More interesting tidbits about the Nintendo Switch have been recently revealed. However, while we won’t see an official Nintendo Direct on it until January 13th, some news (and a neat surprise for a talk show host) is welcoming. So I´m going to walk you through the latest news of the Nintendo Switch, and give my thoughts on it (plus some “other” matters). So here we go!

siguro miyamoto approves the switch

The Switch got Miyamoto approved during its first TV debut at Jimmy Fallon´s show.

The final development kits for the Nintendo Switch have been sent out to selected developers who are supposedly no different from the previous ones, so any current projects for the system may not see any setbacks. As for battery life expectancy, the three-hour lifespan that has been circulating discussions is what is currently estimated on the development kits. Nintendo’s target range for the battery with the retail models is expected to be between five to eight hours, depending on the user’s settings. This is impressive for a high-performance portable system, though gamers that invest a lot of game time, like myself, will burn through those hours in no time. Still, this is better than what was speculated when the console is not docked.

jimmy fallon debuts the nintendo switch

The moment when Jimmy Fallon is informed by Reggie Fils-Aimé that THE Siguro Miyamoto is sitting in his audience to watch him play “Super Mario Run”.

Speaking of the dock it will provide additional performance for the Nintendo Switch when it´s placed on top of the station. The console and the dock will connect via USB-C and allow it to run at a higher clock speed to output a higher resolution for HDTVs. The dock will also have a small cooling fan to keep the unit cooled while preventing anything catching fire. This was presumed sometime after the announcement, and it looks like it may handle the load.

jimmy fallons nintendo switch showcase

The Nintendo Switch is looking better by the month. Now if there’s a trailer for Pokémon Stars.

Sure, this may not be something that will have anything new to offer on the system’s feature. Nevertheless, a segment of “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” had an interesting twist. You see, on the show, Reggie Fils-Aimé show cased the upcoming “Super Mario Run” title for iOS devices with the host. However, to Fallon’s surprise, this was also going to be the first television reveal of the Switch, with Siguro Miyamoto in the audience to watch the event. The Nintendo Switch showcase put its features in action, except for taking off the Joy Cons from the side of the console (though it was mentioned). The announcement trailer may have shown what it’s supposed to do, but seeing it played around on “The Tonight Show” made the concept more real to me. It was an entertaining segment to watching, seeing an excited Jimmy, Reggie, and Miyamoto on the show while some gameplay from both “Super Mario Run” and “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.” I’d say it’s even enough to get you hyped about the console more if you watched it.

nintendo switch mobile console

I suppose seeing is believing in some cases, because it’s one thing to watch an announcement and another to see the product in action.

There is still more news to come in January when the Direct for the Switch goes live but having new information beforehand is welcoming for the time being. Even so, if you need a boost over the holiday. Then just watch Jimmy getting giddy with the Switch console on YouTube (you will find the video down below). Well, at least the video got me more ecstatic for the console (though how and when I can get it, myself remains unseen).

What do you think about the Nintendo Switch so far? Leave a comment and join in on the discussion.

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Robin Ek – Editor

This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The Gaming Ground´s) opinions.

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51 Comments ON " Jimmy Fallon´s Nintendo Switch showcase – A ... "
  • Alex Barbu

    So the Switch is basically underclocked when it’s not docked to save power and to not overheat. I was expecting this possibility when news started pouring in that it has better performance while docked. Didn’t expect the fan while in dock.
    My guess is that someone will eventually find a way to remove the clock restrictions and allow people to play at full performance when not docked.

    • totenglocke

      Sure, but you’ll kiss your battery life goodbye. Honestly, on a screen that small, you’ll have a hard time noticing the difference between 720p and 1080p.

      • David

        Battery’s charge will certainly go by fast, and it might make a nice lap warmer. I’m sure people are okay with the resolution of the small screen, but I think it would be difficult for two grown adults to huddle around the Switch and get a good angle.

      • Alex Barbu

        The problem isn’t noticing between 720p and 1080p, but potentially noticing between 30fps and 60fps. Or between stable 60fps and constant frame drops.
        I’m sure there will people willing to sacrifice some battery life for a stable fps. And you can always augment your max game time with an external battery.

