About a few days after the Nintendo Switch Presentation a Nintendo Direct was released for the upcoming “Fire Emblem” games (not just “Fire Emblem Warriors”). I know western localization of “Fire Emblem” has been a topic of discussion on The Gaming Ground, but I would like to save that for if and when the time comes to review a few of them. If you would like to discuss about the localization for these games then please leave some comments.

As I said, Nintendo is coming out with a few “Fire Emblem” titles, this time across different platforms. There will even be the mobile game that was hinted some time ago. And I have to admit, there were a couple I am intrigued with.

There isn’t much to say about “Fire Emblem” for the Nintendo Switch since the only announcement in the Direct was an estimated release date (at least narrowed down to 2018). It would have helped the Nintendo Switch to have the next home console “Fire Emblem” released during the system’s first year, but quality takes some time. Besides, with two titles and a mobile game coming out this year I think we’ll be preoccupied till then.

fire emblem switch

More details to come for this 2018 release.

“Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentina”, the 3DS remake of “Fire Emblem Gaiden”, is looking pretty darn awesome (the game is set for a release on the 19th of May this year). I’m already interested in the features from “Gaiden” making its way to “Echoes”, like the explorable towns and dungeons as well as other gameplay features, and the updated presentation looks quite good (with character redesigns by Atlelier series’s Hidari).

fire emblem battlefield

This is a battlefield, the politics of it no longer come into play.

Speaking of presentation it’s also going to feature animated cutscenes (by Studio Khara) and full dialogue voice acting (much like “Tokyo Mirage Session FE”). “Echoes” will also have DLC much like the previous “Fire Emblem” games. I can see that they want to have optional content available with rewards, but at the same time you would think additional content would have been added to a remake to spice things up a bit. DLC aside I’m ecstatic for its release in May.

core fire emblem

Core FE strategy mechanics, dungeon exploration, beating the dust off skeleton warriors. This game is up my alley

The direct gives us more footage of “Fire Emblem Warriors” for Nintendo Switch and from the looks of things, I don’t think they’re going to use much of the Weapon Triangle System. I can’t say I’m surprise since the focus of a “Dynasty Warriors” game is to fight an entire horde of enemies in the most ridiculously awesome fashion. Other than that I think it’s going to be an interesting “Warriors” game; the graphics look great and the gameplay is just as over the top.

fire emblem chrom

What’s scary is that this is Chrom in his intial Lord class.

There’s also going to be a port of the game for the -New- Nintendo 3DS, and it’s an oddity. I think the N3DS will be great for a portable port for this game, since the hardware is more capable than the previous 3DS systems (developers have been pushing the limit to these handhelds with “Pokemon Moon” as a recent example), but at the same time it’s coming out for the Nintendo Switch which can be played on the go. I guess the N3DS is better suited for handheld gaming, but I think it kind of undersells the Nintendo Switch’s Handheld Mode if they have a release for another portable system.

fire emblem 3ds and switch

Much like “Hyrule Warriors” there will also be two “Fire Emblem Warriors” (FEW is set for a fall release this year for Switch and 3DS) games; one for the Nintendo Switch and one for the -New- Nintendo 3DS.

After almost a year later since we posted an article that mentioned a “Fire Emblem” Mobile game it’s finally coming out on the first week of February (Android). And out of everything from this part of the direct, the one thing that was stuck in my head after watching the video was the gun. The method of calling FE characters by using a summoning gun was unexpected to say the least, but at least we’re something closer to a SMTxFE game (where “Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE” seemed more like Persona).

fire emblem kaze

You’re really playing as Kaze from “Final Fantasy Unlimited” at this point.

Between the Direct footage and the website, I’d say there’s some depth to “Fire Emblem Heroes”, including skill points to upgrade weapons, assists, and specials, an arena to fight another player’s team, Training Tower for rewards and experience (which the maps will change after taking them), and Hero Battles for special encounters to beat and recruit heroes. The app may have the Weapon Triangle System simplified to color types, but it still requires some strategic thinking and proper unit management.

fire emblem echoes shadows of valentia

Which heroes do you hope to bring to the battlefield?

I’m fairly excited for “Fire Emblem Echoes” but around February, I’ll be checking out “Fire Emblem Heroes” (expect a review on that). I know there are already concerns but let’s hope for the best here, since the gameplay to these titles are looking good.

I’m pretty sure what’s on all of your minds. So please leave a comment whether you have a bad feeling about the releases, or if you think fortune is on the battlefield.


Fire Emblem Warriors
Fire Emblem Direct 1.18.2017

Robin Ek – Editor

This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The Gaming Ground ´s) opinions.

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7 Comments ON " Fire Emblem is in full force with new releases "
  • MusouTensei

    This is going to be a censorship galore for NoA and the rancid Treehouse.

    • David

      Yeah, it’s going to be a field day with censorship with these games. I think “Fire Emblem Heroes”, however, might luck out. From what I read this is going to be another mobile app in partnered with DeNA, which also produced Miitomo. So maybe this one is safe (go figure it would be the mobile game, right?).

      If (as in very most likely) “Fire Emblem Echoes” gets censored I can only hope that it won’t be severe. Another thing that I may should have mention in the article is the dialogue and voice acting, but then again I think this is more on the localization part. In any case when this is localized in English I hope the voice acting matches the dialogue. It kind of throws me off when the actors say something different from the text under them, the worst case of this I’ve found this so far was Lux Pain.

      But yes, this is going to be an interesting year.

    • Treehouse = SJW/Censorship/Pop culture meme cancer.

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