Even though It´s been less than two days since it became publicly (and officially) known that Nintendo had removed Alison Rapp from her duties at Treehouse, it´s once again time for yet another Treehouse scandal (there seems to be no end to Nintendo´s PR nightmare…). However, this time it´s not related to Rapp. No, instead it´s Nich Maragos (Nintendo localizer at Treehouse) that has started a lot of fuss on Twitter. So, what did Maragos do? Well, obviously he thought that it would be a good idea to tell people to avoid Marvelous Games and Tamsoft´s “Senran Kagura” series like the plague (the tweets are from 2013 and 2014, so Maragos made those statements before he joined Treehouse. However, the tweets have just started spread all over the place):

nich maragos vs senran kagura

Oh, another “conflict of interest” case involving Nich Maragos. How…nice.

So I take it that Maragos haven´t learned a single thing from neither his own nor Rapp´s previous mistakes, as he keeps on stacking up new conflict of interest cases to his name. Quite frankly, I think it´s about time that Nintendo makes kicks-off a big spring clean operation at the Treehouse HQ. As it seems like the Treehouse wood is rotten to the core…And just for the record, Maragos is a big hypocrite. Because back in 2014 he uploaded a video called “Nich Maragos – #roomforeveryone” (I´ll get to the point shortly). And in the video he talked about “the fear that social justice issues are in danger of killing gaming, and explains why it’s not founded.”. In short, back in 2014 Maragos was against having loud minorities telling game developers and publishers what they could and couldn´t do with their games. However, shortly after that he had uploaded that video in 2014, Maragos became the right opposite to that (thus his statements about censorship and anti fan service).

And even though Maragos tweets about “Senran Kagura” are from 2013 and 2014. I hardly doubt that Maragos has changed his mind about “Senran Kagura” since then, as he continues to drop statements about censoring naked skin in video games. Well, let´s just say that I don´t agree with his views. And personally, I think that developers should be able to create whatever games they want (let the free market decide who will fail and who will succeed). I would also like to point out that Maragos has made his tweets hidden and protected from the private eye, and since we are blocked by Maragos on Twitter as well. It´s rather hard for me to see if Maragos have responded to his old tweets about “Senran Kagura” (I will try to reach out to him via mail instead).

Nevertheless, I would still like to know if whether or not Maragos holds the same thoughts about “Senran Kagura” (that people shouldn´t buy any of the “Senran Kagura” games) today. I hardly doubt that he would go on record about that though, as Nintendo wouldn´t like the fact that his telling people to avoid buying a Nintendo product…(as that would mean less money for Nintendo). Any ways, if you want to get in touch with Nintendo about this matter. Then call them on “877-803-3676” (it´s their US consumer services supervisor phone number) .

With that said, what do you think about all of this? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below! 


Nich Maragos supports Andrea Ritsu who smeared Fire Emblem: Fates Part 1
Nich Maragos supports Andrea Ritsu who smeared Fire Emblem: Fates Part 2
Nich Maragos part 1
Nich Maragos part 2

Conflict of Interest Between Nich Maragos and Aevee Bee
Nich Maragos supports Andrea Ritsu
Andrea Ritsu´s lies about “Fire Emblem: Fates”
Nich Maragos likes censorship

This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The Gaming Ground´s) opinions.

We are friends of Marvelous Games and Play-Asia (both of which are tied to the “Senran Kagura” series).

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55 Comments ON " Treehouse´s Nich Maragos tells people not to buy a... "
  • Robot Maid

    I really can’t tell with any of these people anymore. Are they aware that they’re holding differing views simultaneously or not?

    • It´s hard to tell, since most of them don’t seem to be all that self aware.

  • Kotamaku

    In second archive link, Nich is asked if he was only wanting Nis to localize the game and he says he forgot about them in his tweet. It seems he didn’t want any group to localize it, most likely cause he believes the game is sexist cause tits. It’s amazing how much this small group at nintendo is trying to fuck things up for them so much.

    • bob

      I must say though, they are doing a magnificent job of turning me off as a customer, besides Mario games, the only games I ever pick up are the niche 3rd party games, and even those get wash of censorship too.