    • David

      Naturally someone will tamper with it for improved processing power. It would be interesting to see a compare/contrast video when they do, if only to satisfy anyone’s curiosity.

    • Mexor

      And run the games at super-high frame rates in mobile mode at the expense of battery life and device longevity? Why would anyone want to do that?

      • David

        Because they can, I suppose.

      • Alex Barbu

        Super-high frame rates? I don’t know about you, but having a nice 60fps isn’t “super-high” to me. And I guarantee you there will be games struggling to maintain 60fps even in that low resolution Switch has.

        • Mexor

          You would reduce the health of your device and destroy your battery life in order to get 60 fps? If so I think you could find an adjective to describe 60 fps that more accurately reflects your feelings towards it than “nice”.

  • Migi

    Overhyped if you ask me. If we look at Nintendo in general and all their censoreship and not too forget fake translations on their games i doubt there is much to look forward too. Their whole family friendly agenda will kill them.

    While all other console company’s are looking towards the future, only Nintendo is going backwards!

    Not too forget that this is nothing more then a 3DS with a docking station it offers nothing really new, But ppl will hype everything these days and with the console/handheld having a price point off 250 bucks, right now it probably gonna be very underwhelming.

    Nintendo has gotta get their shit together! and fire Nintendo treehouse and focus on the hardcore market or else it’s just gonna go down like the WiiU did.

    • I have very mixed emotions about the Swtich at the moment…I mean, I did indeed enjoy what I saw at The Jimmy Fallon show. However, the price, the specs and the battery life (+ all the stuff that you mentioned) will play a big role in my “to buy or not to buy” mindset.

      • Migi

        I doubt i’ll get it as long they keep the childish mindset and nutjobs like Nintendo treehouse do the localization of their games. There is just too many flaws for gamers too overlook.

        If we look at the Wii success it was only on their own first party software and console sales and there was barely any money too be made for any other company cause the games sucked or the console was basicly garbage hyped up by nintendo fans.

        • The SJW cancer seems to run really deep in the veins of Nintendo…Ah, yes, Treehouse…Well, someone told me that Nintendo only keeps them around because they´re cheap. I think that Nintendo needs to realize that they are losing money because of the lack of +18 titles. I mean, they have been the “family friendly” company for years…Why can´t they just do both?

          • Migi

            They obviously lost their hardcore audience, I kinda hate how Nintendo fans wanna excuse it all simply because it’s Nintendo while overlookign the fact it’s going down the drain, Espcially if you compare the slaes between the other 2 company’s that are in the Biz.

            Like you said the Family friendly is killing them cause they have this masive SJW agenda and means they could censor any game they don’t see fit, Just lately their retarded censorship of swords to sticks in DBZ:fusion which was made with Nintendo of america. In general we have rating boards to deal what is made for which age group, But since this whole delusional idea by movie company’s that every movie needs a lower rating simply so sales are high is bullshit.

    • Mexor

      That 250 dollar price point is bogus, from what I hear. The web site that listed it did not actually take the orders if they were placed. The money was immediately refunded. So it looks like it was just a publicity stunt. Therefore I think the $250 price rumor can be ignored entirely.

      So far the Switch has not been marketed towards kids or even families at all. Their public marketing campaign thus far has consisted of a trailer full of nothing but single 20-somethings and a spot on a late night talk show.

      What you write about Nintendo’s “censorship” and “fake translations” seems to have more to do with a resentment towards Nintendo than it does the promise of the Switch.

      As far as what you write about looking towards the future and looking backwards, I completely disagree. I think the console market is facing upcoming questions asked by PC gaming and mobile gaming, and the Switch is a forward-looking possible answer to those questions, whereas the PS4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio are more conservative responses.

      • Migi

        The fake translation and censoreship are fact! of what they do to their first party game sand do factor in their agenda as a company. And now its not even their first party games but any game that is anime related like with Dragon ball z Fusion needing sword censorship.

        PS4/XBox are looking at the power point not the mobile market, unlike nintendo with this console. you might wanna call them conservative but it’s still fact that if Nintendo want to make the graphics bigger the battery life will suffer from it and not to mention they admitted that there is nothing in the docking bay.

