Forget the headline of this article, just listen to this thought experiment for a moment. What if I told you about a company that made the most amazing cartoons for years? Cartoons that were entertaining for kids, but also smart enough for the adults to get something out of them. You anticipate almost every movie and series that comes from them because they are quality art. In fact, they revolutionize entertainment.

steamboat willie

Who would’ve thought, eh?

Now what if I told you that the creator of this cartoon studio had some shady practices? Practices like running their competition out of business despite the competition making just as quality entertainment. Practices such as manipulating copyright law to keep their main shining star under their control for the rest of eternity. Practically running a sweat shop of animators and eventually buying everything that was worth it for the profit.

Well, that’s Disney, if you couldn’t already tell.

In a previous article, I talked about the problem the video game industry has in terms of its reporting and the history video games have with its dishonest media. However, there is a smaller, more unheard of issue that needs to be addressed. This E3 it was mentioned that one game developer by the name of Tim Soret (the director of “The Last Night” at Odd Tales studios) once considered himself a member of #GamerGate, and like you’d expect it to, the story exploded.

That’s just the half of it though, becase a lot of Anti-GG people were posting tweets (and whatnot) calling him garbage, and telling people to boycott his game and for his publisher to not publish the game just due to his involvement with GG. So this led up to Soret having to apologizing for his affiliation with GG (which he did on site during E3 2017), and say that the game does not represent antifeminism or anything of the like, that his game and his personal opinions are separate. Fair enough, I suppose. As it was Soret’s decision to do so (keep in mind that he was under a lot of pressure from SJW’s and Anti-GG folks to make this statement). Nevertheless, did he really need to say that publicly?

tim soret on gamergate 2014

Tim Soret (“The Last Night” director) wrote these tweets back in 2014. Even so, he still got into trouble for it. So much so that he made the following statement at E3 2017 “I want to apologize for those (Tweets), they do not in any way represent who I am today or what The Last Night is about”.

I ask this because I believe one’s personal life and their professional lives can be, and should be, separate. Simply put, he shouldn’t have to apologize because I know that no matter what side of the fence he’s on, his game should stand for itself. If his game is garbage, let it be garbage, and if it’s good, let it succeed. In this way, we let the creator succeed or fail on the merits of his ability to create a work of art.

bobby schroeder vs tim soret and the last night

Bobby Schroeder (indie dev & children’s cartoon enthusiast) was one of the people who brought up Tim Sorets history with #GamerGate. Furthermore, as soon as Schroeder found that out, he instantly lost his interest in “The Last Night” (it’s worth pointing out that we are blocked by Schroeder on Twitter).

Even so, for some reason, a large group of people cannot see past that. In fact, several people (who, let’s be real, probably weren’t going to buy the game anyways) say that they’re not going to buy the game based purely on a tweet he made three years ago (it wasn’t until after the first explosion that people started looking through more recent tweets to suggest continued involvement). How petty can one person get? Even after he apologized in public and on Twitter, they stated they would never support him (as seen in the picture down below).

I think this is because it comes from the same group of people who say that they won’t support this developer cannot separate politics from anything. To these people, politics are everything. For some reason, people cannot separate a work of art from the individual who made it, and that’s an issue.

the last night

Odd Tales’s upcoming game “The Last Night” is a very colorful and neat cinematic platformer with no doubt. So much so that I may buy a copy of “The Last Night” for a friend on their Xbox, just so that I could get a chance to try play the game myself.

So just as one can enjoy and appreciate the art of Disney movies and series while separating and disapproving of the company practices, one should be able to separate a game developer from their work and be able to enjoy the game and love it as a work of art while disliking the opinions of the developer. It’s especially important to point out that the effects Disney had on history are vastly larger and more menacing than saying that one believes in egalitarianism over feminism because feminism is becoming more skewed and saying that one believes that video game journalism needs to be fixed. Unfortunately, there are people who take everything personally, even if it has nothing to do with themselves.

Tim Soret vs The Evolved Gamer part 1

No matter how hard Tim Soret tried, he still couldn’t get his points through…

It’s really gotten out of hand, and the publishing company feeling the need to call the developer naïve for his previous opinions is absolutely ridiculous. I do feel that the developer should have a disclaimer in his bio, just to show some distance between his personal life and his professional life. However, to my knowledge, I’m not entirely sure if he made those comments before he started a deal with his publisher, which would make it almost pointless. Nevertheless, I still have a lot of respect for Tim Soret for his ability to keep moving forward. So I wish I had a PC that could effectively run his game, because I’d love to play it for myself to support him (I am very motivated to do so since “The Last Night” looks like an awesome game that I could appreciate).

tim soret vs the evolved gamer part 2

This is a Pewdiepie-sized red pill moment right here.

I do believe that developers themselves should also be able to approach an idea with care, being able to introduce a concept into a work of art without forcing it down the audiences’ throats. The forceful shoving of politics for the sake of representing that side of politics in games is completely unacceptable, and I wouldn’t knowingly buy a game that I knew was trying to force its politics on me even if I agree with it, due to the nature of how it generally turns out in-game. If a game can set up a world that represents a political idea and it is well-written and handles the idea maturely, then I have no problem with the game. I’m sure that “The Last Night” is capable of this.

tim soret vs the evolved gamer part 3

Well, it’s true. I mean, the said link between video game violence and real-life violence has already been debunked plenty of times in the past (the same could also be said about the part concerning Anita Sarkeesian).

