Ah, censorship. Is there any topic more controversial when it comes to entertainment? Well, other than certain religious figures, but we’ll ignore that *cough cough* As I was saying. In the past couple of years, we’ve seen a lot of censorship from various companies. And don’t you give me that “it’s only censorship if the government does it” line, because censorship is censorship regardless of the source. Especially since the end result is the same (something is covered up. Something is removed. Information is restricted, and something is gone missing).

r mika no no more butt slaps street fighter v

So much for that butt slap…

And that includes everything from having Capcom covering up R. Mika’s butt slap and Cammy’s nipples in “Street Fighter V”, to Nintendo’s past censorship cases (which includes titles such as “Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE“, “Fire Emblem Fates” with many more). And let’s not forget how Target of Australia (which is only affiliated with Target by name) pulled “GTA V” on the PS4 and “X-1” from the shelves due to “violence against women“.

And I still can’t forget the moral outrage that led to the cancellation of “Dead or Alive Xtreme 3” from being released in the West (an outcome that was most likely caused by SJW´s). Doubly so since the game always sold better in the West than it did in Japan (that might have changed with “DOAX3” though). It was on the original Xbox and the 360 after all, and neither of those systems were known for doing well in Japan. So imagine my (and probably more than a few other people´s) absolute delight when I heard that SNK had teamed up with Atlus to bring “King of Fighters XIV” out West. Furthermore, KOF XIV will be completely unchanged up on its release in the West (although “some” segments of the Internet were complaining about certain things).

So, SNK decided to do what any company in this situation would do, they… Oh, wait, they did the opposite of what most companies have done and instead doubled down on focusing on their target audience.

king of fighters xiv angel bigger boobs

Hey, they got bigger! WHOO!

Nevertheless, it really feels like SNK has taken several potshots at Capcom and “Street Fighter V” with “KOF XIV” game. As Athena flashes her panties, the pirate gal from the Another World team wears a top that lets us see that she likes pink and lacy bras, Yuri Sakizaki’s finisher involves her slapping her butt while the move is going on. Well, I think you get my point. And the list goes on and on really. So tons of respect and love to SNK and Atlus for not caving in to the SJW movement in the West! (Deep Silver handles “KOF XIV” in EU, so it remains to be seen whether or not the EU version will remain uncensored. Time will tell…).

king of fighters xiv yuri sakazaki butt slap

A Youtuber called “Ignant Rizzy” was so shocked by Yuri Sakazaki butt slap that he made a reference of Capcom censoring R. Mika’s butt slap.

However, since SNK has a history of pushing the envelope of what they can get away within fighting games, so it’s not really all that surprising. And a perfect example of that can be found as far back as in “Fatal Fury 2” with Mai Shiranui (the original fan service fighting gal). As an aside, even though Fatal Fury games were ported to the West and put on the SNES and Sega Genesis, the Genesis port was, as usual, the more faithful of the two. This really came to a head in “Real Bout Fatal Fury Special“. In that game, if you were on a certain stage and playing as Blue Mary, if you knocked your opponent into the water at the same time that Blue Mary went out of the stage and into the water, she would then pop out of the water with her top missing.

And, no, I’m not making that up.

Sadly enough though, the good times couldn’t last forever. As changes in Japan forced SNK to censor the game for the PS2 Western re-release of “Fatal Fury Battle Archives Volume 2”. Censored Gaming has more information on this matter and other forms of censorship that the “Fatal Fury” series has undergone over the years.

fatal fury mai shiranui breast bounce

For many years, Mai Shiranui ´s breast bounce animation was nowhere to be found in the West (“Fatal Fury”).

Even so, in overall, the censorship that SNK has had to go through has been rather light compared to what “other companies” have gone through in recent years. It’s really showing through in “King of Fighters XIV”, how little they care about the current politically correct climate and are letting their ladies show off. I, for one, welcome this attitude and hope for two things:

1: King of Fighters XIV sells very well, to the point that it could outsell other PS4 fighting games (as this is a PS4 exclusive title) which leads to my second hope.
2: That other companies will start to realize that SNK didn’t pander to the PC movement and made tons of money in the process, and because of that outcome starts ignoring the PC movement completely as well (in short, starts following SNK´s example of how to handle SJW´s).

further observations of the king of fighters xiv

“King of Fighters XIV” is set for a release on the 23rd of August for PS4

And oh! Just a reminder, King of Fighters XIV is on sale on August 23rd. So don´t forget to pick up the game on the release day 😉

Robin Ek – Editor and Co-writer

This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The Gaming Ground´s) opinions.

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Phil Weigel
The Gaming Ground
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71 Comments ON " This is why SNK doesn’t really give a dang a... "
  • John Smith.

    I’ll be getting this game, oh yes I will.

