***Update 1 – 2016-012-22 – 00:52 CET***

I just wanted to give you guys and girls an update on the current situation with Feminist Frequency and the possibility of an IRS audit, because just now I spotted a rather interesting comment on this post (the one that you got in front of your eyes just now) by ObeliskDR. However, before you read the comment (as seen down below), I would like to point out that I have no experience with the IRS or the US tax laws. So I have contacted the IRS myself to check if this information is correct, but if that´s the case. Then I guess that it´s going to take a whole lot for the IRS to do anything about Feminist Frequency and their wicked tax ways. Nevertheless, just like ObeliskDR said. It´s still worth to reporting Feminist Frequency to the IRS, because if enough people do that. Then they will have to look into the case.

“I took the time to forward this as a lead to the IRS as it’s kind of part of my day job. I work with the IRS but not in this angle, I work in general personal/business tax investigations, sometimes noprofits get mixed in but I don’t handle registration related problems. I do know this much though; Based on the information provided, the worst she’ll get is a slap on the wrist. You have to do MAJOR damage to the point where your nonprofit can’t even perform functions on behalf of what donations are sent. To put in perspective the IRS revoked like, I think <20 organizations? There are MILLIONS. Now let’s just say they find a reason she did something so horrible that she did get it revoked?

All of that income she made, all of those donations she received are all tax exempt up until the date of the notice she received. Unless they can prove massive fraud from the get go, truth is Anita will not get many if any penalties. So keep that stuff in mind, I do recommend reporting it to the IRS, as, if any chance is there that they decide to fine her, you are entitled to a whistleblower compensation of up to I think 15% or 30%(200K+). Can’t remember but I know it’s in that spectrum. Doesn’t matter where you reside either.” – ObeliskDR

I will update this post as soon as I got any new information to share.



Feminist Frequency
has really shed a spotlight on themselves recently in the wake of US President Donald Trump being elected into public office. Anita Sarkeesian has taken to Youtube, as well as the Feminist Frequency Facebook homepage and posted several videos about her lack of excitement for the new president. Now as many involved in Gamergate know, Sarkeesian is responsible for labeling the consumer revolt as a hate campaign against feminist women, and those involved in the gaming and comic industry.

However, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the movement (#GamerGate) is calling for an ethical cleansing of the journalist field, and the confirmation that consumers continue to influence the gaming industry more than personal agendas and gender politics ever will.

It all began with Anita asking for donations on Youtube in an attempt to make her goal for the December season for Feminist Frequency. Now what makes all of this so important is that Feminist Frequency classifies as a tax-exempt charity, and it states in the guidelines for which, that it cannot have political agendas, including donation drives. Clearly, Sarkeesian isn’t concerned with this stipulation. No, Sarkeesian’s main concern is making sure people don’t say that she “sucks” online, instead of actually being concerned with the qualms of women worldwide in countries like the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. All countries where women can be beaten by men under certain laws that state it’s acceptable due to religious reasons.

In my humble opinion, I believe feminism to be an extremely un-funny joke. However, that’s my opinion as an honest outlet of thought. When I say this, it’s simply due to facts, not speculation, Sarkeesian has helped to further the narrative about how feminism, video games, and specific guidelines have to be followed in order to receive support from her cause. An example of this is can be found with Feminist Frequency being a member of the Trusted Safety Council on Twitter, as well as their support and sponsorship of Zoe Quinn’s Crash Override Network, along with Randi Harper the creator of the GG Autoblocker program and her Online Abuse Prevention Initiative.

anita sarkeesian one has blocked us

Yes, you guessed it. We´re blocked by Feminist Frequency on Twitter…

That´s just the half of it though…Because Quinn had the chat logs leaked that revealed that herself, Katherine Cross, Harper, and at the time Ian Cheong conspired to reveal private information about people online, and even go as far as suing people. All of these are supposed to be anti-harassment groups who fight for equality, and are supported by a tax-exempt matriarch who wants a specific compliance from the Internet and those who use it, specifically men.

Now the IRS can actually audit Sarkeesian’s Feminist Frequency very thoroughly as if they’re looking for lice in the hairline. What does this mean for her? Well if someone reported that Sarkeesian is asking for charitable donations to protest the election of our president-elect Donald Trump? Well, that’s a no-no. See that shows personal bias, which the Federal Govt. doesn’t like especially when it comes to charity.

feminist frequency

Will Feminist Frequency be able to prove to the IRS that they are helping mankind in some way with their charity?

Should Sarkeesin fail her audit, her tax exemption would be revoked, and she could face very serious fines from the US Govt. She would then have to reapply and go through a truly lengthy review, but let’s face it: Sarkeesian calls her “charity” a business, and uses it that way realistically. She produces videos that have absolutely nothing to do with the narrative that she pushes. She’s creating content just to have something to produce and continue to rake money in on. As far as cash grab schemes go, hers is truly one of the most elaborate to date since she’s still yet to provide transparency on how she’s helping further mankind with her charity. She can’t because she isn’t.

And with that said, what´s your take on this matter? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!


Robin Ek – Editor

Netizens documentary bullying fake news

This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The Gaming Ground´s) opinions.

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