In our previous article, we have speculated what the Nintendo NX might hold for us. And after some consideration, we thought it would be a good idea to talk about the positives about the Wii U console. However, before I do that I would like to mention (as I have mentioned briefly in my Nintendo NX opinion piece) that as far as I am with the current generation game systems. I am only a Nintendo 3DS owner at this time. And even though I do not own a Wii U at the moment. I would still like to share my thoughts on some of the positive aspects of the system. Never the less, I will mostly focus on the GamePad and some of the Wii U games from its library, as I find them to be really interesting.

The Wii U GamePad

wii u gamepad

The Wii U gamepad works really good for most of the Wii U games.

Despite the bulky size of the Wii U gamepad, I can see how it would make some features user-friendly. Well, as long as it was done right that is. If the touch screen is utilized as the DS family’s has been, then navigations through menus, maps, and inventories are just as easy, and I’m sure with titles such as Super Mario Maker the special features were designed with the GamePad in mind. The one function, however, I praise the Wii U for is the Off-TV Play. While not all games are compatible with this feature, I will say, out of personal experience of having to share the living room TV with the rest of the family, that this was a great idea worked in.

Virtual Consoles

pokemon red blue and yellow

Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow will be released to the 3DS on the 27th of February.

Like the Wii Nintendo has brought some of its most timeless games onto the eShop for the Wii U, with classic series, including Metroid, Super Mario, and Mega Man. They have also included GBA and DS titles to the list, so games such as Advance Wars, Fire Emblem (Rekka no Ken or The Sword of Flame), Golden Sun, and Wario Land 4 are up for purchase. I do find it strange. However, that portable games have been put up for sale for a home console, but then again, we have Xenoblade Chronicles for the New Nintendo 3DS. One of the biggest moments for the eShop has to be the cult classic Earthbound finally ported as a Virtual Console for the Wii U with the original Mother game, retitled Earthbound Beginnings, officially released shortly afterward. And with the idea that Nintendo “might” port GBA titles to the Wii U in the future, there is still some hope for an English localization for Mother 3.

earthbound beginnings

“Earthbound Beginnings” has been available for vritual consoles on the Wii U, since June last year.

Indie Games

While some of the Indie games have been ported to other consoles and PC the developers have brought quite a few titles to the Wii U, but two of them stand out the most as the popular titles for the system and one was quite a bit of a surprise.

Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse

shantae and the pirates curse

“Shantae and the pirate’s curse” is a really good platform/action adventure game.

I have played this game on my 3DS and I love the game for what it has to offer. The art design is fantastic with fluid (and sexy) animations and is well accompanied by a scripted filled with a sense of humor. It’s a fun game that tests your platforming and puzzle skills. The Pirate’s Curse was well received enough that Japan has a physical distribution going for this gem. Though the physical game is for the 3DS but that’s a hell of a success if you ask me.

Shovel Knight

shovel knight

“shovel knight” is a must play for anyone who love old-school action/platform games.

Another game I have (through PC this time.) and I loved it when I booted it up for the first time. The game gives you that nostalgia feeling of playing a classic pixel game back in the old days. This title will seriously test your skills for your gold, but it is worth it. And just like in the case with “The Pirate’s Curse”, Shovel Knight also received a physical distribution. And let´s not forget the awesome DLC “plague of shadows”, which gave us the great pleasure to play as the plague knight. So yes, this is most certainly no shovel ware that we´re dealing with here.

The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures

the angry video game nerd adventures

You don´t even have to be a fan of AVGN to enjoy “The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures”, because it´s a really good game, in my opinion (Robin).

While I have not played this game as of writing this piece, I will say that it was certainly a surprise that the game found its way into the Wii U’s digital library. The only thing I can say about this is that is f@$%ing awesome.

YouTube video: AVGN Adventures -Wii U- Launch Trailer

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

strife cloud super smash bros

Yep, Cloud will join the “Super Smash Bros.” rooster.

The series came back with some tweaked mechanics since Brawl, making the game more accessible for gamers who enjoy the fighting genre. Its roster has brought back some favorites from the past installments and added new characters such as Mega Man, Bowser Jr, and Duck Hunt (all “three” characters). DLC for the game has expanded this list with more than just costumes of popular characters for the Mii FIghters. It was brought back past fighters such as Mewtwo, Roy, and Lucas while adding surprise characters such as Ryu of Street Fighter as well as, as seen in the Final Presentation for Smash Bros., Cloud Strife of Final Fantasy VII, Corrin of Fire Emblem Fates, and Bayonetta.

