Cygames, Inc. and Arc System Works “Granblue Fantasy: Versus” is a continuation of the “Granblue” series (which just happens to be a series which I’ve never heard of), and is a pretty impressive fully-voiced visual novel, RPG, and fighting game all in one bundle!

And as if that wasn’t already awesome enough as it is, it also features quite a bit of animated sequences as well, much in the style of “Guilty Gear”.

granblue fantasy versus the super sexy and thick metera

“Granblue Fantasy: Versus” does have quite a few cute and beautiful female characters who easily could snag one or two waifu of the year awards with no doubt (females such as Metera, for example, as seen in the picture in front of you right now).

Furthermore, the story in “Granblue Fantasy: Versus” will probably be more accessible to players of previous episodes (or possibly even the anime), but it’s not too bad. Besides, there is a dictionary that gives some information about the characters. It’s also worth mentioning that more info is added as you progress through the main story.

granblue fantasy versus cute characters

There is a wide variety of different characters which you can fight as (or against) in “Granblue Fantasy: Versus” (Cygames, and Arc System Works got quite creative with this game for sure).

So, with the story part out of the way. The actual game itself could be split into two parts. The RPG/visual novel/story side, and the “multiplayer” fighting game section.

As cool as the multiplayer mode might sound though, I strongly advice you to play the fighting mode first. “Why is that?” So you might ask yourself right now. That’s because if you think you’ll be able to play against other people online, then forget it.

granblue fantasy versus some weird creatures to fight

There are a variety of weird creatures and monsters to fight against in the game’s story mode. So if you’re into slaying monsters and whatnot, then you got quite a lot of monster-slaying to look forward to in GFV.

You see, the multiplayer side of “Granblue Fantasy: Versus” is dead… Fortunately enough for you and me though, you can still play against the computer, or another human player on the same computer.

And while being at it, “Guilty Gear” does seem to have inspired a lot of this mode. Because instead of the “Heaven or Hell” intro, you get “Believe in Victory” instead and all fights start with a little animated section, as well as for the victor and the end of the game.

granblue fantasy versus the characters are animated very nicely

GFV’s characters are animated very nicely and all, but you can’t quickly skip the in-game text if you want to…

Moving forward. You get the usual options for a fighting game – a wide variety of characters to chose from, and a decent amount of locations too.  Computer difficulty can also be defined. The gameplay is perfectly fine and everything is nice and smooth with both characters nicely animated.

The other part (and probably the only real reason for getting the game), is the RPG/visual novel mode.

granblue fantasy versus stage complete

You will see this screen once you have completed a stage and your character gets upgraded, and since everything is pretty straightforward. You got nothing to worry about really (no head scratches needed!).

Both of which I’m going to try to break it all down for you here and now with the best of my ability. With that said, the gameplay is split between the nicely animated visual novel section (which has a fair few of the standard options for the type of game (but strangely omits a skip text function), and an objective-based fighting section.

granblue fantasy versus a very cute girl

The boss fights are pretty darn awesome in “Granblue Fantasy: Versus”, and the very first boss fight in the game is against Katalina (who is a female and a former imperial knight who’s armed with a long saber).

As for moves, attacks, and such. Well, you gradually are introduced to all the moves you can perform (some of which are overly complicated) as you progress through the early part of the story.

However, by default, even after that you finish the first section of the game, you are still given tips, which can be handy, although if you’re not interested in those, they can be turned off.

granblue fantasy versus weapon grid

Say hello to the weapon grid screen (which you can access in the RPG mode in “Granblue Fantasy: Versus”).

Nice indeed, but what about weapons then? Well, once you complete a stage, your character’s experience increases, and you’re awarded some loot, including possibly some new weapons that can be used in place of your default sword.

Weapons can be upgraded if they haven’t reached their current skill level (and you have enough money), whilst the skill level of weapons can be increased if you have enough appropriate crystals.

granblue fantasy versus do you win or do you lose

This is one of the screens that you see once you’ve beaten an opponent into oblivion.

In addition to upgradable weapons, there is also the ability to gain support skills (which are activated with two buttons), and a character as an assistant.

It should also be noted that the game requires several connections to an online server, which could render the game mostly unusable if the publishers decide to close any (or all of them)…

granblue fantasy versus metera vs some dude

“Granblue Fantasy: Versus” got a lot to offer, and that includes everything from lovely visuals, music, voice acting, to a great story and character roster.

Even so, all in all, “Granblue Fantasy: Versus” is a visually appealing and interesting 2D fighting/RPG/VN with no doubt. However, it is an expensive game for what you get…Especially as there is little to no online play, and getting it just for playing against AI opponents wouldn’t be worth it.

It could also be said that the RPG/visual side of the game isn’t really worth the 50+ euros either…But, if the high price is no big deal for you, then you might want to pick-up “Granblue Fantasy: Versus” and give it a go.

+ Lovely graphics., and the game is very nicely animated too.
+ The game’s music and voice acting is very well done.
+ The characters move fluidly.
+ Story is good (if somewhat predictable).
+ There is a handful of cute, thick, and beautiful female fighters in the game.

– Expensive.
– Lots of “connecting to server” windows.
– Various extras require further payment.
– Chances of finding anyone online are remote.
– Many DLC’s.

Gameplay: 4/5
Graphics :4/5
Sound and music: 4/5
Controls: 4/5
Replay value: 3/5
Story: 3/5

tgg grade 4 out of 5

Verdict: 4/5
Despite being a very interesting game, with lovely graphics and music, “Granblue Fantasy: Versus”is still over-priced taken either as a whole or as two separate games (no matter if you’re a fan of the series or not). However, if it’s ever in a sale, it would certainly be worth picking up.

Title: Granblue Fantasy: Versus
Developer: Cygames, Inc., Arc System Works
Format: PC
Genre:  RPG/Visual novel/Fighting
Resolution: User-defined
Release date: 2020-03-13
Difficulty: User-defined
Spent time: + 2 hours
Average grade internationally: N/A (the reviews are very positive via Steam though)
PEGI age rating:
Price: 54.59 Euros (from Steam)

Robin Ek – Editor

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The Gaming Ground
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