***Update 2 – 2015-12-23 – 18:23 CET***

I´m glad to inform you guys that our interview with Mark Kern has been accepted at N4G.com! Not only that, I´m not suspended anymore either =) So a big thank you to everyone who supported us in this (I thought that I would have to fight this battle alone). Anyhow, this is what Christopher (his a mod and community manager at N4G) wrote in his update on our Mark Kern interview yesterday:

Admin Note:

After a very long discussion with @AndyFrogman, I have decided to unfail this submission under the fact that the policies as outlined previously were not specific enough as it applies to submissions involving developers. In order to account for this, this submission alone will be allowed.

Furthermore, the rules associated with our policy on GamerGate, SJW, and similar social issue items have been updated – http://n4g.com/user/blogpos… – in order to help remove the confusion from this happening in the future.

Thank you,  Christopher”

mark kern lfg vs n4g

I honestly never thought that N4G would accept our interview with Mark Kern.

So once again, thank you for making my Christmas a great one folks =) Cheers!


***Update 1 – 2015-12-21 – 19:21 CET***

You know what they say about Christmas miracles right? Well, it seems like a Christmas miracle is about to happen to us (hopefully at least). Sure, I´m still suspended on N4G for yet another three days (counting from today). However, I did receive a final comment from Christopher late last night (his a mod and community manager at N4G). So what did Christopher say to me then? Well, basically he informed me about N4G´s “basic” rules for what they accept as “news worthy” and Gaming related content. I know that´s not much to go on, but there was one particular part of Christopher´s response to me that stood out from the rest. And that would be this part:

“our rule is that this specific type of news that is not directly related to a developer or publisher is not allowed” – Christopher, Mod and community manager at N4G

n4g vs mark kern update 1

In other words, like I said before. You cannot publish some “certain” articles on N4G (for example, posts that covers subjects such as censorship, SJW mentality and political correctness).

You see. That part was Christopher´s strongest argument and reason behind why he pulled the plug on our Mark Kern interview (so I guess that the five-day suspension was just a disciplinary punishment on his behalf). Anyhow, do you remember that “Christmas miracle” that I mentioned earlier? Well, it seems like N4G might have to change their mind about our interview with Mark Kern. Because less than one hour ago Kern informed me that his working on a brand-new game IP:

“I’m building an entire IP. I don’t want to say too much now because the timing would be slow during Xmas. Will announce in late January. It’s part of my sci-fi universe called Crixa. We’ve been doing universe building and concept art since May.”Mark Kern, founder of League for Gamers 

In other words, there is now no reason (whatsoever) for N4G to pull the plug on our interview with Mark Kern yet again. However, it´s Christopher´s call to make that decision and not mine (his the community manager at N4G after all). So I have sent him an update about Mark Kern and his new IP. I hardly doubt that he will change his mind though, as it seems like his having something personal against League for Gamers and Mark Kern.


N4G.com “News for Gamers”?

I was quite surprised when I found out that N4G.com (a mod named Christopher) had pulled down our interview with Mark Kern (the founder of League for Gamers), and not only that. I also got suspended for five days. At first, I thought the mod was joking with me, because I thought that I hadn´t done anything wrong (I actually think that my interview with Kern is one of my best interviews to date). Apparently, I was incorrect, as I was given the red card by Christopher (mod and community manager at N4G). Funny enough though, N4G.com´s slogan is “News for Gamers“. And our interview with Mark Kern did indeed get approved by N4G´s community. However, one single mod´s opinions weights more than a whole community on N4G (in short, biased mods decide what´s news worth on the behalf of the community). I informed Kern about this yesterday, and he reacted the same way as I did when I first heard about my suspension on N4G.com (Mark thought that it was a really strange decision by N4G).

n4g vs mark kern

The N4G.com community approved our Mark Kern interview. However, Christopher (N4G mod and community manager) pulled it down. Then he suspended me for five days.

the n4g community vs mods

It´s not the first time that the N4G community approves a post, then a mod steps in and kills the post in question.

Nevertheless, since I´m not a trouble maker. I reached out to Christopher (the mod who suspended me) and asked for an explanation to his behavior towards me and our interview with Mark Kern. Well, this is what my and Christopher´s conversation looked like at N4G:

n4g restrictions

So, we meet again Christopher (his the same mod who has warned me three times in the pat about SJW-related posts).

n4g mod christopher

It´s not easy to please mods such as Christopher…

n4g mod and community manager christopher

I wonder how many suspensions and warnings Christopher hands out per week?

The N4G community Vs the N4G mods

In other words, N4G is just like GameFAQ, NeoGaf, Capcom-Unity and Shoryuken when it comes to political correctness. Simply put, you can´t mention, write or discuss topics such as “SJWs”, “censorship“, #GamerGate” or “PC Bro´s”. So no, I don´t buy into what Christopher told me. As it´s quite obvious that his decision was a biased one. And guess what? It´s not the first time that Mr. Christopher has killed off my (our) posts either. In fact, when I started to dig around a bit. I found out that he had actually pulled the plug on quite a few of our articles:


Yet another post which the N4G community approved, but Christopher disapproved.

why do sjws bother

It seems like every time we mention “SJW” Christhoper sees red.

the sjw movement 4g

Guess who´s back?

