The censorship madness continues

*Deep sigh*I honestly can´t contain my deep disappointment and frustration in the case with “Criminal Girls 2” and it´s censorship in the West anymore, because as you might remember. I wrote about “Criminal Girls 2” and NISA´s plans to censor the game back in June this year. Well, guess what? According to a localization editor at NISA half of the motivation images for Criminal Girls 2 have been censored:

“Ahoy all, I have an update. Because I don’t want to be caught with my foot in my mouth, I thought it appropriate to go in and check how many Motivation scenes were edited. My first estimate of “half” was in the middle of the process, so the information I had was not perfect. Now that we are near release, I have more solid data. This is still an estimate, as I am not looking at the final game rom, but based on the best information that I have available at this time: More than half of the total Motivation scenes have been edited in some way.

The overwhelming majority of these edits, something like 30 in total (including regular and Knighted outfits), were just removing chains/ropes. I found approximately 10 instances of more noticeable changes, such as changing a pose or adding clothes (mostly involving Mizuki and Kuroe). In short, more than half of the Motivation images were changed, but most of the changes were just removing visible restraints. As always, I encourage those who are interested in the specifics of the changes to view the website and trailers that NISA has released, as those will give you a good example of what will be found in-game.” – Alex (aka Prinny Supervisor) localization editor at NISA, via NIS America´s forum

And keep in mind that Alex (Aka “Prinny Supervisor”) pointed out that “This is still an estimate”. In other words, there could be even further censorship in the final version of “Criminal Girls 2” in the West (the game is set for a September release in EU and the States for PS Vita). Sure, I can´t speak for everyone else now…But I don´t get the point behind localization a Japanese niche game title in the West if you intend to censor most of the game´s content? At least that makes no sense to me. Then again, NISA admitted not so long ago that it was cheaper to censor CG2 before submitting it to the ERSB…So in my opinion, someone else should have been given the “Criminal Girls 2” Western licence instead of NISA (like PQUBE Games, for example).

So I most definitely understand why Gamers in the West are so upset with having a heavily censored version of “Criminal Girls 2” (why should we pay full price for a censored game?). Even so, there are people at sites such as NeoGaf that not only welcomes censorship like this, but they also demand more censorship. Furthermore, the games industry is suffering from a serious case of PC and SJW cancer, and that´s also the main reason behind why we have a lot of censorship, SJW/feminist/PC politics injected into our games (I never liked, supported or approved any content of that kind, and I fight against content like that whenever I can). Nevertheless, there is hope to be found. As more and more Gamers are starting to get fed up with having censorship, and SJW/PC/Feminist shoved down their throats (especially since we´re also said to pay for content of that kind).

criminal girls 2 nis america four changes

“I bet that “Criminal Girls 2″ will even more censorship in the West…” – I was right.

I guess that´s just one of the many reasons why a lot of people have started to import Japanese games via sites such as Play-Asia instead (to avoid censorship). However, that´s simply a work around solution. As the censorship will continue in the West for as long as we allow it to do so. That´s also why we need to let publishers and Western localization studios like NIS America and Treehouse know that we´re not okay with having our games heavily censored. So I think it´s time for us to vote with our wallets (we are in the middle of a culture war).

And with that said, what´s your take on this matter? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!


Nisamerica´s forum
Criminal Girls 2 on Youtube
NISA agrees it was cheaper to censor CG2 before submitting it to the ERSB
Alex (aka “Prinny Supervisor”) – Localization Editor at NISA


This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The Gaming Ground´s) opinions.

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38 Comments ON " NIS America appears to have censored half of the m... "
  • darkgamer001

    I’ve said it before on other sites and I’ll say it again
    A gaming site needs to contact the ESRB….IMMEDIATELY…and try to get them to come out on the costs of submission and, more importantly…re-submission.
    Bonus points if anyone gets them to comment on the pre-emptive censorship that some devs CLAIM to be doing in order to avoid that dreaded AO rating.
    Let me get this straight. I firmly believe NISA is in the wrong here, not the ESRB. But the ESRB is being used as a boogeyman here, and unless they come out and clarify things, there will be ppl who will continue to use them as an excuse

    • I´m on the case 😉

      • darkgamer001

        That’s great to hear! I’m definitely going to be looking forward to their response.

        • Thank you =) I will do my best 😉

  • Pixel Girl

    Are they stupid?!
    I don’t get it at all

    • It´s like importing a really fine Japanese beer, then they mess it all up and re-release it as the “localized” version…

      • Brandon’s Polezniye Duraki

        Criminal Girls, a really fine Japanese Beer?

        Are you fucking kidding me?

        Why not call it Okezi One Cup Sake that has been watered down after being accused of being liquor for homeless, university students and NEETs in an attempt to curry points with the temperance groups that have a hand in donating to food and drink journalists looking to get a couple of brownie points and said journalists have a lot of pull in saying what you should buy.

        That is what the localized version of Criminal girls is like, a watered down sake that has a notorious reputation for drawing in the worst kind of pond scum.

        • You do realize that it´s a matter of taste right? Even if you presented to me the finest wine in the world, I would still think that it tasted like shit, as I don´t like wine. Furthermore, what the hell are you babbling on about? Ah ha, I see. You’re that guy who drops crappy comments all over Niche´s place.

          • Brandon’s Polezniye Duraki

            I don’t mind having unpopular opinions. But what I am saying is the journalists have more pull than we do. Given the recent stunt involving Mirage Sessions and how even Polygon and We got this covered basically shilled Mirage Sessions despite being a game that they would normally compare to shovelware. I am inclined to believe that this is both an attempt to cover their ass from the cucked European countries and keeping the journalists as happy as possible.

