I know that I have written plenty of cosplay articles in the past (and the same can also be said about interviews). However, I haven’t exactly written all that much about thick cosplayers (aka “plus-size” models). I guess that’s also the reason why people have told me that it would be nice if I could bring up some plus-size cosplayers as well (I’ve seen quite a few comments like that as of lately), and I agree with that to 100%.

In the matter of fact, I actually like thick girls the most. So I promise that I will try to do a better job on the thickness front from this day forwards 😉 And speaking of which, less than one hour ago I spotted a really sexy swimsuit cosplay of Mei from “Overwatch” by Mariah Mallad (aka “Momokun“). Well, I think it’s safe to say that Mallad counts as a very thick cosplayer, and you don’t even have to take my word for it either. “And why is that?” It’s simple really, because you can check out Mallad’s sexy Mei pictures for yourselves down below 😉

mariah mallad sexy mei swimsuit cosplay overwatch front pose

I don’t know about you, but I love thick girls :3

mariah mallad sexy mei swimsuit cosplay overwatch bakside and front

Mallad really is as thick as Mei, and she looks a whole lot like her as well.

mariah mallad sexy mei swimsuit cosplay overwatch sitting down pose

That’s pure cosplay love right there.

I just remembered that I actually got a fun and true story to tell about Mallad and her thickness. You see, I once told her on Twitter that she shouldn’t lose any more weight, because I thought that it would ruin her thickness (I’m looking for that tweet as we speak).Well, I don’t know if she saw my tweet, but from the looks of it. Mallad has not become less thick since the last time I saw her. So I take it that she has managed to keep her sexy thickness intact.

mariah mallad sexy mei swimsuit cosplay overwatch sexy thick pose

Extra thick, extra awesome!

mariah mallad sexy mei swimsuit cosplay overwatch thick pose

And the thickest cosplay of the year award goes to? 😉

I would also like to point out that Mallad has done plenty of other cosplays besides her Mei cosplay, and I’m talking about everything from  Samus Aran (“Metroid”), Lucoa (Dragon Maid) Camilla (“Fire Emblem Fates“) to morrigan (“Darkstalkers”). So in a way I guess that you could say that Mallad has brought some thickness love into the world of cosplay :3 That’s also why I’m curious to see what she will come up with next. Oh well, time will tell As for here and now though, I have added some pictures of Mallad’s old Mei cosplays down below. So I hope that you will love them just as much as I do 😉

mariah mallad sexy mei cosplay overwatch full suit

Mallad sure nailed down her Mei cosplay like a boss.

mariah mallad sexy mei swimsuit cosplay overwatch bedroom pose

Thickness and sexiness overkill.

mariah mallad sexy mei cosplay overwatch sexy sitting down pose

She’s soooo cute :3

mariah mallad sexy mei cosplay overwatch tracksuit pose

I can’t speak for everyone else now, but Mallad’s cosplay of Mei is one of my top five favourites.

It's Mariah Mallad super sexy Mei cosplay.

The all so famous virgin killer sweater.

And with that said, what do you think about Mallad‘s Mei cosplay? And do you think that we should do an interview with her? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!

Mariah Mallad’s social media pages:

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52 Comments ON " Mariah Mallad just made a really sexy swimsuit cos... "
  • yghj

    Instant boner 🙂

  • TwoLiterSoda

    She’s a beautiful woman for sure. Plus sized woman should feel confident like she does as long as their weight isn’t unhealthily heavy. Great cosplayer and a sweet girl that I have had the pleasure to meet at a past convention. Keep it up!

    • I think so =) I don’t get why “some” people are salty as hell about her though :S

  • FelixUnger

    I never understood the whole cosplay stuff, why do adults do that?? Playing dress up is for little kids isn’t it?

    • heavenshitman1

      Because fantasy in real life is fun. In genuine honesty. I wish cosplay dresswear (ESPECIALLY of this calibre) should be everyday style for everyone everywhere.
      My number 1 reason for attending any gaming anime convention is pretty much to see girls parading around in stunning extravagance.
      Where I live in Australia, too many girls are ‘bogans’ for lack of a better general term. Aggressive, non-effeminate, rough etc..

      • Dear god…It’s that bad in Australia? :S

        • heavenshitman1

          Either that or my life’s cursed. I’d figure living a middle-class life I’d have witnessed a few more princesses.

          You tell me, find a social site and search Australia, or Adelaide where I’m from

          • Bloody hell…So the rumors that I’ve heard is true? (it’s said that Australian women are far worse than UK and the US women). I’m sorry to hear it man. I can’t say that I’m much better of in Sweden. Hell, I’ve been single for years now (and yet I look very good).

          • heavenshitman1

            I feel for you.
            I got a family, but my relationship life is a long story and an uninspiring one.

