Capcom should care about their fanbase, not the loud minority that doesn’t even intend to buy SFV

*deep sigh* There seems to be no end to the ongoing controversies regarding Capcom´s upcoming fighting game “Street Fighter V” and censorship (SFV is set for a release to Windows and PS4 on the 16th of February next year). First it was all the complains about Laura Matsuda being to sexy (her looks and outfit), then it was Capcom´s decision to censor s R-Mika´s butt-slap, split attack and Cammy´s crotch view (there is even a petition for bringing back R-Mika´s butt-slap). However, it doesn´t end there. As Yoshinori Ono (SFV producer Capcom) stated the following regarding R-Mika´s butt-slap during an interview with UOL Jogos just recently:

“We didn’t make any change because of external influences. Those changes came up internally,”

“We decided to remove [R. Mika’s butt slap] because we want the biggest possible number of people to play, and we don’t want to have something in the game that might make someone uncomfortable.”

“Probably we won’t be able to remove everything that could offend someone. But our goal is, at least, to reduce that number as much as possible so that they think ‘Ok, there is this issue here, but it is within the limits’. We want that everyone can play and enjoy without worrying about anything else”Yoshinori Ono, SFV producer Capcom via UOL Jogos

street fighter v cammy censorship

I wonder what Capcom will remove (censor) next?

In other words, Capcom could be removing (censoring) even more in-game content from “Street Fighter V” in the future (there are no guarantees whatsoever that Capcom won´t censor more “stuff” in SFV), since it seems like Capcom´s goal is to have a really low number of people who are offended by “Street Fighter V”. And funny enough, just yesterday I made a joke that the PC-players won´t have to worry about censorship and such. As the modding community is huge on PC (just take the Fallout 4 nude mods, or the nude mods for DOA5: Last Round for example). Well, that´s true of course. However, it appears as if Capcom will make it harder for PC modders to add or alter the code of “Street Fighter 5”.

street fighter 5 mods

If this is true, then Capcom is going to lose a lot of fans for sure (just like they did in the aftermath of the “locked DLC´s on disc” incident in the past).

In short, Capcom will try to make it hard for those who plan to undo the changes which they have done to SFV so far (the removal of R-Mika´s Butt-slap and split attack, for example). Even so, I hardly doubt that Capcom will be able to close the door on the PC mod community for all that long . Sure, Capcom may slow down the PC mod community a bit, but they won´t be able to stop them in their tracks (trust me, there is NOTHING which the PC modders can´t do or solve). In a way, all of this actually made me think about how fast the PC mod community was to release nude mods for Fallout 4 and DOA5: Last Round. My point would be this. Capcom has just challenged the PC mod community to a fight. And Capcom will lose that fight with no doubt.

r mika no no more butt slaps street fighter v

There will be no more but slaps for R-Mika in Street Fighter V.

nadeshiko and mika split street fighter v censorship

You can say good-bye to R-Mika´s original split-attack move, as Capcom has removed it from SFV as well.

Censorship is not okay Capcom, get your act together!

However, sadly enough that´s just the half of it. Because not only does Capcom self-censor their own games (most likely due to pressure and rants from certain groups in the Western parts of the world), it also seems like Capcom has started to lock down threads at the Capcom-Unity forum as well (threads which discuss censorship in “Street Fighter V”). And that´s beyond messed up, in my opinion. As Capcom both bite the hand that feeds them, and takes a piss on their own fans while doing so (you know, the very same people who buy and support your games?).

Besides, why doesn´t Capcom just add an option in the game that allows the SFV players to turn censorship on and off? (kind of like the options you get in Project Brutality, because you actually get to choose the amount of shown blood and gore in the game). I mean, that would be a “win-win” kind of situation for everyone (Capcom, the SFV players and those who are easily offended and triggered by everything and nothing).

capcom unity censorship

That´s the best compromise solution to date, in my opinion.

I really wish that I had nothing more to add to this matter about Capcom, SFV and censorship, but sadly enough I do. As it also appears as if mods on the Capcom-Unity forum have started to remove threads and ban people who speak about SFV and censorship. I can´t say that I´m all that surprised to hear this. As other sites such as GameFAQ, NeoGaf and Shoryuken have done the very same thing in the past (it doesn´t even matter if it´s related to “just” censorship or GG either, as the mods don’t like to have threads like that around).

capcom unity censorship

I find it to be somewhat ironic that people get suspended and threads get removed, on a thread about censorship in SFV.

capcom unity more censorhip

There seems to be a lot of censorship going down at Capcom-Unity right now.

You know. I honestly never believed that SFV would be surrounded by so many controversies when I saw the SFV announcement trailer back in December last year. Personally, I was just so hyped, excited and thrilled about the fact that a Street Fighter 5 is in the making. That no such thoughts existed within my mind. However, once Capcom started to censor (remove) stuff from SFV. They set the sea in motion so to speak. And I can´t say that Capcom has chosen the best path to walk along in the case with SFV and censorship either. I mean, what´s next? Will Capcom censor Chun Li’s Spinning Bird Kick in the future? Will Laura Matsuda´s sexiness be tuned down? (I think you get my point). Nevertheless, only Capcom themselves knows the answer to that one. One thing is for sure though, if Capcom keeps on censoring SFV (and their future titles). Then I´m quite sure that a lot of people will turn their back on them (people tend to vote with their wallets, and rightfully so).

zangief v reversal street fighter v

I guess that its time for me to feel “offended” and “triggered” now.

I would also like to point out that there is a lot of hypocrisy to be found in the case with SFV Vs censorship as well. And please allow me to explain what I mean by that. You see. Capcom doesn´t seem to bother all that much about the male fighters in the game (only the female one´s). For example, take Zangief´s v reversal attack (Zangief basically shoves his manhood in the face of his opponent). So, how comes that Capcom hasn´t censored that attack? Because Capcom sure as hell didn´t have any problem with removing R-Mika´s butt-slap taunt from SFV (it makes no sense whatsoever to me). I shall tell you why, it´s because Capcom are nothing more than pure hypocrites.

And I´m quite sure that there would be no censorship (whatsoever) if all the SFV fighters were male. And let´s be honest now, Isn´t R-Mika´s butt-slap of humorous character? At least I think so, and the same could also be said about that attack-move where R-Mika and her partner (Yamato Nadeshiko) smash their opponents head with their butts. I actually laughed so hard when I saw the “deadly booty attack” in-action for the first time, that I “almost” spray painted my office with my tea.

r mika ass attack

Say hello to R-Mika´s and (Yamato Nadeshiko´s deadly booty attack!

Anyhow, I really hope that Capcom will come to their senses as soon as possible. As censorship is never a good idea to start with.

With that said, what do you guys and girls think about all of this? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comment section down below!



This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The Gaming Ground´s) opinions.

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