    • Same here, but not because some tits and asses butt because it simply is the opposite of what happened to Street Fighter and all the dlc crap Capcom pulled off for it.

      52 characters from the start without any shady shenanigans. And that in 2016.

      • That´s how I feel as well, so that´s just one out of many reasons why I want to show SNK my support.

        • 52 characters
          Excellent soundtrack
          Story mode + Arcade mode with endings for all 14 teams
          Many returning and many new characters that look creative for the most part
          Unlockable art from older KOF games

          Only costumes might added as dlc, at least no plans for additional characters were revealed.

          The gameplay feels great (played the demo). The only halfway downer are the graphics which really are PS3 standard. The stages look really nice though.

          I bet it will be a very solid 8-9/10 fighting game experience

          • Nanya

            50 characters, not 52. 48 on teams and 2 bosses.

          • Now, now Nanya 😉

          • Kudos to you that is right of course

          • Sweet =) Well, besides the “PS3 standard part” then.

          • Tu Padre

            Rumor has it eaxh team will get a 4th character. http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/181157-the-king-of-fighters-xiv/73640733

          • Well, 16 characters is at least a good housenumber and I bet if the leak is true, it won’t be damn 4-6 bucks for every character.

          • Nanya

            Would be cool, hope they don’t charge more than 2 bucks per character.

      • Nanya

        I support SNK because they aren’t censoring themselves. It’s not just the T&A that gets censored that annoys me, it just… I question what ELSE got cut out from the game that we don’t know about.

        • In the case of SFV..I bet they have a lot of the content that is getting added in the next 2-3 years together right now and since many months already.

          I hate this “salami tactic” where they add stuff one after another that could have been in the launch version already. But that is capcom and the majority of the game companies today.

          • John Smith.

            Don’t forget Crapcom’s idea of DLC is adding said DLC to the retail version sold in stores from day one and then weeks later charge you an extra fee to unlock content you’ve already paid for once.

        • Meanwhile Urien still gets to prance around in nothing but a thong in SF5. Which SJWs and feminists keep extremely silent about that of course, like they do for any media (not just video games) which has men “sexually objectified”. Heck, they even praise it often.

          Such is the double-standards of these assholes.

    • I´m glad to hear it =) And I´m going to try to get some games to give away 😉

  • Lord Vector

    I’m not a huge fan of fighting games but I just might have to pick this one up.

    • 😉 You´re going to have a lot of fun for sure =)

      • Sevuz

        Agree. I had my fun with it and I don’t even play that many fighters. Hell if Tekken 7 is any good I might pick that one as well

        • Kick-ass man =) I really hope so. I don´t think that the Western version of the game will include any bikinis though (I highly doubt it).

          • Sevuz

            Bikini party or not 😛 as long as the game is more complete than the BS CAPCOM gave us this year, it’s all good 🙂

          • Word on that ^_^ In that case, it´s “Tekken 7” and “KOF14” for me.

  • Dawn Blast

    Whelp i am Getting this.

    • Or you could try to win yourself a copy in our upcoming giveaway 😉 Well, at least I hope to sort that one out.

  • It’s Luong for me, sexy feet as well. <3

    She's almost SNK's answer to Censorcom's Juri Han… taekwondo, similar color scheme, sultry type, etc.

    • With no doubt, and she´s very sexy imo 😉

  • Lueiriueiur lueiriuediuR

    Que rica esta Ángel, love her!

  • bigwig

    Do guys really blame “SJWs” for everything??

    • Short answer, no. However, most of the PC and censorship madness is their fault.

    • Nanya

      Only when appropriate.

      All the self-censorship of the 80s was blamed on the Religious Right Nutjobs after all.

  • Doodmeister77

    I hope you know ignant rizzy wasn’t being serious

    • Nanya

      Yeah, but I thought it was still worth mentioning.

  • Jim Tiberius

    oh and suddenly everyone cares about what “sn-gay” is doing now?

    oh well, I suppose this is just limited to my local gaming community (mk and kof became my fighter of choice because two many dudebros hogged around the sf and tekken machines way too much around the arcades I used to go to)

    • Funny, I´m quite sure that I left you an answer yesterday? Oh well. Any ways, I didn´t find out about the KOF series until the late 90s (I live in Sweden). And since “KOF” wasn´t a big thing in Sweden, the series didn´t really take off before early 2000s (mainly thanks to Internet PS2 and the Xbox).

      Ah, well, the Arcades went up in smoke in Sweden after the mid 90s :S

  • NoClipMode

    The second image of Angels cleavage is more covered up, her top clearly isn’t as low hanging, and her boobs are not bigger at all (just pushed up).

    Am i missing something… Because it clearly has been what i like to call “burka’d”. There’s less skin on show. Seems like you’re trying too hard and it has in fact been slightly censored/covered.