        Also your point on the games they shown is easy to anwser, if you recall Nintendo main problem with the WiiU was third part support, so what are they doing now is showining they got some support. But in the long run there is doubts if they got EA back onboard after they did that insulting thing of asking EA to help them on their online infrastructure and then thinking they could just get it done for free.

        eventually this console is nothing more then a psvita on remoteplay r a 3DS but only with a bit more pretty graphics. Also the majority games that were shown from 3rd party were Ubisoft the only company to support nintendo on the WiiU and i woulden’t be suprised if Nintendo themselves had to pay for publisher to port their games just to get their support.

        • David

          While many instances of censorship can be pointed at a company’s mindset or outside influences I think we should also take into consideration that the rating systems (ESRB, PEGI, CERO, and so on) don’t make the matter any easier. Censorship and changes within the localization can boil down to being a cluster fuck of a problem that can’t just be pinned to one thing all the time.

          Sony (PS4) and Microsoft (XBox) rely heavily on their third parties for the games, and a few of these developers have appealed to the mobile market before: Bethesda had both Fallout Shelter and Fallout Pip-Boy app, EA has its own subsidiary (Capital Games) for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes and Heroes of Dragon Age, and Ubisoft had that Watch Dogs Companion. But if you want to talk about Microsoft and Sony themselves they too dabble in the mobile market between smart devices and apps, even with gaming.

          From what I read about the EA Nintendo partnership there isn’t really anything concrete? From a glance articles talked about rumors, one of which being EA trying to convince Nintendo to let Origin be their online provider? I’ll have to read more into this when I have time.

          The Direct for the Nintendo Switch is a month away so we’ll know officially for sure what third parties will have games for it soon enough.

          • Migi

            This is just your excuse for Nintendo and their censorship considering ESRb or PEGI never comment on wether the cut are made because of them cause publishers mostly alrdy cut the game before it get’s a rating, And even Nintendo treehouse SJW alrdy admitted they were proud of the censorship they are doing and the false translation.

            Also your talking about 3rd party going mobile and Nintendo is a console manufacturer and not a third party software dev. only way Sony is going mobile is cause they are in that market and even M$ tried, but Nintendo has no stake in Mobile market other then recoup their loses. Just look at them suddently licencing their I.P off for figures nowadays they’d never do that in the old days.

          • David

            I’m not excusing Nintendo for censorship. I’m just saying the rating systems make things difficult. Even if they didn’t pander to the SJW they still have to sell to a crowd that may not be into sexual themes or violence. And in some, perhaps few, cases some of these changes were made because they were pointless in the long run. The Fire Emblem Fates head petting for one; there was a bit of an uproar about but personally it looked like something I would forget about if it remained on the game. As for SJW on Treehouse I can’t ignore that they have made some bad localization changes. Considering if they are getting paid less and if money talks, then maybe they’ll sing a different tune if the price is right. That may be shallow but isn’t forcing censorship for their own believe just as shallow? And not all games go through Treehouse. Subsidiaries such as the Pokemon Company or collaborated companies like DeNA (Miitomo) do their localization in-house so there is some hope.

            Nintendo entering the mobile market was unexpected but having no stake in it shouldn’t prevent them from going there. If it is to recoup their losses then they’re doing what any sane business would do: bring in new consumers. Smart devices are everywhere and Nintendo saw potential in the mobile market. By putting their name in the mobile market they can rack in new consumers or convince old ones to come back. And who is stop anyone from entering that market, aside from Flappy Bird cloners?

            Between censorship and the mobile market Nintendo is still a business. If they ignore the SJW they still have to appeal to their audience. Even if they have no stake in the mobile market there’s still potential for business. Nintendo is doing what a business would do. Is the model faulty, yes. Can we blame for being a business, not entirely.

          • Migi

            You do know that it wasn’t just about the petting game that got ppl upset it was the whole fake translation and then disregard of the original creator’s content that pissed most fans off. Also Nintendo is pokemons parent company so they own it, and yes they are censored in the west also.

            And actually yes Treehouse staff member have been known to wanna ban certain games like the scumbag that works there called Nich Maragos.
            Seriously, Nintendo Treehouse is full off talentless losers.

