It feels somewhat unreal that it’s been almost a year since I wrote my original post about “DOAHDM Beach Paradise“, but it’s as true as it’s said. However, truth be told. I actually did plan to write an follow-up post in December last year, but alas, I got sick (I experienced the worst stomach flu that I’ve ever had). Have no worries though, because I’m 100% recovered now =) And good thing that, because last night I found out that DOAHDM Beach Paradise 6.0 is in the works.

Right off the bat though, since some of you might have no idea (whatsoever) what DOAHDM Beach Paradise is all about, well, here’s a short description of the PC mod:

“DOAHDM aims to provide the most high quality and realistic looking fully nude bodies for every female character in DOA5, with additional features like tanning options (and more with time). Proportions are modeled after DOAX3, which generally increases the bust sizes of most female characters included, with my own discretion applied to other female characters based on listed bust size measurements.”

“Beach Paradise is a modification for Dead or Alive 5: Last Round on the PC Platform that aims to bring the Deador Alive Xtreme experience to Dead or Alive 5, and taking it further.”Team DOAHDM

doahdm beach paradise 6.0 post

Holden (the maker of the DOA Beach Paradise mod) has quite a lot of plans and new features in the works for Beach Paradise 6.0.

With that said, let’s move on to the part that concerns DOAHDM Beach Paradise 6.0 shall we? As I was saying, I found out about Beach Paradise 6.0 last night via a blog post by the mod’s creator (the post was published on the 23rd of November last year). So here’s what Holden (his the creator of the DOAHDM Beach Paradise mod) said in that blog post:

“With the knowledge that DOAXVV is not a suitable platform for modding, BP 6.0 development will be resumed.

In order to preserve BP’s longevity and useability, some significant changes will be made to the organization of animations. Poses be sequenced together in one hotkey, fading in and out for transitions, rather than segregated across a myriad of hotkeys. This will preserve more hotkeys for more animation and add more substance to each video. “Gravures” will not be changed, as they’re long enough as is and would be too inconvenient to be sequenced as you’d have to wait a long time to see the animation you want, but poses are short enough that they can be grouped by together.

In short, this basically means that the F11 motions will be changed drastically, while the F9 and F10 motions likely will not be changed at all. While I would have liked to have had a more convenient method for navigating animations like in DOAXVV/DOAX3 where thumbnails for each gravure, and cards for each pose could be applied, there just isn’t enough infrastructure for that in DOA5 without requiring programming legwork that people haven’t expressed any interest in doing. This hurdle was something I wished to get past with moving to DOAXVV but since it’s, well, really bad to be quite honest, I cannot move forward with it.

I also plan to add Misaki into the Alpha slot. I’ve wanted to add a new character to DOA5 for a really, really long time but never could settle on anything, but Misaki now is the perfect choice. Her body style is somewhat interesting in that it has fairly modest Kokoro like proportions, albeit a little more stout, but with a nice big butt similar to Mai. I’ll have fun crafted a special pair of breasts for her.

New swimsuits don’t appear to be an option for the time being. There’s a finite amount of slots we can work with in order to implement Swimsuits with the features we desire and unfortunately our tool of choice, lnkreshuffle, is a bit too limited in that sense. We hope more functionality can be added in the future.

Adding back sweat/wetness is an oft requested feature and I’m afraid to say I don’t know of a way I can add it back in without removing tanning or bloating the file archive. The default wetness effect in DOA5 looks awful, and the one I implemented previously had people wondering if it was even there, so while I understand people want it back, I had to make a hard choice on one or the other and this is what I went with. Though things might change if we manage to figure out a smart way of implementing both.

Thanks for your continued interest and support everyone. I’m sorry things didn’t work out with DOAXVV, but to be honest I would not have had the time to work on BP regardless previously as I was mentally exhausted from starting a new job. Now that I’ve had more time to adjust I feel comfortable with working on BP again. I just hope that my good friends and team members will also regain interest in working on the project after such a long hiatus. I know I always find myself coming back!”Holden, the DOA Beach Paradise dev

doahdm beach paradise 5.0 post censored

I honestly had no idea whatsoever that DOAHDM: Beach Paradise 5.0 dropped in May of 2017, but there you go. In other words, you could download that version right now if you feel like it.

As great as that sounds though, I couldn’t help to notice that there seem to be a lot of problems getting the Beach Paradise 6.0 mod to work with DOAXVV (“Dead or Alive Xtreme: Venus Vacation”):

“I highly anticipated DOAXVV to bring the features of DOAX3 to PC, but unfortunately it would appear that even asking for that was too much. Until something improves I will not be working with DOAXVV as a platform.”Holden, the creator of the DOAHDM: Beach Paradise mod

“VV is not a browser-based game, but it unfortunately seems to be server-based and relying on constant authentication to master servers akin to a mobage. Sad news if true, because I don’t much modding progress can be made for always-online games. Hoping for the best, because your on Beach Paradise has been amazing.”stormlengths, a Beach Paradise user

doahdm beach paradise 6.0 fish eye lens

Say hello to the fish eye lens feature from DOAHDM: Beach Paradise 6.0.

doahdm beach paradise 6.0 honoka

Honoka looks even sexier in Beach Paradise 6.0.

doahdm beach paradise 6.0 lisa hamilton

I have been into dark-skinned girls for as long as I can remember. So I’m glad to see that Lisa Hamilton is getting some mod lovin in Beach Paradise 6.0 :3

Nevertheless, so far Beach Paradise 6.0 is looking very promising, and you don’t have to take my word for it either. I mean, just look at the pictures that I have attached to this post. Furthermore, I also spotted a video called “Beach Paradise – Honok” (the video is very NSFW!). Well, long story short, that super sexy video was recorded in Beach Paradise 5.0. So just imagine how awesome Beach Paradise 6.0 will look on release (to my knowledge, there is no nailed down release date for the mod just yet).

doahdm beach paradise 6.0 nyotengu

As if Nyotengu wasn’t hot enough before.

doahdm beach paradise 6.0 mila

Mila is the ultimate combo of sexiness and kick-ass fighting skills.

doahdm beach paradise 6.0 hitomi

I just had to add one picture of Hitomi, because no lewd post would be complete without her.

Well, I think you get the idea. So I’m just going to let you guys and girls enjoy the pictures of Beach Paradise 6.0 in peace 😉 *cough cough) And “if” you like what you see (which I bet that you do), then you will find everything you need to know down below (links to Beach Paradise and so on).

And with that said, what’s your take on DOAHDM Beach Paradise 6.0? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!


DOAHDM (the DOAHDM 6.0 post)
DOAHDM (the official homepage)
DOAHDM Beach Paradise 5.0 (the latest edition of DOAHDM Beach Paradise)
DOAHDM Beach Paradise 5.0 (release notes)
Beach Paradise – Honoka (NSFW video!)

This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The Gaming Ground´s) opinions.

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