You know, not even in my wildest dreams did I ever think that EA would be able to pull off an even worse E3 event than they did last year. Well, I was wrong…Because EA’s E3 2018 event is with no doubt THE worst E3 press conference that I’ve ever seen in my whole life (I would have more fun watching paint dry in real-time). However, in this OP mine, I’m just going to focus on a RTS disaster in the making, and the name is “Command and Conquer: Rivals“.

Right off the bat, when I saw “C&C: Rivals” announcement live via EA’s E3 press conference. I did for a brief moment think that EA would unveil “C&C Generals 2“, “Red Alert 4” or “C&C5”. Sadly enough though, none of those games were presented at EA’s E3 show. Nope, instead they gave us the “free-to-play” (yes, there are micro-transactions to be found in the game) iOS and Android game “Command and Conquer: Rivals” (you can pre-register for a chance to play the pre-alpha):

“Command & Conquer: Rivals is a thrilling, competitive experience built to define Real-Time Strategy for Mobile. Featuring intense, 1v1 real-time matches with rival commanders, you test your skills in combat in the War for Tiberium. Master the battlefield with continuous control of your forces, crush your rivals, and lead your army to victory.

Starting today, Android players can pre-register on Google Play to be notified when Command & Conquer: Rivals is available worldwide. By pre-registering, Android players in US and Canada may also be invited to the Command & Conquer: Rivals pre-alpha. iOS users should head over to to pre-register, and follow us on Twitter @cncrivals for all the latest news. “Glory Days” by The Federal Empire” – EA, via Command and Conquer: Rivals Youtube video

command and conquer rivals angry youtube comments

There are tons and tons of comments like this to be found on the trailer for “Command and Conquer: Rivals” on Youtube.

andrea rene ea e3 2018

I got nothing against Andrea Rene whatsoever, but EA’s event at E3 this year was even worse than their E3 2017 event. Truth be told, the event was boring and anything but exciting and entertaining.

I don’t know about you, but when I realized what “C&C Rivals” was all about. I pretty much felt like EA had dragged up the dead corpse of the C&C series and start to beat-up that dead corpse live for everyone to see…Because let’s not forget that C&C4 (“Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight“, the game launched back in 2010) turned out to be anything but a good C&C game, and that EA pulled the plug on “C&C Generals 2” (which they did back in 2013).

What I’m trying to say is that EA already killed off the C&C series years ago, and now they pull out C&C from its grave only to serve the C&C fans a game which they never wanted or asked for, and that game is “C&C: Rivals”. I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes when saw the game’s presentation via EA’s press conference, because it felt as if EA had brought C&C back from the dead just so that they could kill off the series again in the most brutal way possible…Which EA did by turning the next C&C installment into a F2P mobile game with micro-transactions.

What’s even funnier is that while I was watching the stream for  “C&C Rivals”, I recalled that I wrote an article about C&C’s rise and fall last year (I did so in April of 2017, and the article is called “The rise and fall of Command & Conquer – A retrospective look at the C&C series rise and downfall“). Well, in that post, I was somewhat happy to know that the suffering is at least over for the C&C series, and that the series might get some peace and quiet in the big Gaming heaven up in the sky. Oh boy…Was I ever so wrong.

For starter, nothing about “C&C: Rivals” feels or looks like a worthy C&C title. The C&C soul just isn’t there, and don’t even get me started about Kane’s appearance in the trailer (Kane doesn’t even look like Kane…). Well, it’s more or less just down hills from start to end with the announcement of “C&C Rivals”. So it’s no wonder why a lot of fans pushed that dislike button on the Youtube trailer for “C&C Rivals” (I think the trailer will reach +30K dislikes in the coming days).

command and conquer rivals stephanie tinsley

It’s no wonder why the C&C series went down the darn loo if EA listens to people such as this one. Furthermore, gamers doesn’t give a damn about sales numbers and whatnot. We just want great games to play, and why shouldn’t people be allowed to make fun out of or criticize games such as ” Command and Conquer: Rivals”?

What’s even more strange and rather messed up is that I spotted some video game PR-person, who got salty as hell because of people’s jokes and angry comments about “C&C Rivals” announcement trailer and stream (as seen in the pictures above). Here’s the thing, gamers will let you know upfront if they don’t like something (just look at the announcement trailer for “Battlefield V”).

pixelmetal vs stephanie tinsley

I think that PixelMetal might just have hit a nerve with Stephanie Tinsley (she’s a video game PR-person, and a very salty one at it) regarding game development…

So I think that it’s rather odd that the said video game PR-person brought up that professional games journalists have no idea how much money these mobile RTS games make ever year. I for one couldn’t care less, because I just wanted a good C&C game, and EA gave me (us) anything but the C&C game that we wanted. I mean, even if EA ends up earning a lot of money on “C&C Rivals”, how exactly is that going to help me and other C&C fans?

command and conquer 1

I miss the good old C&C days, because back then C&C was C&C, and it was the bomb!

So unless EA uses that money to make the C&C game that the C&C fans want, then I don’t see how I’m supposed to celebrate the announcement of “C&C Rivals”. As it’s anything but the C&C game that I wanted and asked for. That’s also why I would recommend people to pick up the old C&C games instead, because they are freaking awesome (any C&C game after C&C4 that is).

And with that said, what’s your take on “Command and Conquer: Rivals” so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!

Command and Conquer: Rivals homepage
Angry Joe (“EA Press Conference 2018 & C&C: Rivals – Angry Rant!)
GVMERS (“The Rise and Fall of Command & Conquer [REDUX] | Documentary”)
Charlatan Wonder (“Who Killed Command and Conquer?!?”)
#CommandAndConquerRivals via Twitter
#CommandandConquer  via Twitter

This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The Gaming Ground´s) opinions.

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The Gaming Ground
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