For those who doesn’t know it, “Treasure of Nadia” is a sequel to the adult RPG/visual novel game “Lust Epidemic“, so this game contains characters from the previous one – along with a fair bit more detail.

treasure of nadia the map of cape vedra

This is what the map of Cape Vedra looks like (it’s more or less the world map of “Treasure of Nadia”).

With that said, here’s a brief introduction of Treasure of Nadia’s story:

When your adventurous (in more ways than one) father dies, at the seaside resort of Cape Vedra, and leaves you nothing but a worn-out house, debt and many enemies…

Long story short, you’re set out to continue your father’s name  (in all its aspects) to set the record straight and become debt free.

treasure of nadia the sexy and thick evie

Believe it or not, but Evie (the hot and thick babe as seen in the picture right in front of you) lives inside a stone and helps to guide you through your missions.

Straight out of the gates, “Treasure of Nadia” looks and feels like an adult spoof of “Indiana Jones” (and this does contain a few nods to that), you need to find treasure in order to renovate your house, make a name – and get some girls too.

treasure of nadia the sexy and thick clare

Clare (she’s a rival treasure hunter) and her hired muscle show up here and there throughout the game.

And just like in the case with “Indiana Jones”, Treasure of Nadia’s story does have a bit of fantasy elements to it as well. For example, locked up in a stone that you find fairly late in the game, is Evie.  She will help you work out what to do next, as well as helping you to impress other girls.

treasure of nadia in pseudo 3d graphics

The main game is displayed in pseudo-3D-like graphics.

Furthermore, just like “Lust Epidemic”,  “Treasure of Nadia” starts of with a pretty impressive intro (although mouth movement isn’t quite natural), and after which the game starts properly.

It’s also worth mentioning that currently, only some parts of the visual novel section are voiced, but hopefully, it will become fully voiced in both the RPG and visual novel sections over time.

treasure of nadia pre-sexy time moment

There are plenty of hot babes that you could hook up with and get up-close and personal with *cough cough*

As for exploration and places to visit. Well, there are quite a few locations that you can visit in the game, all of which are based on a map of Cape Vedra.  It’s just a matter of moving to your desired location at which point the view updates accordingly.

treasure of nadia the massage parlour

The massage parlour can offer “special” services if needed. However, those “services” don’t come cheap.

Of course, not all locations are accessible straight away, and you have to progress through the story and complete tasks to make out of bound areas accessible.

treasure of nadia the home renovations section

The Home Renovations section got more or less everything that your little heart could desire and then some.

That’s just the half of it though, because completing tasks isn’t the only thing needed to progress – money is needed to not only renovate your house, but to buy drinks for various people and to get a relaxing massage.

treasure of nadia the inventory system

The inventory system keeps track of who you’ve met and all your equipment.

So in order to get money (especially as you have no job per se), you do the only thing possible: Look for valuable items on state property and then sell them in a rather dubious manner. After all, you are a treasure hunter…

treasure of nadia eating some puss

Money isn’t really a problem in “Treasure of Nadia”, and there are plenty of babes to be had as well.

Fortunately enough for you and me though, money isn’t really a big problem in this game. I mean, sure, things start off rather slow at the very beginning, and artifacts continually reappear in a few places…

Even so, at the end of the day, it’s just a matter of going there and then selling them at the local museum. To upgrade your home, everything needed can be found at the local Squall Mart, including information from the Kamasutra. Unfortunately, all the good stuff house renovation stuff comes at a hefty price.

treasure of nadia she wants to have some fun with you

One of the game’s strongest cards is with no doubt it’s interesting and colorful characters.

So, what about the character line-up then? Well, the characters that you meet are interesting, slightly standard character traits and mostly rather big, both upstairs and down. However, only two people (at the moment anyway) could be considered to be normal sized.

Most characters are introduced with a flashy full-screen animation whilst all the talking is going on, which adds an extra dimension to meeting new people.

treasure of nadia give her the d

For the most part, the controls are pretty rock-solid (sexual pun intended) in “Treasure of Nadia”. The same could also be said about the game’s lewd content :3 (which by the way is also 100% uncensored from the very start)

As for the control scheme, the controls are very simple and  all pretty intuitive, especially if you have played “Lust Epidemic”.  Movement speed is adjustable, but the default settings should be quite adequate.

treasure of nadia she really wants to ride the d

There isn’t all that much that I don’t like about “Treasure of Nadia”. However, the game is only partially voiced and the animated mouth movements could have been better. I also find some of the game’s characters to look rather odd.

Now, as for the actual story of the game. From my point of view, the story is fine and does what it’s supposed to. I mean, there is quite a bit of comedy as well as drama, although, of course, you immediately know how it’s all going to end.

The most impressive aspect of the game though is with no doubt its animated sex scenes. You see, different parts can be viewed individually, and the animation and sound effects are very nice. So all of that combined sure makes it worth spending your time playing the game.

So, all in all, “Treasure of Nadia” is a really beautiful and entertaining erotic 18+ RPG/VN title that’s worth keeping your eyes on for sure. Especially since the full version will be released in the near future.

+ Good, if somewhat unoriginal story.
+ The lewd content is well-made and the sex scenes are fully animated.
+ The game’s music is nice.
+ Characters and other important events are often introduced with animations.
+ Plenty of hot babes.
+ The visuals are very nicely made.

– Only partially voiced at weird times.
– Some characters do look rather odd.
– Mouth movement in animations could be better.

Gameplay: 4/5
Graphics: 4/5
Sound and music: 3/5
Controls: 3/5
Replay value: 3/5
Story: 3/5

tgg grade 4 out of 5

Verdict: 4/5
If you liked NLT’s previous lewd game titles, then will most certainly like “Treasure of Nadia” (which more or less is an adult spoof on Indiana Jones). “And why is that?” So you might wonder, that’s because “Treasure of Nadia offers a good story and easy to controls, it’s a fun game with very nicely animated sex scenes with an assortment of girls.

So, yes, the game is well worth looking into with no doubt. Especially if you’re into erotic visual novels and RPG’s. Personally, I can’t wait to give the full version of “Treasure of Nadia” a go!

Title: Treasure of Nadia
Developer: NLT Media
Format: PC Download
Genre: Adult RPG/Visual novel
Resolution: Program default
Release date:
Difficulty: User-defined
Spent time: +3 hours
Average grade internationally:  N/A
PEGI age rating:
Price: Download from (currently in development)

Robin Ek – Editor


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