Jesse
Magic at PAX: Spellslinging


This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The Gaming Ground´s) opinions.

Jagodibuja has a Patreon account, and I am a supporter of him.

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39 Comments ON " Magic: The Gathering is infiltrated by SJWs, this ... "
  • This is me being Captain Obvious – a way to deal with this kind of thing is to starve the SJW-infested medium of money. Which means the fans/players vote with their wallets. Also if possible, set up alternatives to it. It’s pretty much the only thing the fans can do right now when the owners/company of the medium have decided to become SJW retards.

    It is really shocking how quickly companies/owners of entertainment media can so easily switch to SJW/feminist ideologue. It’s like it happens overnight, basically akin to someone flicking a switch. Maybe questions should be asked on why they are so eagar to push SJW propaganda… is it money being offered to them to do it? Or is it fear of backlash from SJWs and feminists?

    But yes, this is most definitely a case of SJWs/feminists trying yet again to erode anything that is geared towards and caters to boys and men. This has been happening in front of our very eyes for the last 3 years at least, and it’s worrying that there still doesn’t seem to be enough push-back against these misandrist authoritarians.

    I understand it’s difficult to fight back when the entire mainstream media, news media, academia and social media are ultra left-wing SJW regressive retards who label anyone who disagrees with them as “sexists” and “misogynists”, but I still think that there’s not enough significant push-back from men.

    And then there’s the betas, manginas, white-knights and cucks that make the situation worse of course.

    • “maybe so or they want a quick victory. This will cause a divide that MTG would end up dead considering how niche it is.” – Animeplayer

      I think Animeplayer is very close to the truth, because why else would the SJWs target such a niche medium?

      • Which further proves that all SJWs want to do is to erode and get rid of anything that is geared towards and caters to boys and men.

        Do SJWs and feminists have genuine intentions of “improving” the medium they infest to their standards? Maybe, but I’m also absolutely sure that if they killed the medium stone-dead then they would see that as a victory as well. Because you know, gotta stick it to the patriarchy.

        I don’t actually play nor have any interest in MTG but god damn I will stick up for ANY medium that is under attack by the SJWs/feminists. These people are nothing but parasites who simply want to make it miserable for everyone else.

        • bryoneill11

          Do you know how I know they dont care about improving anything? Cause they say all the time that if the (insert industry) has to burn completely so be it. I see this exact same comment all the time in different industries. Nobody that cares wants to see their favorite hobby gone. Thats how I know they are here for the kill.

  • Γεώργιος Αρχαιοκαπηλίδης

    Oh, come on! Seriously? I’m not even a Magic the Gathering fan but I am so pissed off with this SJW nonsense!

    • I guess that the SJWs will target Warhammer and Pokémon next…

      • Bradford C. Walker

        They already did go after Warhammer (and failed). Pokemon? Nintendo ain’t having it.

        • They did? When did that happen? :S Ah, good thing that. Nope, as it´s a big cash cow for them.

        • Brandon’s Polezniye Duraki

          Nintendo is sucking the sjw anus dry and spitting their bullshit at us thoigh. Havent you seen Kimishima’s tenure being censorship and cease and desists?

      • It’s more a question of what they haven’t targeted yet to be honest. =(

      • David

        They better not touch our Pokemon.

        • I hardly doubt that Nintendo will let them mess with their nr 1 cash cow. I feel ya though.

  • bryoneill11

    This is why I hate neutrals or anyone not joining #GamerGate cause. We knew this would happen. We knew about the infiltration. We knew about SJW’s agenda. But people simply didnt listen. They left us alone in this culture war. First because they didnt want to join a culture war, just ethics. Then because they didnt play videogames. Now because Trump/Alt right hijacked the cause. Fucking neutrals did this shit. Fence sitters or anyone saying both sides are the same thing did this. They are everywhere I see people still saying they are losing ground. Really??? They are stronger than ever. We need to join if we want to stop this madness. ALL communities. But neutrals or people saying that both sides are the same are really the people stopping us. NOT FULL SJW’s.

    • “But neutrals or people saying that both sides are the same are really the people stopping us”

      The pig-headed neutrals who do that never seem to understand that despite both sides attacking each other, there is actually a huge difference to it, and that difference is:

      GamerGate advocates for ethical journalism, freedom of expression/creativity, free speech and anti-censorship. GamerGate attacks by using facts, reason, logic and the truth.

      SJWs/feminists advocates for corrupt journalism, restriction of expression/creativity, controlled speech and censorship. SJWs attacks by using lies, slander, feelings and false victim-hood.

      That’s the difference.

      Also, being a “neutral” is a well-known SJW tactic – pretend to be a neutral and say GG/Anti-SJWs are “just as bad” to discredit them and make them look bad. This allows them to avoid any backlash.