            I don’t blame them for going into the mobile market but isen’t the pulling force for a console it’s exclusive’s? cause that’s why i went with sony cause they have the most. And Nintendo only has it’s old classic and if they basically selling them on other platform there is little pulling force for going after their console.

            Yeah, But let’s be honest it isen’t the casuals that buy games neither the whiny Femjinists/SJW they just scream the loudest and Nintendo is stupid enough to listen to the wrong kinda group. I blame them for incompetence and basically killing the games i played a lot while growing up.

            I believe in voting with my wallet, So i’m very strick at what i support.

          • Migi

            I remember that one, but posted One angry gamers cause it was the first place i read the whole Fire emblem stuff and all the other censorship stuff.

            later i started following this site cause i like websites that question the norm.
            Great work as always!

            Gotta give Credit too Billy D for going even off Gaming topics when it comes to corruption scandals. We need more neutral and honest ppl then the bias crappy gaming site that run the mainstream.

          • Np man =) Thanks 😉 I got to know Billy D not so long ago. In the matter of fact, he made a post about us just recently:

            That whole situation was so bizarre that it sounds like an episode from South Park (the PC-principle, for example) :S Truth be told, I was pretty new to So I had no idea that the site is even worse than Reddit..

          • Migi

            Too many website have SJW working for them, considering they”r just elite’s crybabys that got a higher Education because their parents were rich! so they can afford to live in a bubble.

            The age off freedom is dying and ppl are glorifying! it which shows how horrible the future will be.

          • That´s the truth of the day right there…Hell yeah man, just look at Germany and Sweden :S

          • Migi

            I’m having a very good look at Germany, especially the migrant rapes that go on and the mainstream media ignoring it or covering up and the whiny Feminists/SJW that defend it.

            A map off all the crimes done by migrants in germany about 400.000 of em.

            If the link doesen’t work just input Einzellfall-maps in your search engine and look away. Seems to not work iwht firefox for some reson but was able to acces it using google chrome.

          • Germany is all messed up…And Sweden isn´t much better…Let´s just say that I´m glad that I don´t live near a city.

          • David

            I know that the head petting was the least of the problems with Fates’s localization but I think it was still seen as a small part of the larger picture in forcing censorship. I’m sure Pokemon has been censored for the western audience, though there is content, between Po Town (a ghetto of a place taken over by Team Skull) and questions/philosophies, that can challenge a person into thinking and analyzing.

            Nintendo has been behind console exclusives for years but considering how many games are not exclusive, let alone games that were one exclusive becoming available on multiple systems, this could cause a change in plans. We can assume that Nintendo, in any manner, is going to keep their major first party titles exclusive, but they can put off spinoffs and smaller games on the mobile market. They don’t have to remain exclusive, they just have to keep the good ones for themselves.

            Anyways I’m just seeing things from a different view, but I agree that money talks.

            For myself I want to buy a unit but I won’t be able to for some time after its release (fiances before indulgence, doubly so with new consoles). But the Nintendo Switch would be a good fit for some of my preferences.

        • Sandman83

          All consoles get censorship, that has to do whit laws and groups whit strong opinions in the west and not about Nintendo. As laws are concerned many don’t make a difference between a legal person and a fictional one. That is for example why no girl that is 16 years or younger in a game can never ever wear a bikini. But yeah then we just have groups whit opinion, for example feminists get angry for some things, mothers others and so on and company’s will to some extent usually try not to piss all these groups off.
          But yeah I agree that this sucks as it many times mess whit games in a negative ways, sometimes even the story itself get affected.
          Here’s an example from Xenosaga for the ps2 for example that I personally would have really preferred if they would have kept the Japanese version as how it was made is really intense and a true work of art:

          • Migi

            Sorry but times have changed and ppl aren’t as ignorant as they once were. Also if you look at cartoons in general and now anime games it shows that censorship has gone up ever since Anita sarkisiaan started screaming mysogyny and other bullshit to scam ppl off their money and publishers became afraid and now even censor before the game even get’s a release.