            Lo-and-behold, my partner is a Tomboy. Overweight and couldn’t get her to pretty herself up if I handed her a credit card and let her run loose in fashion and jewellery shops.

            That Cosplayer to me is a dream girl (though I think she’s of same-gender preference).

            I’m personally just getting tired of everyone on the planet excusing beauty now.
            Decades ago, it was mandatory that women were upmost presented for men in any context.

            Fast forward to today, and this whole ‘women can behave as they please’ mentality has led to the degradation of feminism for so many millions.

            And they wonder why the sex and prostitution industry is so prevalent

          • Thanks for understanding 😉 Dear god…No offense, but this sounds like something from a feminazi nightmare. I know right? In Sweden they try to look as ugly as humanly possible. Yes, and not only that.

            Advanced sex dolls, robots and VR sex is on the rise as well (I’m getting a job in that field soon as a tech/salesman).

          • heavenshitman1

            Gonna pay well??
            So obviously you got quite some trade skill beyond journalism.

            Problem in Aus, we have no culture, just a mixed blend of all ethnicity and religions. And everyone follows a lowest common denominator mentality of ‘each to their own’.

            I know an Indian family, living local to me.
            They go for any significant outing beyond say a luncheon, and watch the mother and daughter go out in style. That’s just the classic culture of Indians. Raised on socialism, dancing, family and parties

            I gather Russian girls have beauty ingrained in their DNA too. Rather strict society i guess.

            So tell me. These robotic sex devices, will they all link up to an evil Skynet one day and charge back at the human race until everyone is raped?

          • I hope so, as I’m going to need all the cash I can get to start a life else where. I see, I honestly thought that you we’re bad asses like in “Mad Max”:P Oh? That I didn’t know. I blend in pretty well where ever I go.

            Yes, because I am yet to meet a Russian girl that doesn’t look pretty. No, but I think that it’s going to give the third wave feminazis one hell of a kick in their heads (and women in general). Because the VR, dolls and sex robots are going to become very advanced in just a couple of years from now.

            In other words, the “real” women is going to be matched up against an forever evolving (none ageing) perfected hybrid specie (trust me, the mix of robots and humans will happen sooner or later).

    • J.j. Barrington

      Who said it was for little kids?

    • “for little kids”? Are you serious man? Then acting is just for little kids too, as most of them dress up and pretend to be a character which they aren’t,

  • Panty Sniffer

    let me smell ur Panties

    • Ah, it’s you again. No, because it’s MY panties.

      • Panty Sniffer

        sniff sniff sweaty Panties 🙂

  • MiamiBeachMedMan

    I approve wholeheartedly.

    • I’m glad to hear it 😉 So I take it that you would like to see us do an interview with her as well?

      • MiamiBeachMedMan

        Absolutely. My full support is given.

        • Thanks man =) I asked her about it just now 😉

  • I love thick women my god!

    • Same here 😉 Because they give you warmth in the winter, and shade in the summer :3

      • totenglocke

        Well, I just threw up in my mouth.

        • Can’t like everything 😉 So it’s all cool with me.

  • Veniamin Beniaminov

    Very nice cosplay, she really gets the character! Congrats.

    • Indeed =) And right now I’m trying to sort out an interview with Mallad.

  • mondaymurder23

    i would ride her day and night knock it up so she doesnt t leave lol

    • That’s another way to put it; I suppose 😛

      • mondaymurder23

        lol maybe a little extreme but every one is different right

        • I think your point got across yes 😛

  • totenglocke

    There’s nothing sexy about obesity.

    • Then why do people like Mei and Mallad then?

  • yardie

    …but women can objectify themselves and we’re ok with it

  • hamzilla

    Very impressive and unbeatable no one else can pull this off! Super sexy and gorgeous too

    • I know right? So I hope that I will get a chance to do an interview with her :3

  • Danny MacGurk

    She’s the exception to the rule

  • PhilipStevenHader


    Oh, goyim

    • It’s all in the eye of the beholder 😉

  • Orionsangel


  • rpgmaniac

    Almost never like so thick woman not that I like skinny ones I like them just curvy but that chick seem really sexy to me & although she have lot’s of extra weight her skin is nice & smooth & her face is cute so I’ll definitely bang her nice & hard to make her have a nice time 😉

    • I like them thick and curvy 😉 Well, that’s a “little” more information than I would like, but sure 😛

  • Matsuken

    Normally, I’m not into plus-sized women. But this girl… wow!
    Deliciously gorgeous is one way to put it.

    • It’s just more to love :3

      • Matsuken

        Agree wholeheartedly. Specially in this case :3

        • I envy the person who gets to cuddle with her :3

  • SVN

    She didn’t make it, she bought it. The person who made it should get credit.

    • You mean the cosplay outfit? That I didn’t know, do you know who made it? Thanks!

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