      Therefore I would approach so-called “neutrals” with caution.

      • FiveOD

        you are fucking insane bro

        • Not really, as he has a lot of good and valid points.

    • People can´t stay neutral anymore, because the SJW cancer is affecting us all in one way or another…Correct, and for each day that goes by things are getting worse and worse.

  • Parker Riley

    What makes bigots inherently more justified in playing Magic? Why should you get sole ownership of it?
    The author sounds like someone with limited actual Magic experience talking to an audience with no experience (woah, Black Lotus is expensive! Magic is like Yu-Gi-Oh!). Seems like you wanted an excuse to complain about the infiltration of a community you aren’t even a part of.
    Magic is not being “infiltrated by SJWs.” Some people who happen to not be bigots are discovering the game, and some who have been playing for a while are changing their opinions.
    For me, I play because I enjoy the deep strategy that exists within both the game itself and the meta. It just so happens that I also believe that it’s pretty lame for every woman on a card to be scantily clad and super thin. Wizards is better about that now, but they weren’t for a while, and back then I would be embarrassed to show the game to any women who expressed interest in learning.
    I love this game, and you seem to be posing as someone who plays but wants to take active steps to limit who else can play (or would be interested in playing), and that is not OK with me. This game is no fun when there’s nobody to play with. If you and your posse of hateful d*****bags want to go cloister yourselves away in some activity that only attracts people like you, please pick something else. You aren’t welcome here if you insist on not welcoming others.

    • Feminism Is Cancer

        • Lol

          • I swear man, the SJW cancer is spreading all over the place.

          • I blame it on Social Networking Media, I really do. That and the owners of mainstream media. These people clearly have an immense hatred of Caucasian people, especially men.

          • Check this out man, this post is from 2005 (Gamasutra):

            So I guess that the SJW cancer took off for real around that time…

          • Wow, that was even before I really started to look into SJWs (I started following their antics around 2010)… but yeah the sheer fact that this ‘creator/developer morality’ issue was even brought up was a huge red flag and a signal that these fucktards were getting ready… shame people didn’t keep an eye on them.

          • Yes, that was like, the starting point really…Then it just became worse over time. Well, the SJWs and feminazis took their time to infiltrate different mediums, groups and what not. So when the time was right, they started to cause a lot of problems all over the place.

    • bryoneill11

      Flag this cuck

    • Nanya

      Wow, butthurt much?

      Seriously, if my opinion offends you so much, well…

      “Toughen up, Buttercup.” – Megan Kelly

    • Junius Stone

      So…it is people who agree with your politics…or bigots. How about show up and just play the game and not try to slime your PC grossness all around? Kay?

  • MusouTensei

    I never got into MTG, I tried back in the 90’s when a friend started playing it but it simply wasn’t for me, still sucks to see that yet another hobby gets infested by these parasites.

    • Really? Well, I got hooked into the MTG universe around 1999-2000 sometime. However, I lost interest once I discovered Warhammer xD

  • Eric Scanlan

    I WANT Jesse Mason to go outside when he sits across from me. So I can go outside with him. And we can sort it out…

  • Gold Mansacks

    I truly do not understand people of your ilk. As a nerd I’d like to keep nerdspace as inclusive as possible which means welcoming women into the fold. Now that the things we enjoy; comics, video games, MtG are “cool” why would we want to make anybody feel the same sense of not being welcome that many of us felt as kids not being part of the cool crowd? I know I’m way late to this convo and it’s doubtful that anyone will read this but if WotC is making efforts to clean up any toxic behavior at their events, more power to ’em. With women making up half the population it’s probably a good business decision too.

    • I have passed your comment to Phil, because his the author of this post. However, I can tell you this much. It has nothing to do with gender, race or whatever. It’s a matter of SJW/PC mentality.

    • Nanya

      The thing is, they don’t want to be “part of the community”. They’re outsiders coming into a community and want the community to change to suit their wants and needs.

      That’s the opposite of how it works. I can’t go to the Bingo hall or a book club and go “this is boring, we need this, this and this and less of this or you won’t get more people”, it’ll just anger the current culture and chances are, people who weren’t part of the culture before won’t be part of the culture even if you “clean it up”.

      If someone really wants to be part of something, they’ll join on their own and not force unwanted changes that will drive away the core audience.

      If you don’t think that’s a problem, look at the sales of the more recent Resident Evil games, by changing the gameplay in an attempt to appeal to the masses, Capcom alienated their core audience, the people buying the game, and sales suffered for it.

  • Bradley Conder

    Is it possible to just segregate society across gender lines? Are we even allowed to voluntary choose not to interact with women anymore because ultimately they are the source of this problem.

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