Senran Kagura: Estival Versus is finally here!

Today is a very special day for Tamsoft and Marvelous Entertainment. And why is that? Well, they launched their 3D Action Brawler “Senran Kagura: Estival Versus” in Europe today (for PS4 and PS Vita). And just a couple of days ago the game got released in North America as well. And so far the game has done rather good when it comes to grades (the PS4 version has an overall score of 71.25% via, and 72/100 via and feedback from the fans.

Even so. I already knew months ago that there would be some backlashes against “Senran Kagura: Estival Versus” on release, due to the game’s content and nature. And in my opinion, that is really saddening. Because There should be no need for any moral panic or such when it comes to games such as “Senran Kagura: Estival Versus”. And let´s be honest shall we? The Senran Kagura series just wouldn´t be the same without the fan service and the dirty jokes, dialogs and so on. I mean, just try imagine playing “Postal” without death and gore, or “Left 4 Dead” without monsters. Well, I sure can´t.

senran kagura estival versus

In my world, digital booty is perfectly fine. And so is the real version as well.

“Let’s See How Long It Takes Senran Kagura To Make You Uncomfortable” – Kotaku

So I find it to be somewhat funny that Kotaku (Mike Fahey) made a big issue out of the fact that “Senran Kagura: Estival Versus” offers a lot of fan service content (naked skin, booty a nd plenty of lewd moments). Well, to be exact. Mike Fahey (the author of the Kotaku post in question) made an attempt of both eating the cake and having the cake still. Please allow me to explain. It´s a pretty well-known fact among Senran Kagura fans (and Gamers in general) that the game (and anime) series offers a lot of fan service. So there is no need for any “at what point does Senran Kagura: Estival Versus make you uncomfortable?” or “Oh yeah, this is probably what you were worried about.For the record, time to panty shot, five minutes.”  warning signs. As it´s already pretty obvious facts for anyone who´s familiar with the “Senran Kagura” IP.

senran kagura estival versus kotaku

“Let’s See How Long It Takes Senran Kagura To Make You Uncomfortable” I didn´t feel uncomfortable at all 😉

Digital booty is a big no no in today’s Western SJW society

My point would be this. It’s like I would write an article about “Brutal Doom” and warn people throughout my post about the game´s violent content. Long story short, It just wouldn´t make any sense. And why is that? It´s because everyone who´s familiar with “Brutal Doom” (or Project Brutality. For that matter), knows more than well that extreme violence is a huge part of the game. So I´m having a hard time picturing “Senran Kagura: Estival Versus” without the fan service. And that would mean no more busty and sexy ladies and no more dirty dialogs and scenes. Simply put, if that was the case. Then it wouldn´t be a “”Senran Kagura” title anymore. It would be something “else”. And as you probably already know by now. There have been plenty of past “incidents” where games such as “Dead or Alive Xtreme 3” and “Street Fighter V” had “some” people up in arms over digital booty (which in many cases has resulted in censorship, boycotts and even no Western release).

senran kagura estival versus ryofu ikki tousen

“Senran Kagura” simply isn´t “Senran Kagura” without the fanservice.

And ask yourself the following question, would anyone even bother about the lewd content in “Senran Kagura: Estival Versu” if all the characters were male? I hardly doubt it. Especially since I can´t even recall the last time someone brought it up as an “issue”. Don´t get me wrong now, because I don´t see any problems with some digital eye candy for the ladies (or males for that matter). And who knows, Tamsoft and Marvelous Entertainment might even make a male version (DLC?) of Senran Kagura: Estival Versus in the future? (if the demand is high enough for it). Well, you get my point.

Tamsoft and Marvelous Entertainment cares about their fans

And in my opinion. People can say and think what they want about Tamsoft and Marvelous Entertainment, but you sure can´t deny the fact they really care about their fans and their IPs. In other words, they don´t bow down to any minority voices that complains about fan service and such. No, Marvelous and Tamsoft simply continue to make the games that they (and their fans) want. And that´s the way it should be. I should also mention that “Senran Kagura: Estival Versus” offers better DLC practices than most big AAA games do. And the title has plenty of fun multiplayer modes as well. And in all honesty, the “Senran Kagura” series was never meant to be taken seriously. It´s all about having fun really, and speaking of which. I wouldn´t be all that surprised to find out that there are quite a few female “Senran Kagura: Estival Versus” players out there.

senran kagura estival versus multiplayer modes

Yes, you will have tons of fun online as well.

senran kagura estival versus dlc

True that, as very few games offer good DLC practices nowadays.