    • Nintengoth

      What do you mean going backwards? Where are the others going? Does raw power mean progress? … I’m all for something new hence I love Ninty, don’t get me wrong I still love my 360 and I’ve played all home consoles and I like PS but there are next to no games, 2017 will be a better year. The WiiU had like 30 must haves in its 4 years whereas the PS4 had like 3 in 3 years lol … The switch looks fantastic I am still wanting to know about it more so roll on jan 12 … All Ninty need is marketing for it.

      • Migi

        Sorry but i don’t call being a Generation behind the rest forwards! Also, yes Raw power progress cause it let’s a game expand instead of being limited or hampered by old Tech.

        Nintendo has must haves? you must be blind all they kept releasing is their own I.P with barely anything original getting released even Bayonetta 2/ Wonderfull 101 were failure because of their fanbase. Nintendo doesen’t have any must haves they only have the same old shit they been throwing since the NES times.

        Also name the must haves cause i don’t see anything special and not to mention anything they themselves release is either censored/Cut content badly or a SJW translation.

        • Nintengoth

          Abit of a jaded view lol bayonetta 2 was amazing so many people gave it shit because it wasn’t in PS or Xbox… Just seems you have an intense dislike or even hate for Nintendo, power is not everything and it certainly is not always forward- look at concord lol- … All Im Saying is sooo many people especially those here in the UK are PlayStation fanboys who don’t play video games who think knack was groundbreaking give ninty shit before anything is out! WiiU didn’t even have a chance, yes it was marketed poorly as hell! But still everyone on net like 6 months before it came out were saying the same think “WiiU is dead nintendo need another console in the next 6 months!”…Ps3 was terrible and did bad sales wise and nobody bought it and it had no games but nobody dare say anything bad about a Sony console lol … The WiiU was a great console shame so many of its games went unplayed … Switch looks awesome nuff said 🙂

          • Migi

            Bayonetta 2 was a great game but it sold shit cause the demographic wasn’t there! same goes for wonderful 101 and i would have bought both if it wasn’t for Nintendo’s lame policy’s.

            I hate censoreship and nintendo is promoting it! just look at the latest Dragonball z Fusion censored Swords with sticks is getting ridiculous.

            I do agree graphics aren’t everything but you can’t look away at the fact they are way behind their competitors in sense of quality visuals.
            And with not real reason other then make profit of the console itself, Like they did during the Wii.

            Knack did suck! And own it and i can agree on that. Also Sony did suck at the start of the ps3 mostly cause XBOX had a headstart and Sony made a massive loss on the console because of it’s Cell processor, But they diden’t throw it aside like Nintendo is now doing with the WiiU. Sony actually started to gain ground in the end almost leveled out. But unlike Nintendo, Sony diden’t force censorship on every game they actually developed their own games for each age group and diden’t cut it when 3rd party released their anime games like Nintendo is doing now.

            Only way Nintendo is getting me back is get off this Casual gamer bullshit and SJW pandering with their shithole called Nintendo Treehouse with it’s pro censorship and crybaby pandering agenda and i’ll come back.

            Majority of Niche gamer don’t buy Nintendo consoles because off their SJW agenda, So as a alternative we pirate them. I personally don’t even bother with even that.

          • I know people who sold their Wii consoles shortly after that they bought it, because the console was just collecting dust below their TV-sets…And truth be told, I played very little on my Wii system (mainly due the fact that it lacked the big AAA titles).

          • Migi

            My bro bought a Wii, It’s only been used 3 times and never again, it’s now collecting dust. I advised him not to buy a WiiU cause it was easy to predict what would happen when the WiiU launched and that it would be a failure.

            But with their new retarded policy it looks like they will alienate their hardcore and Niche market also, The SJW/Feminists battle showed that we gamers aren’t easy pawns to move cause we actually investigate what we buy.

          • I lost interest rather quickly, because I soon realized that the Wii received very few +18 titles…And Nintendo just kept on pumping out the same-old titles over and over again.

          • Nintengoth

            All true to a degree yes, I can’t say ninty has “kiddie” games as for the WiiU and what the switch is offering more people my age, 29, are playing them… I don’t know where you live migi but in the UK I have spoken and know sooo many PlayStation and Xbox gamers and they all from 9-18 lol it’s a joke they have no idea of good games… You should give the Switch a chance 🙂 if it cones out with all these 1st, 2nd and 3rd party games it will be great fun 🙂

          • Migi

            I’m 30 and country will remain unknown for basically my own safety, You’d be suprised how vicious ppl can get when you pick critical topics.

