The “Rage In Peace” story kicks-off in a rather strange and bizarre fashion I have to say, but it’s very entertaining nevertheless. You see, Timmy (the main character “Rage In Peace”) of has no ambitions and one dream: to die in the comfort of his bed.

So one usually uneventful morning, Timmy encounters Death in an elevator who tells him that a mysterious ‘They’ have other plans and that if he fights for it, Timmy can die as he has always wanted to. Death warps Timmy from office to desert to jungle in the span of one death-defying day.

rage in peace death awaits

Make no mistake, “Rage in peace” is a very action intense and brutal side-scrolling story-driven action/adventure game.

That’s one hell of a way to kick-off your day and a game’s story right? Anyways, “Rage In Peace” is developed by a small team and featuring music from various indie artists, “Rage In Peace” has a lot of heart and a surprisingly emotional story that tackles the meaning of life and accepting death. We quickly learn that something is not quite right with Timmy, and later on we learn why that’s the case. As the talking tree Jike would have you know that is a S-E-C-R-E-T for you to discover.

rage in peace when death calls

Death is very much a central theme of “Rage in peace”, both literally and philosophically.

As for the game’s visuals and design. well, “Rage In Peace” offers cute cartoony graphics that hide hard levels filled with torturous traps. Pixel perfect precision is all that separates Timmy from having his body and head… separated. Rolling Glory Jam has clearly considered how to lay out traps in order to trick players.

You see, time and time again. I anticipated death from what looked to be a threat only to be surprised by a sudden trap. However, since you respawn as fast as you die. I just smiled, shook my head, and kept on playing the game.

rage in peace snakes of death

Death exists in many different shapes, colors and forms in “Rage in peace”. The same could also be said about the game’s boss fights (which are beyond crazy).

On particularly difficult sequences, I had to pause the game, clear my head, and come back with a clearer and calmer head. An on-screen kill counter tracks each attempt, potentially hitting the hundreds on the more unpredictable levels.

rage in peace hell awaits

The visuals, art style and animations are very well-done and cartoon-like in “Rage in peace” (the humor and dialogs are on point as well).

An easier ‘Goldfish’ mode tones down the difficulty of the game. While my experience was on the default difficulty, it was good to see that Rolling Glory Jam included a more casual setting for less skilled or patient players who want to experience the story.

rage in peace check point

The check points are your very best friend in “Rage in peace”, as they allow you to respawn from your latest check point when you die.

In testing your memory and reactions, “Rage In Peace” also tests your patience. While the gimmick of every death being instant and mostly unpredictable is thrilling, sometimes funny, it was occasionally enraging.

rage in peace game over

“Rage in peace” offers great replay value, an amazing soundtrack and tons of challenges. In other words, the game should keep you entertained and occupied for quite a while.

So prolonged periods of play left me feeling frustrated and questioning whether I even enjoyed playing. Despite this, the satisfaction of expertly dodging traps is guaranteed. In other words, players should expect to lose their own head just as much as Timmy does.

rage in peace mr death is coming for you sooner or later

“Rage in peace” is a really good game with no doubt. However, there are some things that annoyed me while playing the game. For example, repetitive death loops and narrow camera views.

Furthermore, Rage in Peace’s story of how Timmy dies is a long one, and it’s a story that’s filled with unavoidable deaths and drama. So much so that I at times wondered if the game was worthy of my time and energy. However, in overall, I can still say that “Rage In Peace” is worth playing, and Rolling Glory Jam is worth keeping a close eye on. As they will most likely release another great in the future.

So for now, Timmy and I can rest in peace. At last. So my closing words for this review would be the following. “Rage In Peace” is a really fun and challenging story-driven action/adventure game, and it’s most definitely worth picking up if you like challenging action/platform adventure games.

+ Great replay value
+ The visuals are very nice
+ Challenging gameplay
+ Great soundtrack
+ Interesting boss fights

– Repetitive death loops
– Forced difficulty from narrow camera views
– Rage inducing

Gameplay: 3/5
Graphics: 3/5
Sound and music: 5/5
Controls: 4/5
Story: 4/5
Replay value: 5/5

tgg grade 4 out of 5
Verdict: 4/5
Rolling Glory Jam has really managed to create a truly great, challenging and fun story-driven side-scrolling action/adventure/platform game with “Rage In Peace”. So if you’re into challenging action/platform adventure games, then “Rage In Peace” is the game for you.

Title: Rage In Peace
Developer: Rolling Glory Jam
Format: PC
Genre: Side-Scrolling adventure
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Release date: 2018-11-08
Difficulty: Hard
Spent time: +8 hours
Average grade internationally: TBD (Metacritic)
PEGI age rating: +12
Price: 10.79 Euros via Steam

Robin Ek – Editor

The review code was provided by Rolling Glory Jam.

Liam Hobbs
The Gaming Ground
Twitter: @LiamJHobbs

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