So don´t let Kotaku´s article about “Senran Kagura: Estival Versus” scare you away from the game. No, instead you should watch some gameplay videos and read some reviews. And then shape your own opinion about the game. Personally though, I´m a fan of the game already. And in my book, Marvelous and Tamsoft deserves some kind of achievement for sticking to their guns (just like Play-Asia and Huniepot did last year, for example).

With that said, what do you think about “Senran Kagura: Estival Versus” so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!


I´m not a fan of Kotaku.

We follow Marvelous Entertainment on Twitter, and they follow us.

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27 Comments ON " Kotaku Vs the fan service in Senran Kagura: Estiva... "
  • Eric R

    Good read, Fuck Kotaku and their nonsense. Really glad this site exist and love the content you all produce, well written and on point. keep up the good work

  • Lord Graf

    Great read. Sad nost reviews haven’t pointed out that this game has better dlc practices than most games coming out

    • Zero Beat

      Yep, all of the first-day DLC is free. There’s more on the way, but it will be priced, though discounted packs are available. My only complaint is that Ayane from Dead or Alive is added, but not Kasumi.

      • Philip Weigel

        I think it’s because Ayane has the Yagyuu outfit in DOA5LR.

        • Zero Beat

          Every DoA girl except Alpha and guest characters got a Senran Kagura outfit. Kasumi got Asuka, for example. It seems that Ayane is the go-to for guest characters. Ayane is in every modern Ninja Gaiden game except Dragon Sword and also appeared in Fatal Frame 5, for example.

          • Philip Weigel

            Dunno, that’s my guess.

            Probably with the Ikki Tousen characters they didn’t want too many xover characters.

    • Thanks =) That´s sad but true yes, and it seems like quite a few reviewers has given the game a lower score due to the fan service…

  • Philip Weigel

    Ignore Kotaku, enjoy boobs, butts and Ryoma’s Masochistic tendencies.

    And Katsu-nee’s love of boobs. Seriously, you can’t argue with her “we’re at the beach, beaches means swimsuits and swimsuits means boobs!” logic.

    Is it wrong that I want to spank Ryoma? XD

    • Zero Beat

      Not according to her. If anything, she’ll complain if you don’t spank her hard enough.

      • Philip Weigel

        Of course! Remind me to get a paddle!

        • Get a really big one while you´re at it 😉

          • Philip Weigel

            BTW, have you gotten to kiss any of the girls yet? First one I got to kiss was Ryoma. XD

          • Sadly enough, I don´t own a PSV myself. So I only got a chance to play when I´m at my friends house. Any ways, I have kissed one girl so far. It wasn´t Ryoma though. I think it was Asuka.

          • Philip Weigel

            Well, Asuka’s cute too.

            I’ve gotten to kiss Hikage, Katsuragi, Ryona (not Ryoma), Ryobi and Yozakura. XD

          • Ah 😉 I have a thing for dark girls, so Homura is my fav.

          • Philip Weigel

            Homura’s a dork, but in a good way. XD

            One thing I have to say about the opening…

            No way do those girls wear white bikinis/swimsuits to the beach.

          • The best kind of dork 😉 Yeah? Why is that? 😛

          • Philip Weigel

            Because wet, white clothes are easy to see through.

            Granted, Katsu-nee wouldn’t mind, neither would Haruka.

            Hibari might not either, she’s being corrupted by Katsu-nee. XD

          • Ah xD Oh well, better luck next time I guess 😉

      • I need a gf like that for real xD

        • Philip Weigel

          Ryoma, Ryobi, Katsuragi, Hikage and Yozakura are my 5 faves.

          • Great picks 😉

          • Philip Weigel

            Of course, they’re also hilarious. XD

    • Boobs = Life 😉 So Katsu-nee knows what´s up :3 Well of course 😉 Nope, go for it 😉

  • Daryl Corey

    Tits are life, Ass is hometown, and kotaku are pants on the head retarded so fuck them figuratively I pity anyone that actually slept with one of those rejects that should have simply been stains of their mother’s backs

    • Haha! xD Wise words that 😉

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