            I’m a man of principle and will not falter on those. Cause that would mean i’d be like everybody else sell-outs, But i do still own all my old console’s and can always play the old Nintendo games on a emulator on PC.

            Japanese dub fans are winning their fight for japanese dub in all games cause off voting with their wallets and so will we do the same with Nintendo.
            It might be sad to see them go but they should take an example of Sony and listen to their fans, Cause that’s what brought Sony back on top.

          • Nintengoth

            Hmm people are horrible, sorry to hear that dude … Yeah all’s good with it, I can’t wait to get my switch and play like skyrim when I’m getting my back tattooed haha very handy then!!! … Was good talking 🙂

          • Migi

            Yeah, been nice talking to somebody who doesen’t jump the gun on and starts going into verbal attacks just cause we share a different opinion.

            Bye.. BYe.. and have fun with the Switch.:)

  • Sandman83

    Personally I think the Switch is pretty underrated in many way and there exist a lot of interesting rumors not many talk about. For example:
    It unify every single game on one system that Nintendo have previously released on their handhelds or their home consoles. So Xenoblade Chronicles, Fire Emblem, Zelda, Metroid, Mario, Pikmin, Splatoon, you name it every good game series that they have will be hitting the Switch.

    It also seems to have a lot of interest from third party developers so that probably means a lot of third party games will be on it. The console and games should also pretty much sell itself as it will be out
    there on the buss and stuff. And yeah it even got the potential to be a valid alternative to every single tablet solution out there witch could open up a lot of new markets. This in turn would also justify a larger budget for both first party and third party development.
    It will also be played a lot on the go and this would probably make it market itself and any game running on it.

    It’s also rumored to use pascal architecture and that means it probably using the parker tegra chip or some sort of modified version of it. That is powerful enough to running 4K in 60fps or outputting 1,5 TFlop. Just this simple fact would put it at equal power to the xbox1 or normal ps4. Pascal is also a newer architecture than what the ps4 or xbox are using witch also might help developer to run games alot smoother.

    Personally I really think this is the future of gaming consoles, and I really think that this is what a console released in 2017 should be.

    • David

      If Metroid is going to hit the Nintendo Switch then hopefully they won’t make some convoluted story like in Other M. Or hope at least they will make good on their promise and make a Metroid Prime that is going to supposedly follow after Federation Force (timeline, not gameplay. Though it was a good game).

      Hopefully the upcoming Direct will show off some amazing games next year. Looking forward to it. Sadly I might not get a unit sometime after launch because of finances, but I am interested in it. More so if I see footage of this supposed Pokemon Stars.

      • Sandman83

        Personally I liked Metroid Other M. Really had that feeling those old games had. But yeah I agree Metroid Prime are excellent games to. On the other hand a more open world inspired Metroid game might be a cool concept to. But yeah, the Metroid series have an incredible untapped potential no matter how you look at it.

        • David

          Well Other M had some good gameplay, I’ll give it that. But yeah, hopefully we’ll see a new Metroid.

          • Sandman83

            Yeah, think they could as well just do both in the same way they have done whit 3d Zelda and top view Zelda or side platform Mario and 3d Mario.
            But yeah, we’ll see what they come up whit. But yeah it’s rumored Nintendo have been opening a lot of new offices for gaming development and even merge their departments for handhelds and portable so it’s not all that unlikely that they will put a lot of effort into game development for the Nintendo Switch and that will likely include Metroid in some form.
            And they also made Metroid Prime Federation force for 3ds so that could indicate that they are experimenting whit the franchise for a bigger ip like another prime game but who knows.

          • David

            From way I understood it if Federation Force did well enough there would be a new main series Metroid Prime. I thought Federation Force was a nice little spinoff.

          • Sandman83

            Cool, actually ordered this just the other day. Just wanted to test it. But yeah, this actually made me a little exited.
            Thanks dude!

          • David

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