Even so, some of the reactions people have had to the reveal are atrocious. Such as the Ubisoft developer (Louis Gauthier ) who stated that he will be pirating The Last Night to prevent Tim Soret from getting “monies”. That’s a completely immature way to handle someone having a different opinion to yourself, and it makes me wonder if he’d be okay with someone pirating his game to also prevent him from getting any “monies”. I do not condone pirating of games, and urge that no one pirates Louis Gauthier’s games, not that I have to say that. As it’s simply common sense not to do so.

So in essence, if there is anything I want the reader to get from this it’s this: A person’s professional life does not necessarily reflect on their private life, and refusing a new experience to yourself specifically due to disagreement with a person is the wrong way to go about the situation. If the quality of the work is good, it’s good despite of the opinions of the creator. Just as a bad work is bad no matter what the developer personally believes.

And with that said, what’s your take on this matter? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!

Robin Ek – Editor and co-writer
Nick Monroe‏

Janet Garcia
Louis Gauthier
Pirating The Last Night
Bobby Schroeder
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The Sun
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This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The Gaming Ground´s) opinions.

I consider myself a supporter of GamerGate.

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13 Comments ON " Art over politics – Separating the creator f... "
  • Ryan Barrett

    As you mentioned at the very beginning this kind of discussion is not new. People have struggled separating the art from the artist ever since art existed.

    • Indeed, this is also why I avoid politics and whatnot via our official TGG accounts. As I know more than well that it could cause a lot of drama and damage to our name.

  • 1up

    Well written article, good read and unfortunately true.

    • Thanks =) I be sure to tell Jay that as well 😉 That is sad indeed…

  • totenglocke

    My issue is with the publisher attacking gamers in their statement after his old tweets were brought up. Why should I, as a gamer, give my money to a company that thinks I’m a horrible person for enjoying video games? They have other games I was planning to buy, but will no longer buy those either. Financially rewarding someone who hates you and would love to see you imprisoned or dead is just plain idiotic. That’s like a Jewish person donating to an ISIS fund or a black person giving money to the KKK.

    You’re not missing out on anything important by skipping a game, movie, book, etc because there are already far more than you will ever be able to enjoy in your lifetime. But by not giving money to people who actively want to destroy gaming, you’re helping to ensure that future games will be higher quality in general.

  • Tim Soret had absolutely no choice, he had to apologize because his livelihood was on the line. He’s a c*nt for doing it but if he has a family and owns his own house, then he’s got a mortgage to pay and a family to feed. I’m 99% sure he apologized through gritted teeth.

    If he didn’t apologize, he loses his job or will be made to resign from his position. We all know the deal by now:

    1) person does something which offends the feminists;
    2) SJWs get on social media to kick up a drama about it, then bully, harass and lynch mob the person/company;
    3) company or employer s*it themselves at the prospect of being labeled “misogynists” and/or “racists”
    4) leads to person either apologizing or losing his job/forced to resign, or even both;
    5) lather, rinse and repeat for the next person to offend SJWs

    I’m seeing some of the Anti-SJW side planning to not buy the game or pirate it because Soret apologized to the SJWs.

    The thing is though, Anti-SJWs berating Tim Soret or pirating the game (because he kowtowed to the feminists) won’t change anything.

    What people should be doing is going after these f*cking SJW/feminist parasites instead. They are the problem, not Tim Soret.

    • You are 100% on target mate. This is the reality that a lot of us have to face…

    • totenglocke

      I don’t know, according to his publisher, he’s been a good SJW cuck for years now. He always had the option to go get the game funded via crowdsourcing or green light if they were forcing him to do it.

      But the end result will be the game getting fewer sales and possibly being a flop because they would rather cater to people who don’t buy games than cater to their actual customers.

    • Junkbat

      Can’t believe you’re still like this. Haven’t you observed by now that this whole “evil SJW/feminists attacking our gaemz!!!” narrative is pure fiction? No games have been negatively impacted by any of this shit you’re making up. Nothing works the way you describe it. At all.

  • Gökhan Yapar

    who is zoey quinn, what she did her WHOLE life? who. is. ZOEY:QUINN???

    game developer zoey quinn. game. developer. zoey quinn….game…developer……………………………

    • “Game developer” *cough cough*

      • TorpeAlex

        She is a game developer. That’s a fact, no matter your opinion on her political beliefs. Why do you have to be a fool in your own comment section?

        • If I take a dump into a box and call it art, does that then make me an artist? In that case, then I’m a game developer as well. Furthermore, I didn’t say that she wasn’t a game developer. I joked about the fact that she keeps tossing around the “game developer” part as she was a talented and world-famous game developer like Shigeru Miyamoto.

          So the only fool here would be you, since you obviously can’t read or understand sarcasm all that well.

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