***Update 1 – 20:45 CET – 2016-12-30***

I had thoughts about making a video about N4G´s bs moves towards us for the last 4-6 months or so, but I changed my mind about doing so yesterday. However, today Christopher (N4G Admin & Community Manager) killed off yet another post of ours (the one that you got in front of you right now). Well, let´s just say that I changed my mind about that movie. So I´m going to make that movie happen (sooner or later). As for here and now, this is what Christopher wrote about my “Nier: Automata Vs The risk of censorship in the West” post:

“An opinion piece not about censorship, but on whether you think it might be censored? That’s not newsworthy.” – Christopher

n4g vs nier automata censorship

“not newsworthy”, still people loved the content, and I got the discussion going about censorship in the West.

In other words, everything that Christopher might not like = Not newsworthy (isn´t funny how an OP post about the risk of censorship in one of THE biggest games of 2017 could end up being “not newsworthy”?). So it doesn´t even matter if the N4G community likes the post in question, because it´s enough that ONE single mod doesn´t like what he or she sees. As it´s then very likely that your post (s) is going to end up being pulled from the site…Nevertheless, fear not! Because here´s a free little N4G.com survival guide for all you authors out there:

1. Don´t bring up censorship
2. Don´t mention #GamerGate
Don´t write about corruption
Don´t write or say anything negative about people such as Brianna Wu or Anita Sarkeesian
5. Do NOT say or write anything that might “trigger” or “offend” “some” people (like, posts like this, for example)
6. Always double-check if any of the biased mods is around BEFORE you post any of your posts on N4G.com

On a personal level, I truly hope that gamewires.com will out grow N4G.com in the near future. As I´m fed up with having to deal with little popes like Christopher, who kill off perfectly fine posts as he pleases. Simply because he personally doesn’t like the content or the author in question…Furthermore, in 9/10 cases, it happens when a post has started to take of big time on N4G. So I guess that Christopher (or other N4G mods) doesn’t like when content that he don’t approve of gets a lot of exposure. I mean, I guess that it would be a darn shame if more normies started to wake up and realize what´s going on in the games industry, and we cannot have any of that now can?



You know, when I wrote my “Nier: Automata – Sexy cosplays and fan art is on the rise” post I couldn´t help to wonder whether or not “Automata” will be free from censorship in the West…Because I think it´s safe to say that the game (and its female characters) have already earned a 10/10 lewd grade (at least, in my opinion). Me, I have zero problems whatsoever with that (2B/YoRHa is already a winner in my book). However, considering the amount of games that have already been censored in the past. One cannot simply ignore that fact, nor the risk factor of censorship in the West. I mean, just take games such as “Criminal Girls 2“, “Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE“, “Street Fighter V” and  “Fire Emblem: Fates“. Well, I think you get my point.

nier automata 2b upskirt

I have a feeling that “some” Gaming sites will give “Nier: Automata” a lower grade due to moments such as this one.

Any ways, I especially came to think about the topic of censorship since I spotted a handful of “lewd” pictures from “Automata” earlier today (the picture above and down below). You see, based on what I´ve seen from “Nier: Automata” so far (gameplay videos and streams). I would say that it´s quite obvious that PlatinumGames have no intentions to tone down on the sexiness and lewd aspects of the game. As there appear to be plenty of upskirt and panty shoot moments of 2B in the Japanese version of the game.

nier automata 2b pantyshoot

I don´t know about you, but I think that 2B even tops Bayonetta when it comes to sexiness.

That´s also why I´m somewhat concerned about the Western release of “Nier: Automata”, because will the game really be untouched once it reaches the West? Sure, the ESRB Rating is said to be M for Mature (17+). Even so, that´s still no guarantee for an uncensored version of “Nier: Automata”. Simply put, how much will be removed or toned down once “Automata” has its Western release in March next year? Especially since it’s even said that 2B´s skirt can be removed (I truly hope that PlatinumGames and Square Enix will follow PQubeby´s example with “Gal*Gun Double Peace“, because the game didn´t get censored in the West).

One thing is for sure though, “if” “Nier: Automata” ends up being heavily censored in the West. Then I bet that quite a lot of people will end up buying the Japanese version instead. Well, we will know for sure in March next year, because that´s when “Automata” drops for PS4 in the West (PAL, March 10th, and NA March 7th).

So what do you guys and girls think about this matter? And will you buy “Nier: Automata”? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!

Gabriel ‏@DetectiveThe

Naughty Gaming

This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The Gaming Ground´s) opinions.

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56 Comments ON " Nier: Automata Vs The risk of censorship in the We... "
  • “Simply put, how much will be removed or toned down once “Automata” has its Western release in March next year?”

    We’ll have to see what happens, the gamers will be keeping a close eye on any trailers before the Western release. After it comes out, they’ll go through the game with a comb. But yes, unfortunately I do think it’s a matter of “what” they’ll censor in the game rather than “if”. And as usual, it’ll only be the sexy female stuff they go after.