And it didn´t take me all that long to realize that there was a pattern to be found in all of this. It´s quite easy really, simply don´t write about (or mention) anything that´s related to censorship, #GamerGate, corruption, SJW or PC-Bros on N4G. Because if you do, then you might get suspended (or banned). I would also like to mention that there were other articles which got slayed by the N4G mods as well. Articles such as:

SJW´s want´s to remove Tifa´s big breasts from Final Fantasy 7 Remake” (Ironically enough, this article became a big hit outside of N4G)

Anita Sarkeesian and ADL join forces in the war on Gamers

TotalBiscuit speaks up about death threats, shame crusades and the lies

All of this actually made me think about that one time when the Reddit mods fought over the thread about Totalbiscuit (the news about his cancer) at r/games (they removed their Totalbiscuit thread back in October). Because I have seen similar mod battles taking place at N4G (one mod pulls the plug on a post, and another mod approves the post again), so it seems like there is an internal power struggle going on at N4G. Even so, I´m quite fed up with having to deal with censorship and suspensions simply because I tell it like it is. In a way, this is pretty much like that old joke from the British comedy series “Fawlty towers”. You know, that scene when John Cleese (Basil Fawlty) says “whatever you do don’t mention the war” (“trigger warning”, “safe places”, “I´m offended” “don´t tell the truth as it might upset someone” and so on).

league for gamers logo

I truly hope that League For Gamers will take off big time, so that we can clean up the games industry as soon as possible.

There needs to be an alternative to N4G.com

However, I´m somewhat curious to know if we have to self-censor our future interviews with game developers and industry people, in-order to please N4G mods such as Christopher? Sure, I understand that N4G has their rules and all that. Even so, come on. I mean, it´s quite obvious that “some” of N4G´s mods are really biased (just check out blogjob´s “N4G CENSORING GAMES INDUSTRY CORRUPTION” and “N4G Mod Discusses Policies, Corruption And Guidelines” article). For example, let´s say that I get an exclusive interview with Hideo Kojima. And during my interview, Kojima starts talking about the DOAX3 backlashes, the censorship issues with “Street Fighter V” or that he thinks that the SJW movement has become a huge problem in the games industry. My point would be this, would I get suspended from N4G again if I posted my (our) interview with Kojima-San on N4G?

I bet that I would, unless I edited out everything that “might” upset “some” N4G mods. If you ask me, N4G just reshape the news to fit their own agenda. And if they find something which they don´t don´t like, then they make up an excuse to justify them taking actions against you (“lame”, “not Gaming related” does that familiar to you?). I also find it to be really strange that N4G didn´t think that our Interview with Mark Kern wasn´t worthy of a read for the Gaming community. As we spoke about a lot of Gaming-related things (censorship, League for Gamers, Kern´s time at Blizzard, games journalism and much more).

In fact, Mark Kern actually mailed me and thanked me for the interview that I did with him (he was really happy with the result). And quite a lot of people enjoyed the article as well. Nevertheless, none of that matters all that much since interview´s (and articles) of that kind is not welcome at N4G.com (that´s also why I think that there needs to be an alternative to N4G). And I wouldn´t be surprised if I (we) end up getting banned from N4G because I chose to speak up about all of this. If that turns out to be the case, I still don´t regret speaking up though. As I believe that staying silent is much worse than any potential punishment could ever be for speaking up (especially when it comes to matters such as this).

With that said, what do you guys and girls think about all of this? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comment section down below!

This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The Gaming Ground´s) opinions.

I am signed up to LFG´s homepage.

tgg author avatar robin ek
Robin “V-Act” Ek
The Gaming Ground
Twitter: @TheGamingGround

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30 Comments ON " N4G.com doesn´t seem to like League for gamers and... "
  • Jigg

    I have no idea what N4G is.. I guess I didn’t miss much.

    • N4G.com = ” N4G = Not 4 Gamers. It’s basically a machine for press releases and big money sites like IGN to have a bitch.” As @AussieGamr stated on Twitter just now. I find this to be rather disturbing, because apparently I (we) can´t review who we want and talk about what we want, and then publish it on N4G.

  • Kathleen Bannan

    I’ve never heard of N4G. Is it popular? As far as I know, I’ve never been there as a search result of Google for information.

    • It´s like a publishing platform for game-related sites. However, it seems like N4G.com is more known among game industry people than the actual Gamers themselves. And that´s another reason why I really hope that Mark Kern´s League For Gamers will take off. Because I want games to be all about having fun again, not politics and what loud minorities think and don’t think.

