Whilst “Gal Gun 2” has recently arrived, it’s worth looking at the original (“Gal Gun: Double Peace“) to see where it all started. So, this is how the story of “Gal Gun: Double Peace” goes: When negligence by the cupid Ekoro causes the protagonist Houdai to become instantly attractive to all females for a day, he has to survive the constant onslaught of love and make it through the day.

gal gun double peace the character type selection screen

This is what the character type selection screen looks like in “Gal Gun: Double Peace” (so, what kind of person are you?).

As for the actual game itself. Well, when starting a new game, you have a choice of two difficulty levels (Easy and Expert), after which you come to the Character Type Selection screen. The different types affect how you “interact” with the girls you meet. Being honest is always the best policy, so selecting “Pervert” or “Hentai Fiend” may be a good start.

gal gun double peace tsubomi likes you

There are quite a few dialogs and screens such as this to be had in “Gal Gun: Double Peace (I think Tsubomi really likes me :3).

So after the initial introduction (which can be skipped), you start to see and understand why being constantly chased by both schoolgirls and (presumably school teachers) may not always be ideal.

gal gun double peace a sexy anime girl

The lewd anime content is on point in “Gal Gun: Double Peace”.

So in order to be able to make it through the day, and hopefully find your one true love (that being two childhood friends) you need to fend of all other amorous advances by using your “pheromone shot” to make girls…very happy (it’s never mentioned, but the implications are that you are constantly making girls orgasm).

gal gun double peace the route selection screen

Say hello to the route selection screen. This is where you get to decide where you should go next.

In addition to your normal weapon. You also have a Doki-Doki Field, which when activated on selected targets, lets you touch different parts of the girl, and if she’s happy enough. It will also affect surrounding girls (in a very good way). However, at various times you need to help one of your friends who has managed to get herself in a sticky situation (in one case quite literally).

gal gun double peace unleash your inner perv

You will get plenty of chances like this where you get the chance to unleash your inner perv.

These situations are used to build the affection level for the girl, which in turn could change the ending. At the start of some stages, you can choose your route, which can include hallways, classrooms, libraries and cafeterias. In addition, you sometimes have a choice of what to say to one of the girls, which also affects your standing with her.

gal gun double peace buy yourself some items

There was a previous incident before this dialog took place, and that is the reason why this item is available (yes, you can buy a bunch of different items in “Gal Gun: Double Peace”).

At the end of each stage, you can buy items from the school shop, which either help you to survive – or increase your perverseness by adding extra camera views in the Doki-Doki mode. Do well enough by the end of the game, and Houdai may get lucky with one of his childhood friends. Fail, and it’s a permanent single’s life for him.

gal gun double peace two cute girls

There is no nudity in “Gal Gun: Double Peace” (at least I’m not aware of any nude PC mods or such), but you still get to see quite a lot of naked skin and sexy outfits *cough cough*

Movement between points is smooth, and the girls are nicely…detailed…with smooth animation. Mouse controls, for the most part, are accurate and responsive. However, for the various childhood friend’s sections, you do come across a rather pertinent problem.

gal gun double peace its time to go full lewd mode

Gal Gun: Double Peace’s graphics are truly lovely and cute. Furthermore, the soundtrack is great. Other than that, the game plays really well, and there are different endings to be had as well.

You see, moving a mouse constantly backwards and forwards (or trying to do it in a circle) is both tiring and can be unresponsive (especially for creating circles).  So it’s at this point you may find it easier to move over to a joypad.

gal gun double peace some tentacle lovin

Yes, there are tentacles to be found in “Gal Gun: Double Peace” (tentacles need love too!).

The game’s music is good, as it’s quite suitable for the different levels and sound effects work as well. All the characters are voiced, which makes things even better. Whilst schoolgirl variety quickly runs out, the childhood friends section makes a change. Oh, and there are tentacles too!

gal gun double peace two very cute and lewd girls

As much as I enjoy “Gal Gun: Double Peace”, the game isn’t a flawless by any means. For example, it’s easy to win the affection of a girl, and the childhood friend help sections are bothersome and can be annoying if playing with a mouse.

So, all in all, I have to say that “Gal Gun: Double Peace” is a very fun rail-shooter/visual novel, that also just happens to offer some really nice lewd and cute content. In other words, if you like lewd games, visual novels and rail-shooters, then don’t miss out on “Gal Gun: Double Peace”!

+ Graphics are lovely…In a general sense, that is…
+ The game’s music is really great
+ Generally plays well
+ It’s pretty easy to finish the game
+ There are many more modes other than the main story one
+ The story is quite funny and heart-warming too
+ Different endings

– The childhood friend help sections are bothersome and can be annoying if playing with a mouse
– Not easy to win the affection of a girl
– Pricey
– May not want to replay just to get each ending

Gameplay: 4/5
Graphics: 4/5
Sound and music: 3/5
Controls: 4/5
Replay value: 3/5
Story: 4/5

tgg grade 4 out of 5

Verdict: 4/5
“Gal Gun: Double Peace” is a pretty pervy rail-shooter that is also pricey. Even so,  as the game offers great graphics, tons of cute girls, lewd content and a touching and funny story (not to mention the fact that the game is also fun to play). You will soon forget about the price part. So if you want something a bit unusual, then “Gal Gun: Double Peace” is the game for you (especially in a sale). However, if you aren’t a fan of rail shooters, then this probably won’t be for you.

Gal*Gun: Double Peace
Developer: Inti Cceates
Format: PC
Genre: On-rails shooter/Visual Novel
Resolution: User-defined
Release date: 2016-09-27
Difficulty: User-defined
Spent time: +10 hours
Average grade internationally:
PEGI age rating: +
Price: 36.99 Euro via Steam

Robin Ek – Editor

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Nicholas Kingsley
The Gaming Ground
Twitter: @sku_te

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