    “Sure, the ESRB Rating is said to be M for Mature (17+). Even so, that´s still no guarantee for an uncensored version of “Nier: Automata”.”

    Very true. One example is Fatal Frame back then. It was also rated an M for Mature, but that did not stop some of the female character’s outfits from being heavily censored. (correct me if I’m wrong though).

    “I have a feeling that “some” Gaming sites will give “Nier: Automata” a lower grade due to moments such as this one.”

    I really cannot stress further on how despicable that kind of behaviour is. Lowering a game’s score because some biased SJW/feminist cunt or faggot on the staff personally didn’t like some content of the game in order to push their shitty feminist agenda. This is nothing more than abuse of power and authoritarian indirect censorship.

    And if that’s not bad enough, you just know they will completely ignore or praise the two Yaoi male characters in the game, because you know, fanservice for males = BAD; fanservice for females = AWESOME

    • I´m just worried that we will get a game that´s nothing like the Japanese version. Simply put, a heavily censored game that we will have to pay full price for…And speaking of which, did you see this?:

      The mods of N4G is like the children of Josh…

      • Laughable. It should be painstakingly obvious to them that the cosplay subject itself is related to gaming, in this case, Nier Automata.

        But having said that, how strict are the N4G mods though regarding categorization of articles?

        But I have a feeling that the report/flag was due to the person being triggered by female sexuality.

        • Someone told me that Polygon posts cosplay posts (and whatnot) all the time…Nevertheless, I have a feeling that the N4G mods slams GG friendly sites when ever they get a chance to do so.

        • It just got better mate, check this out (yes, it´s Chris again):

          • What an utter and total disgrace from N4G. I saw this coming though, N4G had this pro-censorship vibe dating back to mid-2015, from what I remember there were a lot of readers who were unhappy about N4G’s behaviour when some Mods from there started to tone-police. I also remember one or two articles OAG did regarding N4G.

            His excuse for canning your article is basically the “we don’t know if it’ll happen” argument. But we have seen time and time again how this kind of censorship has already happened in other games. So it is very reasonable to bring this issue up.

            Those 6 points you made for the N4G Survival Guide is spot-on. It really does show how much these kinds of games media have been infested with SJWs.

            I would love to see a whistle-blower from a mainstream SJW games outlet leak their employee contracts to the public. I would be willing to bet that it would be filled with feminist clauses, including the 6 points you made.

          • Thanks =) There is more I´m afraid:

            That guy + four others trash talked me on Twitter for hours last night. I don´t know if they´ve got some connection to N4G or something, but they sure didn´t like that I let people know what´s going down over at N4G (some of them even wanted to fight me in real).

            I´ve been told that they are trolls, but why would trolls care about N4G?

  • Ben (Broken)

    Gawd, I hope they don’t give Nier Automata the “granny panties” treatment. lol. Call me crazy but I think even small alterations of censorship to the original product hits it in the authenticity department. The first Nier was very much supposed to be unapologetic,erotic,harsh,and very melancholy in places. As such I hope the sequel is equally as unrestrained and no holds barred in its’ approach. The fan base is already fairly “niche” so the best thing to do would be to leave the game as is!

    • “Gawd, I hope they don’t give Nier Automata the “granny panties” treatment. lol”

      I reckon they’re going to give her tight black shorts, similar to what Ibuki wears underneath her skirt for her main/default costume in Street Fighter 5. It’s the easiest way they can do it and it’s also the 100% sure-fire way of making sure it’s safe from all camera angles.

      God, I hope I’m wrong on this, I really do.

      “Call me crazy but I think even small alterations of censorship to the original product hits it in the authenticity department.”

      Absolutely not crazy at all, nothing wrong with wanting a 100% original and unaltered product (besides translation, additional voices, etc.) that you are going to pay good money for.

      Censorship, no matter what the scale is, is unacceptable.

      That’s why I don’t respect the “it’s okay cause it’s only a little bit of censorship that doesn’t affect the gameplay” censorship apologia crowd, because that kind of attitude enables and allows developers/publishers/SJWs to get away with censorship.

      • Off-topic, check this out mate…The SJWs have finally found our Magic the Gaterhing post xD

        Check out their tweets, all of them are anti-trup, pro Hillary and BLM supporters. Phil was right about Magic, the whole damn community has been infected with the SJW cancer.

        • I can only help spread the word. I’m not a professional writer and I do not have my own website, but I’ll do my best.

          I wonder what the creator of MTG thinks of all this, I remember reading something about him on your site’s article a while ago.

          The problem here is that SJWs operate on name-calling, shaming, bullying and lynch-mobbing tactics, so I would not be surprised if the creator/artists caved in. I have to admit though that I haven’t looked into the situation further.

