“Unepic” is a 2d dungeon crawler from the mind of Téllez de Meneses. It took him two years to deliver his game and what an accomplishment it is. He has succeeded in making what many others fail to, a good RPG game. “Unepic” takes inspiration from many games (one example being The Maze of Galious) and has seen its success on PC and The Wii U. You can also expect references to many other classic RPGs and geek culture. Now “Unepic” has made its way to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation vita for a new audience to engage in, who may have missed out first-time round.

It doesn’t take long for “Unepic” to get its talons sunk into you. It’s an RPG through and through, full of loot, enemies, huge bosses and secrets galore. Gameplay is simple. You gather tons of loot consisting of weapons, armour, potions etc. These can be gathered from chests or defeated enemies, you then level up, become all-powerful and fight your way to victory. In the first few hours, you may find the combat quite simplistic. You’ll need to learn to hot swap between weapons to tackle different situations, master magic and keep stocked up with potions to boost your abilities.

unepic rpg

“UnEpic” isn´t quite like other 2D dungeon crawler/RPG games.

Sadly enough though, there isn’t much freedom in how you can create your character build. Sure, you earn XP and acquire experience points as you progress in the game. However, there isn’t as much freedom as I would like. And in the later stages, you’ll need to put more spec points into magic and range (rather than hand to hand combat as it’s just too risky). And some bosses can only be fought via range attacks, which might leave some players stuck if they have chosen a warrior class. Bosses will provide a decent challenge, and you’ll have to memorize the attacks and get used to their move sets in order to create a plan of action, but again it does come down to whether you’ve decided to go for range or hand to hand. There are also four difficulty modes, Easy, Medium, Hard and Hard++ all with their pros and cons. I recommend starting at medium as the first few areas may seem a little too worry-free to begin with.

Visually, the art style is as retro as they come (those who have played on the Snes will feel right at home). “UnEpic” has that classic RPG look, but with the right amount of polish that makes it feel new. However, the UI is pretty ugly. Hot keys and other information litter the bottom of screen and it do look a little unfinished. The sound design is at a good standard with some brilliant voice acting bringing the characters to life. The protagonist known as Daniel (you can use your own name if you wish) and a demon who possesses him is nicely done. They’re voiced well enough, and I was more than happy to listen to the lines of dialogue rather than just skipping through them. The musical score is also great, which never seems to get old; As it provides the perfect background music for your dungeon crawling antics each area presenting its own unique theme.

unepic dragons

There be Dragons!

It all starts after a few beers over a game of Dungeons and Dragons between friends, that is until your character takes a trip to the loo and ends up in a mysterious place called Harnakon Castle. The plot keeps you guessing. As it makes you wonder if is it all, an illusion or the thoughts of a drunk who’s passed out in his mate’s toilet (or maybe even something more sinister?). There’s even trickery you must be weary of, sometimes just doing what you’ve been told to do isn’t always beneficial and this is taught to you very early on. The writing is very comical too. I found myself laughing out loud a few times.

unepic inventory

Pick your items and weapons wisely, as there will be indirect consequences if you have made bad choices.

Harnakon’s Castle is pretty darn big too, and it will keep you busy for hours thanks to its 200 rooms with several different environments, all of them with their own monsters, traps and interactive characters and there are more than 100 weapons to find as well. And since I have spent a lot of time with games such as “Rogue Legacy” and “Spelunky”. I felt right at home with Unepic, but unfortunately there are a few pitfalls along the way that stop “UnEpic” from being a perfect gameplay experience (and patience is certainly required in-order to play “UnEpic”). Nevertheless, the game is still worthy of my (and your) time. And as a nice bonus, “UnEpic” is also a cross buy title on PS4 and PS Vita. So “UnEpic” is most definitely a great pick for those who love dungeon platformer´s and own either a PS4 or a PSV console.

+ Hours of content
+ Good story
+ Good sound design & voice acting

– Ugly UI
– Frustrating Moments
– CQC Class Spec can be made redundant for later bosses

Gameplay:  3/5
Graphics:  4/5
Sound/music:  4/5
Controls:  3/5
Replay value: 4/5

tgg grade 3.5 out of 5

Verdict: 3.5/5
“Unepic” is a good game. As fans of classic dungeon crawlers will feel at home, but newcomers may long for something a little sweeter.

A crowd of Monsters
2D Dungeon Platformer
Release date:
Easy to very Hard
Spent time:
+5 Hours
Average grade internationally: 
70.00% Gamerankings.com
PEGI age
rating: 12
£ 7.99

Robin Ek – Editor

tgg author avatar Sharn Daniels uk
Sharn Daniels
The Gaming Ground
Twitter: @SharnOfTheDEAD

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