    • Nanya (the author) told me that the last picture was from a later version of KOF14. However, if you watch some of the new KOF14 trailers for Angel, then it looks like her boobs are a “bit” bigger. Well, based on the pictures alone. I would say that her boobs have been pushed up in the second picture. Nanya also told me that the second picture is based on some KOF14 Angel meme joke (I´m not an expert on KOF. So I´m not the right person to comment on that joke).

      So I have to play the final version myself before I say anything more about the matter, unless Nanya has anything more that he would like to add to the topic.

    • HGJ

      Yeah the pics are backwards, the header and 2nd pic is based on an older version, the first one, the cartoonier one is the bustier one here’s another comparison on another page http://shoryuken.com/2016/04/25/take-a-look-at-how-the-king-of-fighters-xiv-has-improved-graphically-with-these-new-screenshots/

  • Conner Garry Sennett

    Not even a fan of the games (mostly because I’ve never played them), but I’ll pick this up.

    • Do it! Make your parents proud of you 😉

  • Kev Lew

    ps4 only :/

    • True, but I bet that KOF 14 will be released for PC and Xbox One in the near future as well.

  • Like a big, jiggly polygonal strawman!

  • That’s badass.

    • It will be even more badass when I sort out a giveaway for the game 😉 (I´m working on it).

  • Alex-C25

    With SNK having (thankfully) left the Pachinko market and all of this, it’s seems they definitely want to re-ignite the rivalry with Capcom. I very much applaud them for sticking to their guns.

    • Yep, and good thing that. And that´s what I´m hoping for as well 😉 With no doubt, and I think that we´re going to see much more of that kind of content in the future :3

    • SNK also seem to want to build some new bridges as well, for example they’ve introduced Mai Shiranui into DOA5:LR. And later, Yuri, Hinako and Kasumi Todoh costumes will be created for DOA5:LR as well.

      As for Capcom, I was loyal fan of them for over 20 years. Their recent censorship antics, pandering to the SJWs, deflecting SJWs from any blame and going down the SJW-feminist route for their company means that they will not get another penny from me.

      Anyway, the Mai Shiranui made by Koei Tecmo is absolutely lovely and actually looks better than the ‘real’ Mai from KOFXIV!


      • Nanya

        To be fair to SNK, they have had severe money issues and have been bought out more than once. And the sprites of XII and XIII would 1: cost a lot of money and 2: take a lot of time to animate fully.

        I believe the creators said it took them 18 months per character for XIII.

        Considering how many new characters and character models they would need for XIV, they’d still be working on the sprites for this game.

        In addition, KoF XI for the PS2 was the last KoF game that used the Neo Geo sprites.

        Came out in 2005, 11 years ago.

        Kof Neowave and Neo Geo Battle Colosseum also both came out in 2005, though the West didn’t see any of those games until 2007.

        Maximum Impact 2 was named KoF 2006 in the West, since it came out in 2006.

        SNK used to do games every year from 94 to 2003.

        So, from 2007 to 2016, there have been only 3 KoF games released anywhere that weren’t re-releases via digital download. It would have been way too hard to keep going with those sprites, so they went with a cheaper version.

  • Jerry

    Almost got SFV but after they removed Cammy’s nipples that was the last straw. KOF here I come!

    • xD I know that I shouldn´t laugh, but SNK should seriously turn all of this into some kind of commercial video or something. As a lot of people are picking up “KOF14” instead of “SFV”.

  • cool

    who gives a shit about anime ass

    • 1. You apparently, since you took the time to comment on this post. 2. It´s not “anime ass”, but “video game ass”. 3. Go back to bogleech and stay there.

      • cool

        who gives a shit about anime ass

        • You seriously used the same comment as you used +4 months ago as a response to my comment? How lazy could you possibly get?

          • cool

            Who gives a Shit about anime ass

          • Third time the charm?

          • cool

            who gives a Shit about anime ASS

          • “Video game ass”, not “anime ass”. Please try again.

  • Der

    I would get the game. I’ll get it when it launches on Windows. There’s a guarantee that there will be a Steam edition, just as there was for KOF XIII.

  • Nomax

    Blue Mary’s naked breast is visible in “Real Bout Fatal Fury”, not “Real Bout Fatal Fury Special”. SNK began to censor Mai’s bouncing breast in the Western arcades with KOF 2000.

  • logat890

    seriously fuck SJWs! they’ve never supported the hobby just fuck off!

    • SJWs love to mess up things which others enjoy and love…

  • HGJ

    I think you got the comparison screenshots backwards, the header and second pic is based on an older version while the bustier one is the first one, the cartoonier looking one.

    • Hmm, I will have to ask Phil to look into that one, because I´m not the author of this post. Thanks for pointing it out though.

      • Nanya

        Ah, probably got them backwards.

    • Nanya

      Hmm, might have been. Whoops!

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