          Unfortunately, it really does seem that everytime SJWs infiltrate a medium, they usually get their way because they’re so loud that all the original fans within that medium get so terrified of being labelled a “sexist” or “misogynist” that they’re basically silenced. And don’t forget the existing white knights as well, these bastards are also a problem.

          I dunno what will become of MTG, hopefully it doesn’t go the same way as Marvel and DC Comics.

          • That´s perfectly fine man =) Hmm, good question. I´m not 100% sure, but I wouldn´t be surprised if he was forced to cave in. I mean, just check out Twitter time line. I get attacked by SJW´s and feminazis all the time. Hell, some of them even keeps on trash talking me (us) for days.

          • We’ll just have to see what happens. Donald Trump being elected and motivating the anti-SJWs/alt-right/GamerGate/Pepe crowd has been great.

            But SJWs are still very much in control of the biggest organisations, institutions and entertainment media of Western society. Until these bigots are kicked out of these sectors and lose all of their influence, we should not rest until that happens.

          • It´s a good start for 2017 at least. That´s sad but true though…But let´s fight the hard fight to make it all change for the better!

    • That would be a big no no for me (and pretty much everyone else). In short, no buy for me. Exactly 😉 More lewd to the people!

  • MusouTensei

    I really hope they leave it uncensored, well it got a 16+ rating in germany, but that’s the same rating as Bayonetta 2 got, uncensored, right now we can only wait but I don’t think they would release a localized uncensored demo just to release a censored full game afterwards.

    • I really hope for the best, because it would be a real nightmare for the Western players if “Nier: Automata” ends up being heavily censored (will the dialogs stay intact as well? That´s one of my other concerns).

      • MusouTensei

        I can’t tell for the english translation as I will play JP dub with german subs (the demo already had german subs), they forced in memes into the english translation of World of Final Fantasy (renaming a monster Memecoleous for example) which are thankfully not in the german one, so I have hopes that at least the german subs will be accurate to the JP original.

        • That sounds like a good move on your behalf. Ah ha, I see. Hell yeah man…It´s like, a pure meme/pop culture nightmare kind of thing.

          • MusouTensei

            Dunno if it’s relevant to the full game, but I downloaded the japanese demo to look for differences and it’s the same demo as we got, including multi languages like Vanquish did. So if there are alterations in the western version in the end, maybe there is still a chance that the complete JP release might have multiple languages as well.

          • Ah, thanks for the information =) That sounds very likely. I guess that´s why a lot of people plan to buy the Japanese version instead.

  • darkgamer001

    BS. Games are at a constant risk of getting censored, with plenty of past examples to draw on. Yet from an extreme personal bias, he talks about this not being newsworthy.
    There are other sites that had to deal with N4G’s nonsense before. Band together and expose them. This is ridiculous.

    • Yep, but Christopher (N4G Admin & Community Manager) loves to pull the plug on posts like that…I´m on it, I´m going to make a video about it asap. Other than that, some people (mods or supports) have been insulting me for hours on Twitter. So I guess this is how N4G tries to silence people.

  • StrangeBrew

    Even the smallest censorship is going to make not give a shit about the game, plus i’m not going to pre-order over the fear of censorship.
    I’ve had enough of this shit, and while i am excited for the game, i have no problem missing out on it over censorship, enough is fucking enough.

    • I don´t know if you´re into gambling, but I honestly feel like it´s tossing a dice each time a Japanese game comes to the West (how much of the game will be censored? What will remain? And so on).

    • Go ahead and pre-order the game. Once it arrives, enjoy the game, regardless of whether there is censorship in it or not. You’ve made it clear that any censorship in it will not bother you. You’re fully entitled to do whatever you want with your own money and I respect that.

      But what I will say is that your view of “it’s only a little bit of censorship so it doesn’t matter” is exactly the kind of attitude that enables and allows developers/publishers/SJWs to get away with censorship. It’s a slippery slope.

    • Helio Ci

      This exactly. I became fearful like with the Beseria censorship. I’m waiting until someone played through it and found nothing that has been secretly censored.

      I’m not going to support censorship with my money. Ever.

    • chris

      yup I’m with you on that one and enough is enough I have the black edition pre ordered and now I’m debating cancelling it, I also cancelled my final fantasy 7 pre order because you know what’s going to happen there….tifas censorship I learned from these mistakes after purchasing street fighter v and watching so much content get removed. and I’m done handing my money to developers who cave in to cry babies who most likely don’t even game

  • Mike Campbell

    the word censorship has no meaning anymore with the way it’s overuse and blaming feminist again

    • “the word censorship has no meaning anymore”

      – Yes it has, since censorship exist everywhere in every medium

      “blaming feminist again”

      – Ehrm…I never brought up feminism?

