Welcome aboard the crazy train, next stop is the land of Google ideas!

If I could choose one single song to loop through this entire article. Then it would be “Crazy Train”  by Ozzy Osbourne. Because that song pretty much describes how I feel about the whole situation with the Google ideas scandal, and Zoé Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian´s visit to the U.N house. So buckle up ladies and gentlemen, because i´m just about to go through every aspect of these events. I´m going to start with Google ideas though, since it´s the biggest IT scandal with no doubt (for now). So what is Google ideas all about then? Well, this is the actual description by Google themselves:

“Google Ideas builds products to support free expression and access to information for people who need it most — those facing violence and harassment.”Google Ideas

google ideas corruption

“Oh the irony” indeed. Maybe Google should start with their own Google ideas group?

That sounds fair enough right? Sure, but here´s where things start to get really messed up. You see. Someone came up with the brilliant idea to let certain “individuals” (Randi Harper and Rose Eveleth for example) with an online abuse and harassment background to join their team. And to make matters even worse (and somewhat ironic), on Google ideas homepage, you will find the following text “We build products to help people investigate corruption.” I have no problem with that, as I’m not a fan of corruption. However, if you take a look at the picture down below. You will notice that there are quite a few “questionable” characters in the picture ( Zoé Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian, for example) when it comes to corruption and frauds in one form or another.

google ideas randi harper

I wonder if Google ideas even checked Randi Harper’s background BEFORE they hired her?

So no wonder why people started to call out Google ideas on this. In fact, the pictures down below are just a small fracture of all the rant tweets that were tweeted out as of lately:

rose eveleth dr matt taylor

Yes, Rose Eveleth (who´s a part of the Google Idea group) was not a big fan of Dr Matt Taylor´s t-shirt.

google ideas randi harper vs debt collector

Ah, yes. That one time when Randi Harper made treats against a debt collector. How…nice.

randi harper go set yourself on fire

So, this is the kind of people who Google ideas wants for their team?

randi harper online abuse

It´s an never-ending list of tweets of this kind really.

google ideas online abusers

The moment when Google ideas turns into #GoogleAbuse .

google ideas damge control

So the best way to tackle online abuse and harassment, is to hire people who do exactly that? Well-played Google, well-played…

The march of the Google ideas parodies

With this knowledge, facts and evidence fresh in your mind, one would think that Google ideas would do something about this scandal right? Well, as far as I know, Google has done nothing about this. That´s probably why people have started to spit out Google ideas parodies pictures all over the Internet (as the carton pictures down below, for example). Nevertheless, the question still remains, will Google under go a “full damage control” kind of procedure to clean up this scandal? Or will Google just pretend that nothing of this ever took place?

google ideas parody

Well, who knows? This might actually have been how it all went down.

google blue comic part 1

PC Bro, the Google edition.

google blue comic part 2

Gee, I wonder who the character with the blue hair could be?

google blue comic part 3

Scary enough, even though this is a parody comic. I bet that “some” people wish that they could do this for real.

google blue comic part 4

A dream today, a reality tomorrow…

Izzie Zahorian has begun to distance herself from “other” individuals in the Google ideas group

Then we got the case with miss Izzie Zahorian (she´s a designer and researcher for Google Ideas), well apparently. She came to the conclusion that it was not a good idea to retweet tweets of people who are well-known for their online abuse and harassment behavior. And that would explain her decision to distance herself from these people. Funny enough though, on Zahorian´s twitter profile she has written the following “thinking about how to make the web a safer and more inclusive space”, So maybe reality kicked in for her? I mean, doesn´t it sound pretty strange that you´re part of a group that´s against online abuse, and at the same time you bring in people who are known for this kind of behavior?Well, I´ll let you decided that one for yourselves.

izzie zahorian milo

Zahorian has a career to worry about, so it´s just standard “damage control” procedure.

izzie zahorian part 1

Izzie Zahorian has unretweeted most of her retweets as of lately.

izzie zahorian part 2

If Google keeps this up, there might actually be boycotts against their products and services in the near future.

Internet abuse, Youtube censorship and the UN

youtube censorship anita sarkeesian

The PC principal would be very proud of this for sure.

And last but not least, we got the part that involves UN, cyber violence, Internet abuse, Anita Sarkeesian (the founder of Feminist Frequency) and Zoé Quinn (indie developer). Well, what basically happen was that Sarkeesian and Quinn got the chance to tell their stories about online harassment and abuse at the UN meeting on the matter. And how did that workout then? Well, apparently cyber violence is equivalent to physical violence against women now. Yes, you read it right the first time. So in theory, you can be charged for physical violence against women, “IF” you get convicted for cyber violence activities on the Internet. And if you thought that sounded insane, then just wait until I tell you the next part of this crazy story.

youtube censorship zoe quinn

In other words, full censorship on people who call other people out on their lies.

As Sarkeesian and Quinn would also like to have the ability to take down Youtube videos which (in their own words) “harass,” “abuse” and “threaten” them. I don´t know about you, but I’m not naive. What Quin and Sarkeesian really want, is to shut down Youtube videos (and maybe whole Youtube channels) which criticize them, and question their agenda, etc. You know. This raises quite a lot of follow-up questions for me, for example, 1. Where does the line between criticism and online abuse go? (according to the UN, Anita and  Zoé), 2. Will there be equal laws for cyber violence against males? and 3. Doesn´t the UN have more important things to do?

youtube censorship rant

That would be the idea yes, to stop people from calling them out on lies ect.

un internet feels

Obviously not, as internet feelings is much worse than ISIS.

You know, like taking care of ISIS, solving the war in Syria, feeding starving children etc.? I´m not an evil person by any means, but this is beyond retarded. So what about me then? I have received quite a lot of online harassment as of lately. Will I also receive tons of Patreon money and media time now? I hardly doubt it, as I’m a male (and a white one too). Even so, I’m going to be very clear about one thing. Critique of an idea, creation, personality, agenda or ideology, is NOT the same thing as harassment or cyber violence, end of story.

un cyber violence

So cyber violence victims are now equal to girls whom have been gang-raped and suffered from thee? (according to the UN report). That´s beyond crazy.

You know what? I think it´s about time that we reboot humanity. As it appears as if the whole world has gone PC Bro insane. And for those who think that the SJW (PC Bro) movement isn´t a real-life problem. Just take a look at some of their past “achievements” and “incidents.” In my opinion, they’re nothing more than the cancer of this world. And we need to deal with them as soon as possible, because political correctness is a threat to society, freedom of speech and our world. Sure, some people would probably say that this is no big deal.  Well, keep the following in mind. If the world looks like this right now, then what do you think that it will look like in a couple of years from now if we don´t put the foot down now? That´s a pretty scary thought, isn´t it? Is this the kind of world that you want your kids to grow up in?

With that said, let us know what you think in the comment section.


This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The Gaming Ground´s) opinions.

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