  • As an L4G member, I’m sorry Christopher doesn’t like us or Mark, but I wish he’d quit the hate, cause we don’t hate him, we’re just sad he doesn’t feel as charitable to us.

    And Christopher, if you’re reading this, despite your apparent contempt of Mark Kern and the L4G, we’d like to wish you a very happy holidays.

    • Christopher is one of the very few N4G mods that have given me (us) a hard time (at least so far). So it seems like the guy has his own personal agenda going down at N4G.com

    • Thanks =) We signed up to Gamewires just nog (we are already signed up at VGN), and we follow each other on Twitter now as well 😉

  • iceloops123

    i think its kinda crappy that they did that you guys have my support well as mark and L4G

    • It felt like I (we) got sucker punched by N4G :S Thanks =) It means a lot to me to hear that we got your (and other people´s) support.

  • One Angry Gamer has had a history with N4G and their tendency to delete his articles as well. And they always gave him a bullshit reason for deleting them.

    • True, and that´s what has happened to us as well. I remember when one mod said “lame” three times on our FF7 Tifa article, even though the N4G community loved that article. Most of the mods are biased to the max Imo. It’s not about who creates the best content. It´s about who avoids offending or triggering the mods.

      • On top of that, they told OAG that one of the reasons they removed his article was because “we just can’t let any Joe Schmo blogger appear on the site.” And that is high-grade BS because they let one of OUR articles appear on there, and we were as Joe Schmo as you can get (I hadn’t even established a domain for the site yet, still used “.wordpress.com”). Heck, that pic of Tifa, that’s not even our thumbnail! It was something the community member picked when he put up our article, and not once did the mods bat an eye. The mods are a strange ass bunch on N4G.

        Their post:
        http://n4g.com/news/917150/after-the-polarizing-ff13-should-ff7-be-remade (https://archive.is/xUo2b)

        To our article:
        http://thewiredfishnetwork.com/2011/12/13/the-captains-speaketh-should-final-final-fantasy-vii-be-remade/ (https://archive.is/tq1U3)

        And this was back in 2011.

        • “we just can’t let any Joe Schmo blogger appear on the site.” Nice…I thought that it was about quality content? Not WHO has published what. Apparently, I was wrong. Hmm, interesting. In other words, they seem to have some kind of blacklist over domains, people and subjects? (topics that are not okay to write about). It´s crazy man :S So I guess that I won´t be publishing any future interviews with people such as American McGee or Ken Levine on N4G.com then…

  • Deus Solaris

    This is just sad…

    • I have worked in the games industry since 2005. Even so, I have never experienced anything like this before.

      • Deus Solaris

        Let’s hope more people start going against all this stupidity so we can have a free game industry again, stay strong

        • That´s our game plan right there, exactly! With no doubt, we won´t cave in.

  • Motherfucking Deadpool!

    He looks exactly like you imagine him. Bearded, Hipster glasses, hipster haircut. Your typical SJ-Fullmcintosh cultist.

    • I think that´s the same guy who gave One Angry Gamer a really hard time as well. That seems to be their uniform code, yes. And it seems like he hands out red cards to everyone who post political incorrect articles.

      • Motherfucking Deadpool!

        Isn’t it funny that most of the PC diversity cops are straight white men?

        “These weird white people that are trying so hard for black people to love them” – Joe Rogan

        • I have thought about that as well. And most feminists and Tumblr knights (female as male) look really bad (they also behave just as bad as they look).

          • Motherfucking Deadpool!

            Good thing is he already gets heavily criticised on twitter for his dictating. Of course he is in full damage control mode.


          • Christ…I bet that his going to ban us from N4G now. Off-topic, do you get those scammy love letters some times? Look what I got just now xD She says she loves me, sounds legit right? 😛

          • Motherfucking Deadpool!

            Yup.I get them daily. I don’t even read them anymore. But if it was legit she could love me long time!

          • Haha! xD Hell yeah man, I need to hit the gym more though. At least if I want to handle a babe like that 😛 (I´m just 75kg heavy). Imo, black babes are quite underrated (pro-tip, check Kenya and Brazil. They have tons of hot babes there).

          • Motherfucking Deadpool!

            They surely are underrated. There is a great porn site called hegre art. They have all kinds of women there: american, german, austrian, chinese, japanese. All very hot but there is one of them that really sticks out. Naomi from South Africa https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b0f2ebd52445e74eb5c372eb59330327dc40d2a97c193db6228889d5905270a5.jpg

          • Word on that 😉 Ah, nice :3 Oooo ^-^

  • Forget n4g.com they’re totally biased and give power and action to the mods completely if they don’t like your article failed regsrsless if someone votes it up or not idk why people hit their site it’s a complete joke I stopped posting there a loooong time ago I suggest the same it’s an alliance or be run over mentality on line now with sites and gamergate idk what to say

    • They lost it man…Years ago right? xD As it seems like Christopher (the N4G mod) has been around since 2008-2009? I think you´re right. Oh well, Merry Christmas mate 😉 Take care!

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