    • Censorship has every meaning now because your ilk made it that way

      It’s words like “sexism”, “misogyny”, etc. that has absolutely no meaning anymore

  • TT

    removing something about censorship…wouldn’t that also be considered censoring? I mean, with that kind of response, I imagine there will be some of that lovely “localization”(since journos always get very defensive with it). And even when it happens, guaranteed it still won’t be “newsworthy”.

    Here’s hoping the push against this stuff continues. While it may be trivial things at times, there’s always the same intent. And that makes this whole thing really frustrating.

    • TT

      well, if the japanese version has english subtitles with none of the censorship, ill gladly import

      • I would buy the Japanese version as well in that case.

    • “removing something about censorship…wouldn’t that also be considered censoring? I mean, with that kind of response”

      – I think so, yes…Nope, because most mods over at N4G are biased as hell. So if something goes against their agenda, then they won´t allow it.

  • Jezzer

    Or you spergy virgins could develop personalities that don’t repel 95% of the people you come into contact with and discover the touch of a real person.

    • Congratulations, you just made the worst comment of 2017 so far *slow clap*

    • You’re actually describing SJWs, feminists and cucks there. Glad to help

    • WeebDestroyer

      Lmao these weebs are getting so salty about never touching a pussy in their lives. Sorry guys trump won’t give you his 1,000 virgin waifus (with uncensored panties) that he promised you so just off yourselves already

  • John Smith.

    Please don’t let the game be about fanservice alone.

    • From what I´ve seen so far, that doesn´t appear to be the case.

    • WeebDestroyer

      It’s not, but all these autistic fucking losers are going to make it purely about that if they can’t look at their waifu’s pussy

  • John Smith.

    Please don’t let the game be about fanservice alone.

    I don’t mind panty shots and jiggle tits, but damn does a game get boring real fast if nearly all development went into making tits act like jello.

    • Anyone with a brain knows that this game – a top quality title – isn’t about the fanservice alone. Just a few seconds of watching unbiased gameplay footage of this will tell you that. Fanservice has always been something minor on the side regarding this game.

      But as usual, people like you will think that it suddenly could become all about the fanservice just because an article has been written about the potential censorship of it.

      “Please don’t let the game be about fanservice alone.”

      See this comment you wrote?

      Don’t tell that to us. Tell that to the SJWs.

      • John Smith.

        I think you need to look up the definition of the word hypocrite mister “FFXV is pure gay fanservice for yaoi fans with zero tits and pantyshots.”

        • lol, nice deflection away from the topic/game at hand Mister “I sperg out when people mention the issue of fanservice in FFXV”

          • John Smith.

            Lol, Gods you’re funny.

            Like I said, I enjoy watching people like you having a meltdown whenever a game denies you your tits and pantyshots fanservice. The salty comments always bring a tear to my eye.

            Especially with how you can’t stop saying in your comments how much you are offended by square making a game aimed at girls.

          • Me having a meltdown? Dream on mate. It’s all Internet banter to me. I insult someone, the person insults back. A little bit of back and forth. The person can say the most terrible things about me but I see it all as a bit of fun. It’s good old classic Internet fun, you know the kind of thing that gets under people’s skin like yours and has miserable uptights like you pouring salt from all of your orifices. ; )

            So all my comments are mere jokes/banter at the end of the day.

            Can’t say the same for you though. When you whine about SJWs (and I’ve seen you do it often) and someone happens to disagree with or mock you, the salt is up to your eyes that I’ve seen an example where you actually had to BLOCK someone because what he/she said triggered you so much. So you don’t get to say that your comments are just “sarcastic” or “jokes”. You’re genuinely salty as fuck. Just like that time when Smug (or some other person) on NG triggered you to death regarding software piracy. Man, you created a fucking saltmine all by yourself that time. lolololol XD

            “Especially with how you can’t stop saying in your comments how much you are offended by square making a game aimed at girls.”

            Already told you over on NG that I have no problems with the content and audience it’s aimed for, I just like to point out the double standards and hypocrisy of SJWs. Also already told you that I purposely overdo the “Square Enix FFXV Fujoshi Yaoi” jokes to irritate and bait out SJWs and fanboys like you.

          • Guys, guys. There is no need to fight, let´s be friends instead 😉 I got like, two cosplay interviews coming up + One very lewd interview for a game that I love. So be nice against each other 😉

          • Sure thing Robin. As a mark of respect to you as the site’s owner, I’ll stop. XD

          • No sweat 😉 And until I´m done with the interviews, you could always watch this video (NSFW!):

          • WeebDestroyer

            Lmao I agree with you. These fucking weebs crying over not seeing a 3D chick’s panties is very hilarious and also pathetic

  • Of course I want to see the original version as it is the artists intended image and design.
    The feminine form is a thing of beauty, and even digital forms can be admired.
    Why bother censoring a game rated at adults anyway?

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