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    The Angel Inn PC preview – A very good and pleasant 18+ erotic visual novel

    16 September 2019 , by Nicholas Kingsley

    “The Angel Inn” is a short 18+ adult visual novel by DDreams Games that tells the story about a protagonist which have just joined a Merchant Guild as a guard, and who arrives at a departure point five days early. And with that short introduction of the game’s story. You (the player) start off with a selectable skill, then you... Read more

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    Cerulean Days PC preview – A slow but interesting drama/romantic visual novel

    25 August 2019 , by Nicholas Kingsley

    LeafCascade’s “Cerulean Days” is a poignant (and rather apt) drama visual novel, set in 2020 after a man-made virus wipes out most of the population of Inre Island. And with the discovery that the attack was planned using the internet and the culprits caught and executed, the government of Inre soon extends an iron grip on the Int... Read more

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    Goat Of Duty PC preview – A crazy fun goat themed FPS game

    12 August 2019 , by Nicholas Kingsley

    They’re back! That’s right, the fleet footed bleating animals are back, and this time they are fully armed and willing to shoot – and headbutt – anything that that moves. 34BigThings “Goat of Duty” is a fast-paced multi-player arena shooter, where goats fight each other before the round’s timer ends, in order to become the top goa... Read more

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