Just recently, the “Business Insider” published an article on Nintendo’s latest addition for the Nintendo Switch. The game company has recently put in a new patent detailing a virtual reality accessory for their upcoming console. I think I should talk about a few things before I get into Nintendo’s revisit to virtual reality.

First let’s briefly go over the Virtual Boy. The Virtual Boy was released around 1995 as a “portable game system” to give them time to finish up the Nintendo 64 project. This console was a complete commercial flop; there were health concerns over it, it had inaccurate advertisement (not very portable), and the library was lackluster with games that could have done much better on the Game Boy. The Virtual Boy was so bad that Gunpei Yokoi (the creator or the Game Boy and Game & Watch series and General Manager of Nintendo’s R&D1 at the time) got grief about it from inside the company to the point he put in his resignation. You can find plenty of videos on the system and the library on the Internet.

new leaf virtual boy

It may be a gag now but during the commercial failure it was a serious problem. Too bad you can’t play Teleroboxer on the New Leaf Virtual Boy.

As for my own bias on virtual reality in general, I have no problems with it. I’m just not interested. Why? Well, I think it would hinder my multitasking preference, my eyes in general, while still functional, may not survive long exposure of have a screen or two up close and personal, and I may have trouble adjusting to the “immersion.”

Now onto the accessory. The patent covers a head mount strap that you can slide your Nintendo Switch into, turning it into a VR headset (as seen in the diagram). You may have seen something like that around for smart phones at your local electronics dealer. Now this may be simple (and maybe cheaper?) and seems like a good idea on paper. It may also handle better than the Virtual Boy. However, I don’t think it fits with the system’s overall shtick.

nintendo switch vr headset

Concept is simple enough. Just slide it the Switch in and boot up a VR game. Is it necessary to have with the system, though?

When I’ve watched the announcement video for the Nintendo Switch, I saw this was for gamers that are into party games, competitive eSports, and just gaming in general (from casual to hardcore). The Nintendo Switch, in my opinion, would be a nice console for these people since it’s versatile for a home/portable-hybrid console. The only place I can see VR fitting here would be under the eccentric. Given the pitch of what the Nintendo Switch is the virtual reality head mount is a superfluous feature that would be tacked onto the console’s gimmick. VR just doesn’t seem to be an addition that could be inserted into the vision that Nintendo has for their new console.

nintendo switch gamers

I see it as a home entertainment system, party machine, a LAN rig, and a portable game console. I don’t see the VR aspect in the Switch, though.

While it’s interesting to see Nintendo trying VR again I honestly don’t see the Nintendo Switch as the kind of console that would naturally house virtual reality games. The Nintendo Switch had sold me on the home console that turns into a portable game system idea, but VR is something I least, or at least not, expected from it. I won’t cause a fuss when Nintendo starts selling these head mounts, but I just don’t see it tie in with the nature of what the Switch is.

What do you think of Nintendo revisiting virtual reality? Do you think it’ll add to the immersion or are you seeing red and black? Leave a comment and join in on the discussion.

Business Insider

Robin Ek – Editor

This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The Gaming Ground´s) opinions.

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9 Comments ON " Nintendo Switch VR head mount accessory – A ... "
  • John Smith.

    I always wanted to play Candy Crush in glorious 3D, now I can thanks to Nintendo… fuck this, the Switch is a joke, it looks and sounds underpowered, battery life will be a bitch if its anything like modern Smart phones and it’s aimed at Hipsters which means it needs a VR machine because that is in right now…
    Fuck this, I’m outta here.

    • Nintengoth

      Are you dense? Lol in what way is it a joke? Course it’ll be underpowered! You think a tiny machine like that is going to be twice the power of a ps4 Pro? … It’s aimed at everyone mainly young adults too people my age (30) … Sony fanboys have hate for everything that ain’t PS … Graphics whores are the reading 90% of games suck ass

      • David

        I still think it’ll be a neat little machine but I think John has a point about the VR. It’s the in thing around this time, and this accessory certainly does seem to be tacked on in my opinion.

      • John Smith.

        Nintendo fanboy spotted.

        Lol, you should have spellchecked your post before posting it.

        • I don´t know which camp that has the worst fanboys, but the Playstation camp over at Reddit = Pure cancer.

          • John Smith.

            I’d point my finger at the inglorious PC master race at the worst camp around, since according to them, every single issue with any game is the fault of consoles.

          • Really? Well, to be fair. There have been quite a few sloppy console ports in the past…As for me, I´ve never had a problem with any camp. As I play on all kinds of formats.

    • The battery life, tiny controllers, small screens and the hardware (it´s said that the console is weaker than the PS4 and Xbox One) is what worries me the most about the Switch console at the moment.

      • John Smith.

        A second problem that concerns me is the availability of the very console itself. Nintendo has become a black sheep here in Denmark, finding a Wii U was next to impossible when I picked it up in the fall season of 2014 and support for it was non existent in 2015. No new games, no news and no technical support from stores more than a year before Nintendo announced they were killing it off.

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