            To relate to this, I am gonna quote Razorfist here: “Their lips are perpetually puckered to the anus of Television Critics and Television Critics alone. Audience Interaction, what audience interaction? So long as the black turtleneck triad and the editorial staff at the New York Times has a Shitrock Stiffy, everything is Copacetic.”


            Now replace New York Times with IGN/Gamespot/Polygon/A Journalist site that makes more than The GG and there is the problem with censorship is it is no longer to prevent us from uppity government conservatives but to keep these guys happy and they have to if you want to keep having games reviewed. IF got blacklisted because of pumping out one poor JRPG after another by Gamespot so you can wave goodbye to ad revenue and bonuses for having your game covered by a big media corp.

          • “You’re that guy who drops crappy comments all over Niche´s place.”

            Indeed, he is.

            He’s an SJW who pretends to be anti-SJW. In the case of Criminal Girls, he really does let his mask slip.

            Keep that in mind. ; )

          • I think he has a handful of accounts as well. As these kind of comments always comes in pairs. Hehe, gotcha 😉

  • MusouTensei

    I see they want to rival Nintendo. Why do they even bother bringing this over at all? At least IFI has clear rules, if it needs to be censored they will not localize it, I rather support that than actual censorship.
    Like the 1st game, I will buy this used eventually, #NoMoneyForCensorship

    • Brandon’s Polezniye Duraki

      Because there isn’t many options for NISA and NIS made the move to make such games and NISA knows how badly they got burnt for bring your favorite games over from companies who makes more than you.

      So thanks to companies like IF, they ruined the perception of their industry like how people conflates idols with JPOP. Not that none of us bother to stop consuming it.

      • MusouTensei


        • Brandon’s Polezniye Duraki

          They made the bed. Now they gotta get fucked on it.

  • Migi

    They should have just subbed the asian version and not bother with a hacked up version.

    • That would have been a much better option, yes…

  • John Smith.

    For the SJWs, this is a win/win situation, but to us its a Lose/Lose situation.
    If sales of JP lewd games drops because of censorship, importors can smugly claim there is no market for these game so who bother importing them, however if the sales are good they can claim censoring the games is okay because people are still buying them.

    • Yes, that would be the down side of it all. That´s also why I hope that PQube games will get more Japanese publishing rights in the West.

      • John Smith.

        Only way to ensure it, write the companies and tell them you’d prefer it if they’d use PQube instead of NIS.

        • That´s what I plan to do 😉

      • Brandon’s Polezniye Duraki

        I think the major problem with Japan is they are too big company minded. They are not going to listen to journalists without a modest budget. 1000-2000 viewers is basically peanuts compared to IGN and Polygon and guess who they are gonna listen to.

        • The ones who buys their games?

          • Brandon’s Polezniye Duraki

            The ones who they pay to basically advertise their game

          • You mean like Gawker who got burned down to the ground? Or IGN who´s losing readers to alternative sites?

            “basically advertise their game” – There are Streamers and Youtubers that have a bigger impact on sales than they do.

          • Brandon’s Polezniye Duraki

            Japanese media is slow to adopt or refuses to adopt. Stupid old cranky bastards.

  • Lucas Prilliman

    NeoGAF sucks.

    • Yes, they sure do, and that´s also where Nich Margos likes to roam.

  • burdebc

    Unfortunately the only uncensored version seems to be the Japanese version which only has Japanese subtitles. If this is the case I will probably pick up the US version used to keep from paying NIS America for their censorship.

    I know this won’t happen, but everyone would win if they released an AO version in the US for those of us who can handle the idea of bondage and a little extra skin.

    • That would be correct, that would be a good plan for sure. True that, and like I´ve said to people before. This kind of censorship for a niche title like CG2 makes no sense at all. I mean, it´s like I would remove the guns, cars or music from GTA…

  • Similar situation to Blade & Soul. We were promised by the developers prior that the game would arrive to the West uncensored, but the pissing scum of a localization company decided to butcher it to death.

    The type of censorship they made in that game highly suggests that SJW-feminism was at play. For example, giving the female characters “girl power” poses on this character creation screen. (in the original Korean version they were feminine sultry poses).

    And surprise surprise – when people tried to bring this issue up in the forums, a lot of it got censored or threads closed by the mods.

    It was a shame because it was one of the games I was looking forward to.

    As for Criminal Girls 2, it’s simply ridiculous the amount of work that’s been put in to CENSOR the damn game. Consider it ruined for the West. People who care about the video games industry should not give a single penny for the Western version of this game.

    SJW/feminist ideologues need to go and fucking die in a fire.

    • John Smith.

      I wonder if there will even be a game to play once they’re done hacking away at it.

      • Well apparently “the gameplay is what matters” line seems to be thrown around by the NISA censorship apologists.

    • Wait, what? “Blade & Soul” has been censored as well? :S Ah great -_- Yes, in the damn napalm pit!

      • Yes, the North American version has been censored. Or just “edited” as the censorship apologists would say.

        I haven’t been keeping up with the censorship log of this game, but from what I remember, dialogue was altered, names altered, some female poses changed, some female costumes censored. Basically done to depict women in a “positive” manner.

        I don’t think it’s as badly censored as the Chinese version (virtually all the female skin got covered up in this one to make it “family-friendly”), but then again like I said I have not been keeping up with the log of changes made.

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