  • Robot Zombie Games

    I’m purchasing the first game just to see Nich cry like the baby he is.
    Nintendo are gonna be annoyed with this twat

    • Have tons of fun 😉 Hehe, don´t forget to tweet him some nice pictures ^_^

  • MusouTensei

    Treehouse needs to be purged and Nintendo needs to give localizers much less freedom and controls them more to make sure no more of the super duppity waggle waggle … bullshit happens anymore. One could say it’s pretty bad PR.

    • Sevuz

      I agree. The way Treehouse operates does not benefit anyone beside their own personal point of view. People have not been asking for more censorship and those who do are not fans of the games to begin with. Gamers want’s the games as they were intended. If Treehouse can’t understand that they need to keep their own personal feelings at home, debate forums or make they own game with those ideas, they should not be in this industry to begin with.

  • Philip Weigel

    Good thing I don’t care about this guy’s opinions. I already own all five titles in the series.

    • Djarke

      wait. burst… deep crimson… shinovi versus…. estival versus… what’s the other one? i think i missed that.

      oh! i just found out! that cooking rhythm game. bon apetite. yep got that one too.

      • Philip Weigel

        Yep. I admit I haven’t played Burst through and I got burned out playing both Deep Crimson and Shinovi Versus so I haven’t played Estival Versus much yet.

        It’s why I haven’t finished Bon Apetite yet, though I find what happened to Daidouji hilarious.

        Funny enough, I finally beat Rin in BA when I used Ryona-chan. XD

    • I take it that you´re a hardcore fan of the series then? :3

      • Philip Weigel

        I wouldn’t say “hardcore” (because if I was I wouldn’t have such trouble remembering the Hejibo and Gessin girls at times), but more like enthusiastic and dedicated fan.

        • Ah xD Well, that´s awesome too :3

  • Immahnoob

    We found out about this quite sometime ago though… Like, a month ago with #TorrentialDownpour.


    • I must have missed out on that part. I did notice something else that I haven´t seen as well. Maragos pinned a tweet on his Twitter profile saying “I won´t answer any questions about Nintendo, and I will block anyone who keeps on asking questions about Nintendo”. Well, something like that.

      • Immahnoob

        Because he can’t, otherwise he’ll get fired from Treehouse.

        • True, I guess that´s why his Patreon page is set to private as well.

  • inquisitormcsagington


    • That would be the idea, yes 😉

  • Leo Lee

    I might actually buy this game now.
    Can we burn the treehouse to the fucking ground?

    • Have fun with the game 😉 As for Treehouse, I think they have set themselves on fire pretty much. So just watch them burn down to the ground from a distance instead.

  • ECM

    The only reason I own a few of these games is *because of* people like this–looks like I’ll have to pick one up for Vita tonight, too.

    • Sounds like a great idea to me ^_^

  • Last I remembered, a portion of all software sales goes to the console manufacturer. Even if he made those statements before joining Treehouse, saying something like that should sound off warning bells to Nintendo. In his position as someone who has a hand in bringing the games to market, he’s basically telling Nintendo “You can make money. Just not THAT money. It’s dirty and GROSS.” Money is money, no matter where it’s coming from, and that’s money Nintendo also makes. To top it all of, his position in Treehouse now, while saying this back then, paints an even damning picture of Nintendo only caring about themselves, something that Nintendo has been trying their damnedest to not be portrayed as (poorly) since the N64 days. It might be one guy, but he represents a company, no matter how much “his opinion are his own.”

  • Anon

    Not even remotely surprised considering how cancerous the Treehouse is

    • I have a feeling that the whole studio is full of people like Maragos (like minded people).

  • iceloops123

    i think its very silly why soemone that was going to work at nitendo say no to nintendo games

    • ToasterStrudel

      Nintendo didn’t make the game, so even if it’s on the 3DS, it’s not a Nintendo game in itself

  • British_Otaku

    Hmm… I think you should held onto this piece till you got a proper response about this from Nich. There is naturally more out there than 2013 and 2014 tweets but asking or collecting more recent messages could give us a better picture.

    Can’t compliment his stuff on SK back then especially as they are the great action games that Nintendo and others aren’t making for portables. Still think it is best to have an exchange first rather than be accused of being part of something.

    The title you have also implies that he recently (as in SK:EV in the west or Japan) discouraged people. Leave nothing to chance if possible.

