As I´ve written quite a few articles about Capcom, censorship and “Street Fighter V” in the past (such as my “A response to the “do not censor Street Fighter V petition” for Rainbow Mika’s butt-slap” and “Capcom makes it harder for PC modders to mod Street Fighter V?” article). I just couldn´t help to feel like justice has been somewhat served now (what goes around comes around, karma baby!). Long story short, when “Street Fighter V” got released on Steam yesterday. It didn´t take many hours before the PC moders started to add the content which Capcom had removed from SFV previously. Yes, you guessed it. R-Mika´s butt-slap is back in business again (you can download CENAWINSLOL´s “Street Fighter V R.Mika Buttslap Fix Mod” today!). And that´s just the start. As it´s also rumored that the very same modder group will fix Cammy’s intro next.

And all of this became publicly known after a tweet by Jodie Mae (she´s a Gamer and a SF fan) earlier today:

And not only that, it also became clear that the fans and the SFV modders took a swing at both Neogaf (no wonder why Neogaf is salty at the moment) and Capcom as well (mainly Neogaf, since they like and welcome censorship):

street fighte -v r-mika butt slap fix

I wonder if Neogaf gets the message though?

gamers vs neogaf

Well, I told the truth.

fuck you neogaf

Twitter is full of taunting tweets about NeoGaf at the moment.

I should also point out that the SFV Steam user reviews has been really mixed so far:

“I feel ripped off.
Nevermind the lack of input configuration or game modes like Arcade or Story, Capcom had one job, get online Multiplayer right, and rather than rant on about how absolutely awful the online experience is, here is my full review of Street Fighter V through images. At least I was able to play about 15 seconds of an online match, so there’s that.



Will Update Review once the dust has settled, but by the time everything is fixed Street Fighter V: Game Of The Year Edition will be out for $20 less.” – Nightwing

“It’s 2016 Capcom. Only having Xinput support on release when several large vendors of controllers/fight sticks/fight pads use Dinput is completely unacceptable. I will update this when it’s fixed, but my god I shouldn’t need to use some random 3rd party programs to get basic controller schemes to work.” – Jean Valjean

“Street Fighter V – Early Access

✔ Not finished
✔ Extremely low content
✔ Broken launch
✔ Error 2100d
✔ Overpriced
✔ Ugly graphics and pictures
✔ Sadly optimized
✔ Only 16 characters on start

RISE UP !” – Handsome Mike

In other words. Not only did the SF fans and the PC modders put Capcom to shame when it comes to censorship and releasing half-broken games on release, but the Gaming community also showed Neogaf that they won´t accept censorship. And like I´ve said in my previous articles, the PC mod community won´t stop for anything, because once they´re up for a challenge. They just don’t stop before it´s done and made. So, Gamers Vs Capcom 2-0!

With that said, what are your thoughts on this matter? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below!

Street Fighter V R.Mika Buttslap Fix Mod

This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The Gaming Ground´s) opinions.

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21 Comments ON " Gamers and Street Fighter V modders diss Neogaf an... "
  • Philip Weigel

    Now if only my PC could play the game.

    • Sephiroth399

      i had to lower the settings, trust me you arnt really missing anything by not getting this game.

      • Philip Weigel

        I just want to play the mods. Oh well.

        I’ll wait for KoF 14 then.

        Looking forward to that game more anyway.

        • Sephiroth399

          oww 🙁 what mods are there? what are your pc specs? i can run it fine on low settings on gtx650 and amd fx6300. Yeah after seeing the new trailers it looks better already but i guess we’ll have to wait to see. I really cant wait for Tekken, I wish they’d port TTT2 to PC 🙁

    • What´s your specs mate? =)

      • Philip Weigel

        It’s a laptop that… Well, it’s fairly old at this point, I think.

        Holy crap! This laptop is over 7 years old now!

        Anyway, (some) specs are thus…

        I have no idea if they’re good or not.

        Intel Pentium CPU B950 2.10 GHz

        4.00 GB RAM

        64-bit Operating System

        If you need more, I’ll need to know what you need exactly.

        • That would do just fine =) I was just curious, because I Did actually get SFV to run on my Lenovo Ideapad 100. Sure, the game doesn´t run all that well. Even so, I did manage to play the game at least. Ah, it´s seven years old? I got my iPad last Christmas =)

          • Philip Weigel

            In other news, I finally have Punch Out Wii-make. Found it yesterday. Finally got past the Major Circuit.

            Also, Ultra Street Fighter IV…

            Holy hell, how the hell were SJWs not triggered by Poison? She’s quite literally oozing sex.

          • malbhet

            SJWs only go after the most popular current issues, that’s why they went after DOA Extreme 3, but leave games like the Senran Kagura franchise alone, because SJWs are full of BS and only care about panhandling and complaining over other’s creations they never have/will support! They only do it for the money and attention, nothing more!

          • Philip Weigel

            If only companies knew this.

            In other news, whee! I have an avatar now!

          • Hehe 😉 I think it´s because they see Poison as a transsexual woman?

          • Philip Weigel

            I think it’s just because they don’t play games and didn’t see her poses or attacks.

          • That´s most likely the truth right there.

          • Philip Weigel

            BTW, if you want to add something to either this article or the Fire Emblem Fates article, here’s my 2 cents on the whole debacle.


          • Thanks =) I shall keep that in mind 😉

  • Dominic John Chan Maca

    When I first saw the tweet I cried a bit and whispered “Beautiful”.

  • malbhet

    Best news this week!

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