In addition to the DLC, Nintendo has made it possible to Cross-Buy the content. So it would also be available for the player’s 3DS copy of Super Smash Bros, speaking of the 3DS console. I do find it to be rather interesting that Nintendo added a feature to use the handheld with a copy of Super Smash Bros. for 3DS as a controller for either preference or controller shortage. A 3DS owner would have to buy the Wii U controller app from the eShop if they don’t own a Smash copy, but $0.99 is a fair price for the moment.

Xenoblade Chronicles X

xenoblade chronicles x

“Xenoblade chronicles X” is most definitely worth buying if you enjoy action/RPG mecha games.

The game is a huge open world action/JRPG with very in-depth content. There appears to be so much in this game with quests, active abilities, sub abilities, classes (primary and sub), and grid based mining economy for the entire game world. Not only that but the game let’s you explore the open-world in mechs called Skells with no boundaries as far as I can see. The game is just open in both customization, battle preferences, and exploration, and again you can also do this all while piloting GIANT MECHS.

YouTube video: Xenoblade Chronicles X – Launch Trailer (Wii U)


splatoon team

Splatoon alone makes it worth buying a Wii U imo.

Splatoon is an unorthodox third-person shooter if I ever saw one. The game is unique with its fresh style in gameplay and setting. You play as a kid who is a squid on a humorous mission of getting the Zapfish back from enemy hands. Multiplayer is the main attraction of the game, turing secure terrain gameplay into something bizarre and fun. Capturing territory by painting the stage with colored ink while using said ink to refuel, hide, and quickly maneuver around the arena is something you don’t see everyday unless you own the game. The music is very catchy (hard to get fuel the Melody out of your head after you hear it.), the gameplay looks innovating, and the humor is strong with this one, especially when the Squid Sisters start talking trash.

Super Mario Maker

super mario maker

“Super Mario Maker” is a HUGE deal on both Youtube and Twitch for let´s players.

This game takes a modder’s pastime and turns it into a game. The editing tools implemented in the game were originally supposed to be used as development software for future Super Mario games and now we get to use them to create the levels we wanted to make easily, from the original Super Mario Bros. to the New series. From what levels I’ve seen they look entertaining, but some people have made some sadistic entries. And coincidently Super Mario Maker has produced the funniest Markiplier moment I’ve seen next to how his Dead Space 2 Let’s Play ended.

YouTube video: Markiplier: ALL HOPE IS LOST – Mario Maker #3

And there are still more games to come to the Wii U.

Star Fox Zero

star fox zero

“Star Fox Zero” will be released to Wii U in April this year.

Star Fox Zero brings back Fox, Falco, Peppy, Slippy, and R.O.B. 64 once again along with the classic gameplay, with some new control schemes and new-vehicle features. The Arwing now has a Walker mode as seen in the unreleased (at least as far as an official one goes) Star Fox 2 for Super Nintendo, and the Landmaster has a brand-new aerial mode called the Gravmaster, making it a flying tank.

Genei Ibun Roku #FE

genei ibun roku fe

“Genei Ibun Roku #FE” got released in Japan last year. The West won´t see the game before sometime this year though.

The Atlus X Intelligent Systems collaboration appears if Persona was combined with JPop music videos and Fire Emblem. The Gameplay looks similar to the current Persona games with new additions such as ally team-up via selecting certain skills. While the gameplay does look like it came from a Persona/Shin Megami Tensei the art direction is bright with stylish designs for environments and character models.

Pokken Tournament

pokken tournament pikachu libre

The moment when Pikachu goes libre!

While the concept of a fighting style Pokemon game has been done before (with Pokemon Type Wild) Pokken takes the battles to a Tekken style tournament. With this game coming out of Japan, along with a game specific control pad, fans can battle and compete in a Pokemon tournament like it was Heihachi’s birthday. The Wii U may have had a rough start, but it is having a good run at the moment with fans still having fun with the system. The Nintendo NX’s big announcement may be on its way, possibly this year, but that’s not going to stop the Wii U from generating some fun in the time being.

What are your thoughts on the Wii U’s hardware and library, and how do you think the console will hold up when the Nintendo NX is announced?

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David Lucas
The Gaming Ground
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