    • Yes. However, Maragos have blocked us on Twitter and he has locked down his Twitter as well (it also seems like his been deleting quite a few tweets as of lately). I also tried to find an e-mail to contact him, but I´m not quite sure which e-mail to contact him by (http://www.thegia.com/about/ ?). And I hardly doubt that he would like to discuss this matter via any Treehouse e-mail address…

      Yes, I will see what I can find. That was my mistake, the tweets were marked as in April 2016. So I had to change that on the fly as soon as I realized that. True, so I will do my very best.

  • Is he gay?

    • bob

      He wishes he was. Nah I’m just kidding, like every SJW, he’s probably a closet homophobe who pretends to care about gay people.

    • I have no idea…

  • oVg versus

    I cant get enough of this game. The crazy colours, the excellent writing, the loveable and memorable characters, the cool casual yet addictive gameplay, its not afraid of itself.

    The only complaint I have and not a single person has mentioned this. The swearing is a little forced 😛

    Maybe we should start a petition to remove swearing from all violent R Rated movies. That was sarcasm. While we are at it lets remove butt slaps from porn…

  • Typical nu-male garbage. Why do they all look the same, too? Fucking pathetic.

  • bob

    No surprise that Nintendo’s recent overzealous censorship had something to do with these kind of people.

    When is the media in general gonna tighten up their ship, and realize these social justice hypocrites are only damaging the gaming hobby and freedom of expression, and just plain injecting their toxic agendas into places they don’t belong,like game translations?

    People like this make me want to vote for Trump, just because he hates them as much as I do, for same reason I do.

  • Franchezco Marice Lamont

    As someone who’s not a lot into fanservice, the gameplay is pretty whack and cool.

    • The gameplay is pretty darn whack indeed =)

  • Already own both Senran Kagura games on 3DS played over 500 hours combined.
    I also have the two versus games. Sorry but this series is my favorite new IP this gen.

    • 500 hours? Wow, that´s a lot! Hehe, no need to be sorry 😉

  • mastergodai

    Get that bum Outta Here!

  • Sevuz

    Maragos sounds very unprofessional. This is childish and stupid and proofs that he is not fit to work in the gaming industry.

    • I think his mentally ill, because he has switched back and forth from being anti-SJW to being an SJW for the last 2-3 years.

      • Sevuz

        Yeah I believe that.

  • Jorge Tavani

    what a moral fag kill yourself

  • Flying Zeroroute

    The fact that he helped bring some of the finest RPGs stateside makes this feel ironic in a way http://www.mobygames.com/developer/sheet/view/developerId,318261/

    • True, I wonder why he turned out the way he did? Did he go through some kind of life trauma perhaps?

  • Fear Me I Am Free

    And this guys works for fucking Treehouse. Jesus Christ, they need to purge that division because it’s clear they have no idea what the fuck they are doing.

    • As for now at least, because I haven´t heard any word on him leaving Treehouse. So I take it that Treehouse will continue to create more madness and scandals in the future…

  • John Smith.

    Nintendo is a joke. It’s staffed by idiots who live in a giant fucking echo chamber where the only thing they hear is their sound of their own praise for themselves while producing endless imperfect clones of old franchise games while driving away 3rd party developers with their demands for “innovative” gimmicks.

    • Yep, and it´s getting worse for each day that goes by. And that Nich dude is one hell of a slippery slop kind of person…Because first he was an anti-SJW, now his one of the biggest SJW/cucks in the whole damn industry.

      • John Smith.

        This is pure speculation and heresy, but most male Feminists and SJWs look and sound like they’ll say anything and I do mean anything to get someone to spread their legs for them.
        They can’t get a girl the normal way so they’ll bend over backwards and stab their own gender in the back because they hope the feminists they help will feel obligated to give them five minutes of fun in exchange for their boot licking.

        • Well, that´s because that is exactly how it is. Just take Josh or Paul Feig. All these cucks and SJWs look, dress and talk the same. They are the kind of people that would get beaten up in high-school, get friendzoned and get zero action with the ladies (beta as fu** baby!).

          And here´s the truth of the day, ladies WANT alpha males (like Sharn from “The Walking Dead”).

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